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9. To Lie to One’s Best Friend
Katherine could hardly remember the faces that greeted her by the time she had made it to the lobby of the mansion. Yet she could vividly recall Paris, sitting beside Jaxon. Her lips stretched in a smile, but her eyes were burning with anger as William made the announcement with grave pleasure. And when William took Katherine’s hand, glowing with the blue fire of his sapphire, and raised it formally to his lips before putting his arm possessively around her waist, bent her over, and gave her yet another breathtaking kiss, Katherine was quite sure her nemesis wanted to drag her by her hair and push her down the hill. It was indeed an act of sweet revenge, Katherine had to admit. However, lying to Jaxon, her best friend, had been difficult. When he caught her as she walked out of the restroom and asked her what on Earth was going on, she could only smile and tell him, “I am getting married.” “Yes, but to William Edward Harold Windsor?!” He shook his head in disbelief a
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10. Revenge, Dear Old Friend
Despite her reluctance, William insisted on driving Katherine home and had his driver drive Katherine's car, following closely behind them.  “You know I’m perfectly able to drive my own car,” she commented as he was turning on the junction near where she lived. “You don’t need to drive me home.” “I know you’re and I know I don’t need to," he replied as he glanced briefly at her before focusing his eyes back on the road.  “Okay, then why did you do it anyway?” The car slowed down until it came to a full stop right in front of her building. “Because I want to.” He undid his seat belt and turned his body so he could fully face her. “You’re my fiancé now, Kate —” “Katherine,” she corrected. “Only my mom calls me Kate.” “Well, I like Kate better than Katherine plus I called you Kate all the time when we were dating back in high school.” He gave a light shrug then continued with his earlier sentence, “Anyway, I was going to say tha
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11. The Other Side of Things
"Wow, wow, Woah!" Cas leaned forward, a couple of frown lines occupying his forehead. "Are you serious?" "Yes," answered William grimly.  "It’s that bad, huh." Cas leaned back against the leathered chair and put his right hand on the armrest. "What did they use this time?" William could pretend that he did not understand what Cas was referring to but at this moment, he didn’t see the point of lying or sugarcoating the ugly truth. "My mother."  "Oh, okay, that’s simply cruel." Cas shook his head. He knew very well how much William loved her mother, the only person in his family who did not judge him or to put it bluntly, the only person in his family who actually loved him. William would do anything for his mother and now, he supposed, William's grandfather and father knew that and turned it to their advantage.  "I
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12. When We First Met
William knew that he was not being a good company. Hell, he was well aware that he was not being a good friend. Still, he had not prompted Cas when Cas had said that he wanted to leave. Still, he hadn’t gone after his best friend and apologized. He hadn’t done all of that because he was tired. There were a lot of things in his mind right now and even though that wasn’t a good reason to be a jerk to his best friend, he did it anyway. He swung his legs onto the couch and rested his head on the armrest. With a small sigh, he let his mind bring him back to all those years ago when he had first laid his eyes on Katherine Elizabeth Bennet.  He’d met her at a party, a boring as hell party to be exact, although at first, he’d initially thought
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13. A Blast From The Past
It turned out that the mystery man was none other than Castile Christophe, one of the Crown Boys and William's best friends. Just like William, Castile was also considered a Royalty as he was the grandson of Count Christophe of Firenze. Despite William’s urge to dress nicely, Kate had picked out a simple black cocktail dress and matc
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14. The Most Anticipated Wedding
William and Kate were married two weeks later at a very quiet ceremony held in a private chapel in Ashbourne. Despite Katherine’s refusal to wear a conventional white gown and veil, William’s family had insisted that it was a tradition and her own mother had given her that puppy eyes look in which she could not have it in her to say no to. Still, she had found her voice by telling both sides that she was the bride and got to be the one walking down the aisle and not them.  William’s grandmother looked at it askance, but her brows lifted in open disapproval when she heard about the fact that they would not go for a proper honeymoon. No matter how many times he had explained to her that he had work to do, she did not understand. “You disappoint me, my dear William,” she said majestically. “I would’ve thought your new bride should take precedence over any matter of business.” Read more
15. The First Night
The plane had just landed when William and Kate had their first fight. It was started with his casual remark about her picking a hobby once they were back in New York. “You know, maybe you could pick up reading. I did not have many physical books at my house but you can get a reading tablet.” He glanced at her sideways before returning his gaze back to the newspaper he was reading. “Or cooking. I appreciate good food.” He turned to her with a grin. “As long as your food is good, I’ll eat it.” “What?” asked Kate, looking dumbfounded. She wasn’t sure what he was referring to and everything coming out of his mouth sounded so random and foreign to her ears. “I’m talking about activities you can do now that you won’t have anything much to do.” His forehead formed a slight frown. Read more
16. That Was Hot
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17. The Dinner Party
C H A P T E R  1 7  :  T H E  C E L E B R A T I O N  A N D  A N  O L D  F R I E N D K A T H E R I N E  B E N N E T True to William’s words, his grandmother had arranged a dinner party for them at the hotel restaurant which was located at the rooftop of the Ascott Hotel. And just like Kate had expected, a whole lot of designer clothes, from Versace to Prada to Gucci were already hung in the closet of their suites along with some of William’s suits and other wardrobes. Not only that, a few minutes after Kate was ushered into the honeymoon suite, a young
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18. Just Fake It
C H A P T E R  1 8  :  T H E  A C T  A N D  T H E  K I S S   K A T H E R I N E  B E N N E T "Hello, Darling," greeted William with a warm smile that could easily win him the best husband of the year award if such an award did exist. Kate had no doubt that everyone else would agree but she was not one of them. Albeit his smile was radiating warmth, the emerald eyes staring back at her were icy cold. Despite everything else that had happened, she knew that he still hated her or at least disliked her. Yet here she was, thinking and reminiscing about
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