Tasting Darkness Chapter 25

"There's just one more," Darius murmurs as I stagger along, trying to keep up with him as he steps through the portal after portal while putting the wards back up. Darius wanted to infuse them with my magic this time to strengthen them.

The exhaustion I was experiencing was excruciating. The amount of power I used had exhausted me, and I was becoming queasy and light-headed. My wings were dragging across the ground behind me because I couldn't figure out how to make them go away. Needing a break from the heavy weight of them on my back, I sat down on the moss-covered ground, my body felt like it had run a marathon.

"One more. I promise that is it," Darius says, looking down at me from where I sat next to the ward he had just set.

"Just let me lay down for a second," I tell him, and he sighs loudly.

"We need to get the last ward back in place, then you can rest." Darius murmurs as he leans down, scooping me up.

"Watch my wings!" I shrieked when his arm moved across my back. He kisses
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