195 chapters
Chapter 10
A yelp of surprise left my lips as something slammed me up against the lockers.My exposed chest and stomach pressed against the cold metal, sending goosebumps cascading down my skin.

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Chapter 11
Tyler emerged from the brush of the forest, looking exactly how I had remembered him.His sandy blonde hair was slightly longer now, and his torso was a little more swollen with muscle. His blue eyes held the same arrogance they had held his entire life.Read more
Chapter 12
The absolute last thing I wanted to do was run to Alpha Asher, especially after what happened in the locker room.I had no excuse for being out by the swimming hole again, and was equally dreading and anticipating his reaction.<
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Chapter 13
"You thought I was going to f**k you?" Alpha Asher's rough voice was questioning as he looked down at me. "Only good girls get f**ked, Lola."Something flashing in the depths of his eyes made me gulp. If he wasn't going to f**k me, what did he have planned?Read more
Chapter 14
The moment I picked the crisp index card up from my bed, I knew I wouldn't get a full night sleep.Tyler had specifically said his friend was leaving the notes. The only friend I could think of was one of the other Alpha's, and all were too afraid of Alpha Asher to dare cross
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Chapter 15
Once my fist connected with Chelsea's face, it was as though the anger had completely drained from my body. I was left standing there gaping like a fool. While I didn't regret my actions, I never had the guts to follow through on them before.Read more
Chapter 16
Mason showed up at my house right on time. He looked cute in his light button down shirt and slacks. His sandy blonde hair was swooped to the side in his usual superman type hairstyle."Woah, you look great Lola!" Mason beamed at me, a light pink blush tinging his cheeks, "You
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Chapter 17
I headed out through one of the clubs side doors. These doors were closely monitored for anyone attempting to sneak into the club.I leaned against the brick wall of the club, taking deep gulps of the crisp air. This particular side door was situated in the middle of an alley.
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Chapter 18
I left Alpha Asher in the dust, making my way back to the bar. I added a little extra sway to my hips as I walked away, secretly hoping he would follow.I allowed myself a glance back to where Alpha Asher stood once I reache
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Chapter 19
I leaned against the brick wall and tried to calm my erratic heart. I had once shivered under the cool nighttime breeze, but now it lapped soothingly over my heated skin.Something had clearly changed with Alpha Asher. His possessiveness had reared it's head. Clearly Alpha Ash
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