By:  niki sarun  Ongoing
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What happens when someone stranger saves you from the goons but he makes love to you the same night? And what happens when you commit a "mistake" with a stranger.. being already engaged?Caroline is getting married to Harry that her parents choose for her. One fine day, She met Austin during her best friend’s wedding in New york. From that day her entire life took a U-turn. Accidently due to certain circumstances she ends up spending the night with Austin who saved her from a few men who tried to rape he.r. What will be the consequences of that one mistake?

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13 chapters
Chapter 1- Engagement

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Chapter 2- My saviour
Chapter 2: My saviour At Chicago Airport-
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Chapter 3- Possessive Rage
 In Ana's room-‘’Caro, you should also go and get ready fast. I am almost done. Within half an hour your Jiju barat will arrive. I wanted my friend to be by my side during every ritual’’. Caro observed the shine and glow on her face and started teasing her by which the bride blushed. Ana playfully slapped her and they talked for a while before she moved out from her room.Read more
Chapter 4- My Caroline
             Chapter 4: My carolineRead more
Chapter 5- Two bodies- One soul
Chapter 5- Two soulRead more
Chapter 6- Shattered soul
Chapter 6: Shattered soul  Read more
Chapter 7- Separation
"Why are you standing like a statue? I am asking you something. Answer me now" Like a dead body, she stood there all lost. This frustrates Jack. "You stupid girl. If you dare to show your over smartness, I would ruin you leaving you with nothing. Then I will see who will marry you." Jack strangled her and grabbed her both hands to the nearby wall. Read more
Chapter 8- Harsh reality
Chapter 8: Harsh realityRead more
chapter 9- Why there is pain in your love?
 Chapter 9: Why there is pain in your love?Read more
Chapter 10- Pregnancy
One month later- Read more Protection Status