Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

By:  Happy  Completed
Language: English
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Waking up after an amazing hot passionate wedding night, Winter got the shock of her life , when her beloved husband Aspen threw the divorce paper at her face.

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    50 chapters
    Chapter 1
    “You never knew how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.“Dreaming something big is not sin right?,  Closing my eyes trying to distract myself from the pain, in my heart, I dream about a beautiful house, a loving family, and seeing myself as a businesswoman. What else I can dream.    Winter William, the hidden Daughter of Andrew William and the chairmen of Hellenic Enterprises. Sometimes she thinks what did she do to deserve a life li
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    Chapter 2
    Wedding day Winter woke up after hearing noises from the hall area, she freshens up and walk out of her room, She entered the hall of her mansion; it was not like how she saw it before, it was completely transformed now, expensive lights were hanging at each
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    Chapter 3
    Aspen warren PovFinally today I will be marrying my love Sophia; I fell in love with her when I first saw her in the company where I work and came to know that she was my boss daughter, I remembered our first conversation, my love for her became stronger for
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    Chapter 4
     After the wedding, a driver drove them to a lavish hotel. A honeymoon suite for them which was decorated beautifully. "Do you want to Chang first?” Aspen asked as he was a gentleman ". Sophie nodded her head, too exhausted by this big grand wedding, once's she was in the bathroom she changed her dress, she sat down in the bath and ran the warm water. She wanted to think about everything which was happening. She had married-just because of her father. She doesn't love this man, and the only sole purpose was to help her dad in getting investment from aspens father, Aspen, her husband was indeed handsome But it was sad that the handsome face man wasn’t rich like her. He was to step-born to ask any money from his father, as he had Faught with his father and left his ho
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    Chapter 5
    1 week laterAspen was a very scary man when it comes to work he does his work with all his heart and mind, He just wanted an experience before starting his own business.  He had to attend an important meeting, everything was set ready and packed; he wan
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    Chapter 6
    Winter was cleaning the floor,  her mother’s order; she has to follow. It’s was the fifth time she was cleaning the same floor. There was tension going on in her home. Today when her dad came back from
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    Chapter 7
    3 years later.“Sophia wake up you don’t want to be late” she pulled the blanket off of me.

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    Chapter 8
    " What's your name?" He asked, rolling the pen in between his forefinger and thumb, and my heart was at a rapid pace."Well, I don't have the full day, you know?" He scoffed, and I gulped nearing the table.Read more
    Chapter 9
    Aspen POV"Ahh, the CV" I smirked as she brought the CV to join."Now you won't provide any harm to the orpSophiage right?"Read more
    Chapter 10
    Next day  I was  walking toward the office when I bumped into Aspen and he caught my waist before I could fall to the ground.Read more Protection Status