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Chapter 11
Following Shirley out of the room, I grip her arm, dragging her away and out of earshot of Katya. I hear the door shut and know Mateo closed it to keep her from listening in.   Shirley, however, turns around and glares at me. "My daughter is your mate, isn't she?" She demands.   "You don't demand answers from me. Why would you poison your own daughter?"   "I told you why; she needs to build up a tolerance,"   "That's not good enough. Where did you even get it from?" Wolfsbane is banned in my pack from most packs. Her heart rate skips a beat, and I could smell her fear of answering.   "I grew it," she finally admits, stunning me further. Wolfsbane was allowed to grow naturally because we know better to touch, but it was illegal to produce it.   "Where and how much have you got left?" I ask before sniffing the air. She looks away defiantly.  
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Chapter 12
Katya POV   My mother, seeing my panic, rushes to me. I try to breathe around my panic. He wasn't letting me go home. Does that mean I was being banished because I have no wolf? Does he know?   "What did you do to her?" My mother demands.   "Nothing, you have five minutes," He tells her before leaving the room and shutting the door.   "Calm down, Kat, breathe," My mother tells me, clamping her hands on the side of my face, trying to stop my panic attack.   "He is making me leave you; he knows," I gasp out.   "He doesn't know, but you will stay at the packhouse with him until I can be trusted."   "He will find out, he will find out and make me leave mum," I tell her. I have never spent a night away from them. I have always had at least one parent at home.   "Please, you can't let him take me; I want to come home."
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Chapter 13
Alpha Ezra shows me inside. Beta Mateo waited in the foyer when we arrived with my backpack over his shoulder. He hands it to me, but Alpha Ezra takes it, throwing it over his shoulder before leading me up the stairs to the second floor of the building. He pulls down the long hallway.  Multiple doors ran along both sides, and I could only assume they must have been other bedrooms. Walking to the last door in the long hallway next to yet another flight of stairs leading to the third level, he opens the door, revealing a bedroom.   "You can stay in here. If you need me, just follow the stairs on your right. They lead upstairs where mine and Mateo's bedrooms are," He says, placing my bag on the edge of the double bed. The room was pleasant, nicer than my bedroom back home, and all the furniture was made of oak.   "You remember where the bathrooms are and the shower block?" He asks and I nod. Mateo showed us the first night we came
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Chapter 14
Most of the next day, I spent in my room. This place was pretty quiet for a packhouse. Alpha Ezra popped his head in a few times to check on me, but other than that, he left me alone. Mateo, however, knocks on my door at lunchtime. I open the door and he steps in with a pizza box in his hand.   "What is it with you and pizza?' I ask him, shaking my head.   "It means I don't have to cook," he says as he flops down on my bed before reaching for the remote and flicking on the TV that was on the wall. He pats the bed beside him and I roll my eyes before walking over and sitting next to him.   "Eat!" He orders before flicking through the movies on N*****x. He finds some girly film to put on. I raise an eyebrow at him and his choice.   "You want to watch the princess' diaries?" I ask him, just as the bedroom door opens again. Alpha Ezra walks in with coke cans and places them on the bedside table.
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Chapter 15
I watched the Alpha leave before locking the door behind him. When 5 o'clock came and the dinner call was made. Getting up, I sighed. I had no choice but to go down there and face Angie, queen bitch. Chucking on some warm clothes, I stuck my head out the door. A few stragglers, also running late like myself, walked out of their rooms and headed for the stairs to go to the lower level.   Opening the door fully, I quickly lock it behind me and make my way down to the stairs. Turning the corner, I bump into Angie. I almost groaned out loud at the sight of her. Her perfect blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, sitting below her breasts that were pushed up almost right under her chin and drawing attention to herself. Like, how can they not? They were right in your face and her own. She could practically place her chin on them.   "Why are you here?" She sneers at me in her nasally irritating voice.   "The same reason as yo
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Chapter 16
I watch as she walks away, heading inside after him. I sat there seething at her, my intense anger toward her shocked me. I hated her, hated the girl with a passion. Looking around the backyard, I look up to see shocked faces staring at me. I stare back, wondering what their problem is.  Getting up, it wasn't until I put my rubbish in the bin and was turning to go back to the door when I noticed something strange. Nobody had turned their gaze away from me.   Anger bubbling within me like a hot poker as I walked back to the house, people stepping out of my way and dropping their heads. What the fuck is wrong with them? I wondered as they hurriedly moved away from me like I was contagious. I felt tears brim at the embarrassment like I was doing some walk of shame, but for something I had no clue of doing.   I was being shunned, just like back home. This Pack was no different. I would always be a freak. Escaping everyone's eyes, I
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Chapter 17
Ezra POV     Waking up, the entire Packhouse was buzzing with excitement as I walked down the steps to the second floor. Chatter and laughter filled the usual silence as they got ready for the day. Stopping at Katya's door, I knock and listen for movement before opening the door and popping my head in, only to find the room empty. I sigh in relief, happy that she wasn't hiding in her room anymore. Walking down the steps, I see Angie and a group of kids all huddled together, laughing, watching something on her phone.   "What's going on?" I ask, amused at their excitement over whatever it is they were watching. Angie quickly tries doing something on her phone, shielding it from me as I approach the other teens suddenly take off.  Walking into the foyer, I see everyone scatter and Angie was still fumbling with her phone frantically when I saw the TV. My stomach drops when I see Katya on the TV
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Chapter 18
Katya POV   Getting to my room, my mother digs through my bag, grabbing me some clothes and passing them to me. I slip them on and she looks around the room.   "It's a nice room," she comments, and I nod, pulling my pants on. She goes to say something but stops herself.   "What's wrong?" I ask her. She looks conflicted before I see her usual face slip-on. Gone was my protective mother and, in her place, my biggest critic. I regretted asking instantly.   "Why didn't you fight back?"   "I was naked!" I tell her, what did she expect me to do?   "You made yourself look weak. They won't accept you if you look weak, you need to stand up for yourself"   "And last time I did, I got in trouble," I tell her and she sighs, running her hand through her hair.   "You won't get in trouble, do what you have to, you n
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Chapter 19
Katya POV   I remained in the room, not wanting to risk running into everyone. I knew they were outside. I could hear the pack members excitedly chatting about the pack run from the bedroom window. When the sunset, dread filled me. I slipped on some loose-fitting clothes, which most pack members wore when they were going to shift. At least I kind of looked the part. When it was nearly five, I was about to head downstairs when I heard a knock on the door.   Opening the bedroom door, my father was standing there in just a tank top and shorts. "Hey, Pumpkin," He says and I roll my eyes at the nickname he refuses to give up. I threw my arms around his waist, hugging him tightly. Relief floods through me at seeing him. Knowing he would be by my side, I could relax a little now. He has never let me down.   "Your mother said you had an issue here today?" He says, and I nod against his chest. He kisses my hair w
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Chapter 20
"Why did you block me out? And why are you out here by yourself?" He asks, coming over to me.   "I didn't want to be around them," I answer and he nods his head. His wolf sniffs me, pressing his face into my neck before licking it. I pushed him away, his fur soft beneath my palms, but he refused to move.   "Sorry, my wolf is a little excited," He says.   "What's his name?" I ask, brushing his fur, when he suddenly ducks his head, sniffing between my legs. I pull his head back by grabbing his ears.   "Hey, that's rude," I tell his wolf, who suddenly purrs at me and I raise an eyebrow at him.   "I am terribly sorry, his name is Maddox, will you stop that" I hear him tell his wolf as his wolf suddenly drops on top of me. I could hear his embarrassment in his voice, but he didn't seem to have perfect control of him right now.   "Is he alright?" I ask out loud whe
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