150 chapters
Chapter 11
I spent all night writing a  list for  Valerie of everything that I noticed needed doing around the place, but it was a little challenging, considering I didn’t know what half the place looked like. I also spent a good chunk of time listing ways to advertise the site once it was up and running. I didn’t even know this place existed until I drove past it in the taxi on my way back to my car. Lived in this city my entire life,  and I never realized there was a hotel on this side of the City and on the main street. Valarie would not need this information until the place was ready to open, which was a long way off. And that is if it passed the health and safety inspections first because this place was literally falling apart at the seams.    I managed to get a hold of Macey and Zoe; they were keen to find work. Both of them were floored with the amount Valarie was willing to p
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Chapter 12
Not long after the truck leaves my car in the parking lot, I am waiting on the curb. Zoe got out of the taxi first as it stopped beside me. Zoe pays for the cab, and I help her grab her stuff from the trunk.    “I never knew this place was here,” She says, looking up at the vast hotel, "kinda creepy, it looks haunted,” She adds, and I chuckle.    “Anyway, I am so glad to see you again.  I have been so excited I barely slept a wink last night,” Zoe tells me, giving me a hug.    “So, is this everything?” I ask her looking down at the pram and duffle bag.   “Yep, that’s everything, our life in a bag. Pathetic, isn’t it?”   “No, see that pie
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Chapter 13
Valen POV   2 months Later   Her hands kept clawing at my clothes as we stumbled into my room. Her fingers fiddling with my buttons and her lips licking and sucking my neck like a leech. Why does every woman's touch repulse me? I watch as she peels her dress off over her head before giving her a shove making her knees hit the bed. She tumbles backward, and I had to fight the urge to laugh as her arms flailed about. Yeah, that was sexy, not!   Stripping my pants off, I climb on the bed and tear her panties off. She squeals at the sting of the lace, but I couldn't care less. I needed to burn my anger off. Alpha John once again put me in a bad mood tonight. But I was already regretting bringing this bimbo home as I climbed between her legs, shoving her legs apart. I wanted as little of her touching me as possibl
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Chapter 14
Everly POV   It always came out of nowhere. One minute I am sleeping; the next, I am awoken by agonizing pain. My heart pumping in my chest erratically, and my stomach cramping terribly. I  clutch my stomach and bite down on my lip to stop from screaming. I didn't want to wake  Zoe. I know  I keep her up at night, and she always hovers worriedly. Usually, it wasn't too bad,  but tonight it was the worst it had been in two months.    I knew he was sleeping with someone. I could tell by the pain ratio. Usually, it's just like an upset tummy, but tonight I felt like my heart was being pulverized and my stomach twisted in knots. I  cry out in pain. Unable to help it, and the lights flick on. Zoe wasn't going to keep believing it was just period pain. Not after tonight.    Read more
Chapter 15
10 months later   Weeks turned into months, and the Hotel was nearly unrecognizable. It was just four rogue women and three babies doing what I thought was impossible when we started. At times we saw no end in sight, and all of us wanted to give up. Fix one thing, find another issue, yet we managed it. We had four days before the health and safety inspector came out to check our progress, the first time he came out. He gave us a list of issues and snorted his laugh at us when we told him it was only us fixing it up. He shook his head and said it was impossible and that the place should be bulldozed.    Nearly a year had passed, in that time, we had fixed all the hotel rooms into immaculate rooms that simply matched or surpassed the other Hotels in the City. Macey and I went hotel shopping, as we called it, and sussed out the other Hotels in the City.
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Chapter 16
Another two months later.    Today was the day, the last inspection to say whether or not all our hard work had paid off. Macey, Zoe, and I watched as Valarie talked to the health and safety inspector from the balcony. He had walked around the entire building with his measuring tape and torch, his clipboard tucked under his arm and pen behind his ear as he went over every nook and cranny in this place.    We secretly called him the birdman. His nose looked more like a beak, his beady little eyes too far apart. Macey snorts when a gust of wind has him clutching his toupee. It was chocolate brown and not even close to the greying on the sides of his head. Valarie watched over his shoulder as he wrote on his clipboard on the front lawn, giving the place one last scrutiniz
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Chapter 17
A week later,   Alpha Kalen, Valarie’s mate, stood across from me as we watched her get lowered into the ground at the rogue cemetery. Zoe and Macey stood beside me, and Macey’s mother watched our kids at the Hotel for us. Four people and the tow truck driver were the only people who attended and her lawyer. I tried my best not to look at the man responsible for her death.    We all spoke, sharing our stories with Valarie; her mate said nothing and remained silent. I wondered what he was thinking. Did he hate himself as much as I hated him? To do this to such a wonderful woman angered me. The coroner said she died from organ failure caused by the mate bond; there were no other health issues or any explanations.    It pissed me off that he was healthy and alive because he was an Alpha an
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Chapter 18
Valen POV   4 years Later   I stared at my father as he gave me one of his many lectures. It irritated me that he thought he could still dictate my life. My secretary comes in, placing a steaming cup of coffee on my desk as he droned on before handing him one. He sips it before leaning forward and putting it on my desk, the sight instantly irritating me. Two fucking inches away, he knows how much I hate it. I grab his mug and place it on the coaster before sitting back.   “You need to sort your life out Valen, you are getting too old to be messing around constantly with these whores you play with and getting blind drunk every night. If I had known you would be this irresponsible, I never would have handed the pack over to you,”   “My personal life is none of
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Chapter 19
Everly POV   I watched Zoe blow out her candles. Today was her 21st  birthday, and I was blessed to call her one of my best friends. She is more like a sister to me. Zoe and Macey filled the places where my family should have been, but now I was happy with how far we all had come; we didn’t need anyone; we only needed each other.    “Happy  21st,” I  whisper to her, giving her a hug after setting the cake down.   “Oh, we need napkins,” I  tell  Zoe before rushing off back to the kitchen. I  go into the storeroom, grabbing a box of refills down and pulling a handful out before placing the box on the shelf. Just as I walk back out, Zoe rushes into the kitchen, her face pale and a look of horror on her face.  She smacks straight into me before grabbing my arms
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Chapter 20
Valen POVI wasn’t proud of my actions after leaving the Hotel and my mate. Ashley wouldn’t stop crying and demanding to know who Everly was to me, but I also knew if I told her right now, it would be all over the City by the end of the day, and the last thing I wanted was the media hunting Everly down and harassing her. So, I remained quiet the entire drive until I pulled up out of the front of her house. Ashley reaches for me, and I pull away.  I couldn’t stand her touch; it repulsed me, and my entire body was pulling me back in the direction of my mate. I needed to figure out something fast. I had been away from her for only five minutes. I don’t know how my father survived my mother dying. This was agony, and barely any time slipped past. Read more Protection Status