Tasting Darkness Chapter 24


They killed him. They killed my mate, and I returned to my senses as I hit the ground. I had lost all control, driven by anger so hot I thought I would combust.

"Aleera," Lycus murmured as I tried to clear my vision, my anger dying down and replaced with sadness and a hollowness that would never be filled; I was dead inside. And I felt my magic crashing as I did, seeping back into the earth, yet my magic was recharged, energized, yet ice cold in my veins when I heard Ryze screech.

The fighting had stopped, and the bodies of our men and the power hunters lay on the ground. Few had survived, yet all I could think was Kalen was gone. That cold, sinking feeling made my bones ache as it settled over me.

The weight was heavy, and I was drowning in despair. Is this what they felt every time he killed himself? No wonder they hated me. I couldn't live with this feeling, yet as my eyes searched for his body amongst the others, all I could see was carnage.

"Kalen." I whimpered when Ry
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goodnovel comment avatar
I was thinking the same thing. I was even considering not finishing the Alphas possession too bc I figure she’d kill one of those guys off too and I was not going through that twice lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Lesli Ragan McPhail McKay
thank goodness kalen came back
goodnovel comment avatar
I like them all but seriously had Kalen actually been gone I don't think I could've finished. I would've told myself "I'm just gonna take a lil break, ill get into it again in about a week" and probably never would've got into it again. Thank goodness he's okay

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