Tasting Darkness Chapter 26

Darius POV

Kalen tucked her closer as goosebumps pricked her skin, and she finally succumbed to the exhaustion. "We should get her inside. I think a storm is coming. The air is still charged," Lycus says, and I could feel his guilt. He believed this was his fault. I watch as he sniffs the air, looking at the dark clouds rolling across the sky, the heavy clouds and how fast it began to darken told me it would be a big one, that and the silence of the forest earlier while setting the wards up.

"What are we going to do with all these chicks?" Tobias states, grabbing one basket as I retrieved the other before my eyes fall on Aleera. "Are you right with her?" I ask Kalen, watching him stand with her limp body in his arms.

“Of course,” He nodded, but for once, I noticed the darkness that usually surrounded him with death didn't this time, making me stare down at the basket in my hands of the tiny birds responsible for bringing him back to us. There was no cold feeling through the bond, no
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Loving this book so much I can’t wait for more!! Update update!!
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Kat Hohner
Hmm will Ryze help feed and watch the baby chicks? Can Ryze help recharge Aleera?

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