Tasting Darkness Chapter 22


It was utter chaos. My birds' screeching squawks ripped my heart to shreds as they began to fall, half of them torn to shreds when the man holding me under his spell was thrown into the castle wall. I collapsed on the ground, only to look up at the bloodshed surrounding me.

I blinked, my eyes trying to track Tobias's blurring movement as he fought to get to Darius, who was surrounded by the hooded figures. His magic being the strongest, seemed to make him the biggest target.

Turning my head, I saw an enormous wolf coming straight toward me, all claws and sharp gleaming teeth as it launched itself directly at me. I closed my eyes, waiting to be torn to shreds when its fur brushed past my face as it jumped over the top of me; a feral snarl tore from deep within its chest.

I gasp, twisting to see its powerful jaws ripping the hooded figure I hadn't noticed coming up behind me. Blood sprays everywhere, coating me and the grass when I feel through the bond that it was Lycus. Ryz
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goodnovel comment avatar
Also, it was pointless for him to die. Alira is powerful enough to take them all out. Yes she was drained but the phoenix could give her magic before, why all of a sudden are they not giving her any now? Too many other more likely scenarios with Kalen NOT dying and you go with the least likely?
goodnovel comment avatar
Seriously? You’re killing Kalen? That really messes up the flow of the story. I really hope this isn’t legit cause that makes this story less appealing.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lesli Ragan McPhail McKay
no not kalen!! I love him.

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