12 chapters
Prolog + 1
Even though this longing keeps coming to say hello, I still hope to be able to let go of this longing. With you I know, that happy turns out to be as simple as this Aahhh... This warm spring restores me to memories of three years ago. It's been that long but it still sticks in my mind. A sweet girl with a brown  hair and hazel eyes haunted my mind. I don't know what magic she did to me cause I can't stop thinking about her.Not to least how long I sat in the Moidef cafe, next to the table on it there were three empty cups that were then filled with coffee in this morning. If she is here, surely she will scold me. I smile considering that. I didn't want to be dissolved in the thoughts, I immediately saw the watch in my hand that had shown a figure of three. Ah... three hours in the spring. Triple hour. I and her. In the spring. Unseen my memory back at the backlash of the past.         &nbs
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2 First Date
2. You are a memory that I will always remember for the rest of my life.Everything about you, will always be remembered. Even my heart, it will still be yours.~ May i go? - HansaehiStarting from a piece of sushi, becoming a glue for two people who are romantically drunk ~a loverAhh ... it turns out that remembering those memories requires a lot of energyTiring tiring tring ..!The sound of the bells at the entrance interrupted my daydreams about her, just annoying, maybe I should go back to my apartment to make it more comfortable to remember her again. I was pensive again, it was too difficult to erase it from my memory, especially from one of my orgasms known by the name of the heart. Too many memories of her. About her smile, laugh, even cry. Even the memories themselves have been engraved in my heart and will forever remain in my heart. Kruyuukkk sounds my stomach. Ahh ... it turns out that remembering those memories requires a lo
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3. PMS + dark
With you filling my heart, that's enough.  Thank you, for filling my heart. Even if you're beside me for a while, you'll always be there. And that's enough for me. Once again thank you love. ~May I Go -Hansaehi 'Sorry sir..... we're going to close our café in 10 minutes.' The café waitress reprimanded me and broke my daydream balloon 'Oh, sure. This ... ' I said,  give money as stated in the bill And some money sheets as a tip.'Thank you, sir. Happy holiday.' he said with a smile, I smiled back at him for a while and started to leave.My apartment is only 500 meters away from this place, so I chose to walk back. When my feet stepped I went back to thinking.  She had filled my heart even to her deepest point, until myself could not reach her again to get her out. But I also don't want to
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4.a RS
Remembering you made me suffer an invisible wound. It's poignant, but I love the thrill.~May i go?I opened my eyes but the reflexes closed back when I saw the light that was too bright. I opened my eyes again, this time slowly. Blink briefly to adjust the light.  I looked around to make sure I knew where I was lying. The white wall with the smell of drugs that sting my nose, as well as the infusion needle stuck in my right hand, is enough to explain where I am.Hospital.  The place I hate the most in the world. 'Ahh I'm going home.'  Just as the last sentence in my mind was spoken, the door opened, showing a woman with a daster motif of flowers and wrinkles on her pretty face.  I hate the wrinkles on her face. Because it's all because of me.Quickly the woman I used to call mama came up to me with a worried expression that was already attached to her fa
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4.b Don't
'Don't you and your band want to be in the competition next week?'  'Yes, how do you know that?' I asked him, because I did hide this to her. 'I can't tell? So why don't you tell me? Do you be ashamed to have a girlfriend like me? Or.. Oh, I know, do you want to flirting  with other girls, huh? Do you-' I covered her mouth that super duper chatty with my hand. 'Mmpph mmpphh''Ssttt... I'm off but listen to me talk first yaa ...'   she nodded her head. After that I just let go of my hand. But seeing her back wanting to talk I went back to silence her mouth. Sensing her pouting lips I finally let go of my hand. She didn't speak but her head bowed to avoid my gaze. I took her chin facing her towards me. 'So I'm going to keep this secret because I want
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5. Tok tok tok
I chose to leave the hospital the next morning. I didn't expect that God would still give me a child who was so rebellious to her mother, a chance to live. Yesterday when I daydreamed of her, I was swept away by memories we did not realize there was a car that rolled towards the road and almost hit me, lucky the owner of the car immediately turned the steering wheel and just nudged me, but I fell and my head was hit by the asphalt road made me lose consciousness and immediately rushed to the hospital.The administration of the hospital is also borne by the owner of the car.   Yesterday while I was busy with my mind, my phone rang and brought news that could calm my thundering heart. My mama texted me that she was fine and just in shock because of the accident I had, and she told me to stay and eat a lot.There aren't many words I wrote to reply to it I was only able to write  'I'm sorry and thank you so much mom, I love mommy  so much'. I'm
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6. Hide
Ddddukk “Aahhh …”I moaned in pain. My head is pulsing. A basketball hit my head.    A grown man and a small child approached me, the little boy of a male and about seven-year-old took a basketball that rolled next to a park chair, took him in his arms in front of his stomach, then returned to the man's side. The man then smiled badly while looking at me.    "I'm sorry, sir. I'm teaching my son to play basketball. Come on, 'Son apologize,"' he said asking his son to apologize to me. At first the boy looked innocently at his father, then with his sinless face he looked at my face. "I'm sorry, Om," he said.    Hah never mind it's also my fault, my inner self-mocking that comes back to be remembered about the brunette girl who continues to haunt my mind, even just by looking at the picture of her that is on the screen of my phone.   I sto
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7. Who are you?
But all of a sudden she pushed me to the ground.  "aw." My ass landed perfectly, luckily the fur carpet around the couch was so thick that it made my ass not too sore.  "Aha! Let's see this!" she exclaimed after getting my phone.   "Ah! Sh**!" I swear by the temptation.  "You're swearing at me baby?" she asked in a seductive tone.    I immediately rose from the falling position of my seat. Then immediately sit behind her and hug her from behind. Kissed her neck that eweed a sweet scent.  "You're naughty!" I said, pretending to scold her. And still holding her body from behind, while my nose was still perched on her fragrant white neck.  "How abut now? Which is more naughty? Me or you?" she mocked me apparently.   I tickled her stomach, made her roll.  "Ah, that's enough," she said with a blushing face. If I hadn't waited I would
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8. illusion – Tinung tinung tinung,
    "That's enough, when are you going to start working to win that race if it keeps spoiling me?" she was trying to escape, from the trappings of my arms.   "Ah I don't want to. let us be like this first." I'm shaking her body to the right and to the left.   she suddenly pushed me until I fell down on the couch, and she who put her  hands on the right and left sides of my head, with one leg bent on the couch, almost hit my future.   At first I looked into her  eyes then checked my future, I made an expression of relief, hufft fortunately still safe I thought.   she ducked down and laughed. "Hahahaa... Almost yes babe, will it hurt?" she asked in a plaintive tone.   I pulled it to sit on my left thigh. "Stay here, keep me doing my job." I then took my drawing pad which luckily didn't fall when I threw it. Turn it on and start designing something.  <
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9. Auntie Em
"Wait!" The voice of a woman I used to hear quite often because the woman I like always brought me here every two months, made me stop my move.  "Mas Williem why here? Don't want to go inside first?" Auntie Em stepped on her feet towards me. In her hand he was holding a garbage can, ah surely Auntie had just returned from the back of the house after throwing away some garbage bags.  "Where are the kids? Why is Auntie Em throwing garbage alone?" I asked wondered, because usually the kids must always go wherever Auntie Em goes.  "The kids were sleeping, they were just working today, and after having a big dinner party, they were exhausted and ended up asleep." Auntie Em explained.  "Wow it must be so exciting." I'm sure the kids must have had a great time earlier.I'm trying to take over the trash can in Auntie Em's hands. "No, your hands will be dirty, mas Williem better come in first, Auntie
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