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Lily Pov  I didn’t understand what happened, last thing I remember is darkness as Layla shoved me out, taking control. Then feeling cold, as if this day couldn't be any worse, I awoke in none other than Alpha Damien’s arms. How did they get her to stop? Why did she suddenly give me back control? Nothing made sense anymore.My body completely ruined as I looked down at the blood pooling on the tile floor, Damien had turned on the shower before glancing over at me, I pulled the towel tighter trying to cover my exposed flesh. Damien only wore a towel around his hips, I could tell he must have shifted when Layla took over.“Did she do that?” I asked looking at the huge bite mark that was healing on his arm. He glanced down at it seemingly
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Damien’s POVI waited for her to be completely asleep before moving, I couldn’t risk waking her. Getting up slowly, I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. Reaching over her, I grabbed a pillow and jammed it behind her back, so she would still think I was laying behind her. Darian snorted in my head. “Yeah, because that will work, fool” He hissed. He was right if she did wake, she would intuitively know, I wasn’t there. Our body temps ran a lot hotter not to mention my scent wouldn’t be as strong. “Well let’s hope she doesn’t wake then” I called back at him. I quickly slipped out of the room making sure to lock the door behind me, not that it would do much but at least it would give us warning if she broke down the door. I walked down the corridor and to the c
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Lily POVThe light coming in from the window was lighting up the back of my eyelids, I turned away from the light. Rolling over not quite ready to wake up yet. I felt movement behind me before an arm was thrown over me. Delightful tingles running over my stomach, where his hand lay on the inside of my thigh. He pulled me closer, his hand pushing against my sensitive parts. I moaned loudly at the feel and I felt him stiffen behind me. Startled at what I did, I threw his arm off. I quickly sat up rubbing my eyes trying to adjust to the bright light that was filling the room. I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment at my reaction to him touching me. When I opened my eyes, I looked around the room. I could feel Layla pressing against my skin, literally feel my body vibrating as she stirred before waking completely.  The Alpha threw his arm over me again, pull
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 Lily POV   We had been on the road for twenty minutes, I just stared out the window. Everything was changing, and I was losing all control of my life.   “This is a good thing, I told you everything makes sense” Layla excitedly said in my head.   “This is what you meant, finding out mate? How does that make any sense Layla, this isn’t a good thing? He is taking us away from our family. It’s a disaster”   She didn’t agree; I pushed her out, blocking her from my mind; I knew she was excited, but I didn’t share that excitement with her. I never wanted a mate; it would only end badly with the wolf I have. Why couldn’t Damien see that? Why couldn’t Layla see that?   Whe
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I jerked forward in my seat, nearly slamming into the dash. Damien’s hand snaking out just before my head connected with it, shoving me backwards into my seat. The air being knocked out of me. “What the fuck is wrong with you, you got what you want. I’m in the car now, leave me alone” I was going to say more, yet the look on his face would have made the grim reaper fear him. I squirmed in my seat under his intense gaze. He unclicked my seatbelt. Panic set in as he ripped me from my seat and onto his lap awkwardly. I had nowhere to go, his arms wrapped so tightly around my waist, I could feel his fingers bruising my soft skin. I placed my hands awkwardly on his chest, feeling his body shaking underneath mine. His breathing came fast. I could feel my shirt riding up, his grip loosening. One of his hands ran up t
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Stepping inside the enormous mansion, I was shocked to find that it didn’t look like some bachelor pad. Everything in pristine condition much like the town. Not a thing out of place. I could feel Layla watching through my eyes and for once, I didn’t shove her back letting her see what I see. Everything was so white, white marble floors, white walls, white curtains on either side of the doors. Everywhere I looked it was white. The ceiling was so high, not even with a ladder would you reach it. Giant skylights directly above us brightened the room. A huge white marble staircase ran up the centre of the house. The place had no clutter and no personality. No pictures on the walls, no plants, nothing decorative at all.   “Geez, is he a germaphobe?” Layla asked. Making me laugh, not realising I also laughed out loud. Alpha Damien stopped, making me run straight into his back. He turned around, drop
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Max seemed to relax slightly when the Packhouse was out of view. The park was vast, surrounded by tall trees and shrubs. There were picnic tables and multiple play areas, including a giant sandpit. Kids playing and running everywhere. I noticed everyone staring at me as I walked past them. A girl came running over and hugged Max before noticing me. She had long red hair braided sitting just above her bum and was wearing a sports bra and yoga pants. Noticing me standing beside Max, her face lit up.   “You must be Alpha’s mate, my name is Callie. I am Max’s mate” She said holding out her hand. I quickly shook her hand.   “I thought you would be older” She said, looking me up and down.   “I turned eighteen today,” I told her. Noticing her staring at my eyes. It didn’t bother me
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When I get downstairs, I turn walking up the side of the stairs where I noticed a door earlier in the day. Stepping through the door, I find it is a kitchen. The room was huge and also white, like the rest of the house, with white marble bench tops and stainless-steel appliances. The woman who binned my clothes for the Alpha was standing in the kitchen at the counter cooking what smelt like pasta. She was busily chopping vegetables with her back to me. I walked in and she jumped, startled not realising I was behind her. Her hand went to her chest before recognition dawned on her and a small smile played on her lips.   “You shouldn’t sneak up on an old lady dear, you gave me quite the fright” She chuckled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m Lily” I tell her before walking over and watching her.   “Natalia dear, lovely to meet y
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“What are you doing Damien” I ask as I feel his hands adventure over my hips to the front, before slowly running over my abdomen, and dipping between my legs.   “Touching what’s mine” He whispers before I feel him suck on the skin of my neck, his fingers caressing my slit as I feel him pull me closer. His warm breath on my neck, his other hand moving to my breast as he rolled my nipple between his fingers, making me lean back into him, my head falling backwards on his shoulder.   Layla purring loudly in my head, as his fingers move lower before slipping inside me, making me moan out. I was so lost in the feel of him touching me, that I didn’t hear the doorbell ring the first time. His hands continuing their slow torture when I hear him growl, snapping me back to reality. Damien’s hands gone from my body as he stalks out of the bathro
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“No, you can’t command me like I am a piece of property” I screamed frustrated.   “I am Alpha of this pack, don’t make me use my Alpha voice Lily. I don’t want to hurt you” He warned.   “You’re not the only Alpha Damien, it won’t do shit to me” I screamed back at him.   “Right now you are nothing but a rogue Lily, and until you let me mark you. That is how you will remain”   Is he for real, he seriously expects me to bow down to him after what he did, he brought me back knowing full well he had someone else on the side, someone carrying his child. I felt Layla growl in my head, not wanting to be reminded of Tabitha.   “Mark me? You got another wolf pregnant
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