Chapter 29

Aleera POV

The sound of squeaking woke me, and Lycus tapped my chest or thumped it like it was a damn drum. "Your turn," Lycus growls, rolling over before kicking backward.

"Tobias, go before they screech!" Lycus snaps, and I blink up at the ceiling, wondering why he thinks I am Tobias and also what the heck he is talking about. Shaking my head at his terrible wake-up call, I climb over him and place my feet on the floor before rushing to the bathroom and having one of those, Ah…. moments from holding your bladder while torturously listening to a slow drip and not having a toilet in sight.

After washing my hands, I hear the squeaking noises again and move back toward the room. Glancing at the bed, I notice Lycus, Kalen, and Tobias in bed. Darius is nowhere to be seen. Peering around the darkened room, I barely noticed him sitting on the couch by the fire that was slowly dying out. Sighing, I walk over to the fireplace when I see the crates holding the tiny Phoenixes sitting in front
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Michelle F. Rivera
wow for real???? still???? such bullshit
goodnovel comment avatar
I saw it says the end for this book. That can’t be!
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Bridgett Baker
Hope all is well. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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