Tasting Darkness Chapter 23

Lycus POV

Everything stopped. My entire world stopped as a pain I wished I hadn't felt time and time again washed through me. It sucked the air from my lungs, and my body stopped fighting. The searing pain coursing through every nerve ending forced me to shift back, leaving me on top of the corpse of the person I had just killed. Yet it didn't save him.

Only then do I see Kalen's name on my infinity mark turn grey fading out. He was dead, yet my heart still beat loudly in my chest. I do not know how, for I wished it stopped beating when his did. Yet the agonized scream of my mates made the world silent except for their agony. It was like time stopped when we all did.

Turning my head, he lay there, dead, cold, and covered in blood. Lying in the dirt as if he wasn't the center that held us together, we were nothing without Kalen. He was our glue, and time and time again, he held us together and us him, knowing without him, none of us could go on living.

Tobias collapsed to his knees. J
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goodnovel comment avatar
No way! He has to come back he’s too important to just be gone for good. I don’t read too many reverse Harlem stories (this is my first) but they don’t just kill off main love interests right? Like he’s going to come back right?
goodnovel comment avatar
Kalen nooooooooooo!
goodnovel comment avatar
Noooo not Kalen!!!!!!

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