Book 2 chapter 27

Tobias POV

I have officially concluded that I am not father material. Aleera has been asleep for two days and is showing no signs of waking anytime soon. Her phoenixes were driving everyone insane. Chirping little fuckers were always hungry, and we had to syringe feed the balls of fleshy mush.

Once again, I awoke in the middle of the night, or was it day? It has been two days, and I was losing track of time already. Fuck doing that for months on end, years even. At least Ryze knew not to shit on the damn floor or your shoulder when holding him. These bastards had no manners. And were devouring more worms than we could dig up. We had resorted to hand feeding them mushed-up Weetbix with a syringe.

"I need sleep," Lycus growls, rolling into me. Placing his hand on my chest, he sleepily blinks down at me, a smirk on his lips.

"I will suck and fuck the life out of you if you do this feed for me." I shake my head. It was his turn.

"Please? I need my beauty sleep. You could go without sle
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