The Lost Demoness: Her Silvery Red Eyes Opens

The Lost Demoness: Her Silvery Red Eyes Opens

By:  Katrina Kaaloa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Follow this lost demoness, Vastria who never knew about her true powers or of her real mother. Vastria finds herself submerged into this new world. A world of demons, vampires, werewolves, and more. She did not know her life had been a secret. Her father had answers and just as she started to get answers, she became betrothed. Vastria must unearth the secrets surrounding her new life before someone tries to take her life because the blood running through her veins makes her a powerful being even more powerful than her own mother. **Contains violence, blood, and gore. You have been warned**

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    Mirrored Dream
    The cool night sky was dark, cool, and unwavering. The wind echoed between tree branches nearby. Once, an owl perched on the lychee tree by the window as an embodiment laid in slumber beneath her covers. The owl’s golden eyes stared in the night calling forth her fellow night stalkers as the moon revealed her face to the world. The moon crawled from behind the misty grey clouds passing by laying her calm white light through the window caressing the skin of the one in slumber. As the light reaches the face of the girl, she twitched as she sleeps deeply in dreams.Read more
    Fun Night at Carnival of ‘Fright Night’
    Nightfall came and the excitement overcame a large crowd of the carnival. Various neon color beams lit up part of the darkness over the crowd as they gathered for fun. Songs and laughter riveted across the grounds choking out street noise.The two girls had left their dorm by taxi. During their ride, Meagan spoke of what would be at the carnival. “OMG Vass, they are going to have so many events happening. Look!”, Meagan presents her phone before Vastria who was sitting in silence watching the driver
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    Demons vs Vampires
    Vastria awoke to sudden movement. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a moving vehicle. She sat up fast looking around the car not sure how she got there. She noticed it is a limo that she is riding with white leather seat coverings and a lit mini bar to the center of the limo. Seats were on lined around the limo with the mini bar at the center of the seating area. Across from her on the opposite side of the bar, sat a strange man in a black tuxedo with no tie or bow, but the man wore white gloves. He wore black square glasses that seemed to match how his hair is nicely greased back. He sat across from Vastria, the window behind his head lead to the front of the limo. The exits of the limo were a few seats ahead of Vastria, midway of the limo
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    Fatherly Demon - Part One
     Eldrid opened the door to his left and waited outside the limo holding the door open for Vastria. Vastria gradually made her way to the door in silence. Eldrid offered his hand to Vastria to aid her out the limo. She stared at his hand for a moment then to his face before deciding to take his hand as she departed the limo. As Vastria departed from the limo, she took a good look around the area. The sun was peaking behind the clouds and the branches of the trees. She realized that they are in a clearing surrounded by the forest. In the center of the clearing was a mansion. The white paint glistening in the little light of the glowing sun. The pillars of the front stood tall and straight as if it guards the place with its might. Between two pillars l
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    Fatherly Demon - Part Two
    Vastria was finally alone. Her head feeling heavy from all the excitement. Alone in her own room, her body started to shake. The pounding in her head subsided after a while since she was brought to her room. She walked to the window and looked outside. Below the garden was spread out wide and far. She could not see what type of flowers were being grown. All she could see was the fast greenery like maze of a garden. A man-made pond in the center with benches and tables. Surrounding the garden was high fences with vines grown to be part of a wall. In front of that was a man-made river that round around the garden to the pond at the center and mini bridges to allow passage to all the garden. She then turned to look around her room.This room is too much. It is bigger than my dorm suite with my roommate. She thought as she walked around the room. She studied the mini couch and coffee table then made her way over to the desk and dresser wardrobe. She opened the dresser wardrobe to find it f
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    Uninvited Vampire Company
    The angry man in the suit looked around the room and glared right at Vastria’s father who now stood in front of the angry man. The angry man continued, “You fucking demons think you can do whatever the fuck you want. You nearly ruined our smooth operation in harvesting blood for our people. You know it is the only way to feed our self without being detected by humans.” The man complained angrily with Vastria’s father who intently listened. Vastria who stood behind Eldrid realized these men were the vampires who is after her. Her heart sped up unsure what will happen.Read more
    Awoken to a New Reality
    Vastria and Remus both turned their attention to their fathers as they entered the dining room.“Ah this meal looks splendid Lord Rothcas. I cannot thank you enough for this hospitality.” Nobleman Ciel happily stated while taking a seat next to his son as Vastria’s father took the seat next to her. The nobleman was in high spirits compared to his initial arrival at the mansion.Remus spoke up to ask, “I will safely assume deliberations regarding Vastria has been settled?”“Oh yes my son. We have,” Remus’ father replied with a pat on his son’s back. “Haven’t we? Lord Rothcas?”Vastria’s father cleared his throat, “Why yes, but let us have something to eat before we present the outcomes of all the deliberations.” He gestured to the trays of food.Vastria looked to her father with concern wondering what the two had agreed upon that made the nobleman this happy. Noticing her gaze, her father looked to her with a smile as he filled his plate and ate. Vastria took a mini ham sandwich to nibb
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    Silvery Red Eyes
    Vastria awoke in her bed. The room was dark. Still laying in bed she looked around noticing all her curtains were pulled shut. Her body felt so heavy that she could not lift her head to get a better look of her room. Light shown at the corner of her room as the sun tried to peer into the darkened room. It seemed to be the only source of light. She looked down to herself, someone changed her clothes to a white gown. Vastria heard a shifting noise and looked to the direction of that noise. Her father sat in the seat at mini seating area of her room. He was reading something on a device. Feeling her gaze, Vastria’s father turns his head to the bed finding his daughter has woken up. He stood placing his device on the couch. “My daughter you are awake. How are you feeling?” He briskly strode to Vastria’s side. “Why is it so dark in the room?” She asked.“You needed your rest, so I had your room darkened. The sun is already up. How are you feeling this morning?”Vastria sat up slowly in be
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    Sealed Powers - Part One
    The dining room looked like a mad house massacre from a horror movie. Remus slowly let go of his embrace of Vastria watching her. Her gaze was locked on the bodies scattered around the dining room. Both stood in a pool of blood; both covered in blood of demons. Vastria stared at the corpse of Eldrid saddened that she had killed him, but just like she had before, she wanted to hide the fact she was interested in death. Even though she could not see his face, she knew what it looked like, horror filled with agony as she had ripped his still beating heart out. She looked to the ripped bodies scattered, torsos of maybe ten demons. An arm laid in the sandwich tray and intestines stuck on the wall slowly sliding to the floor. Remus turned to Vastria’s father as Vastria was looking around the room trying to stay calm. “Lord Rothcas, what happened? How did this all start.”Lord Rothcas had to shake his attention from the horrors of his own daughter as she watched her look around the room. “A
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    Sealed Powers - Part Two
    In her room, Vastria was taken to the bathroom by the maid, Izbeth. The maid started the bath, filling it up and urged Vastria to undress. Vastria obliged undressing. The maid ushered Vastria into the shower to rinse off first assisting with getting the blood and pieces of demon within Vastria’s hair. The water turned red soon as Vastria stood in the running water. It swirled at her feet going down the drain. She could smell the blood that had partly dried on her skin.Vastria settled in the hot waters of the tub set by the maid. “Lady Vastria, is the water too hot?” The maid asked. “No this is fine; I like it this steamy”Vastria relaxed in the tub her eyes closing as the maid assisted in scrubbing her body. The maid started to massage her shoulders. “Lady Vastria, are you feeling okay? I am aware of the incident in the dining room. You are free to talk to me if you feel like it.”Vastria looked to Izbeth while relaxing in the tub soaking in the steamy hot water. “Am I a monster now
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