Mate to The Dragon

Mate to The Dragon

By:  Chris Kelley  Completed
Language: English
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"How can something so beautiful be so dangerous?” "The danger is in its beauty.” Lyzaria is a dragon shifter, one of the last of her kind. Dragons were thought to have gone extinct after the werewolves hunted them for decades. One day she is running from a group of Hunters, and is forced to escape into the forest. She never knew why her father told her to stay away from the mysterious beauty, but she soon realized her mistake.

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33 chapters
“I want all of them dead! Kill them all!” The man snarled viciously. The people near him flinched at the rage in his voice.“Yes, your highness,” a young man said with a bow before scurrying away, his voice quivering with fear.All of the people in the room cowered at the man’s anger. He was their king, the werewolf king, and he held extreme power over them all.He would become honored and his command would be remembered for centuries, as it led to the end of fire dragons, or so everyone thought.***Fifteen Years Later The king was staring out the window in his office, thinking about his new wife, who was currently pregnant with their second child. She was sick though, and the doctors fe
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Chapter One: Lyzaria
My lungs burn as they try to take in oxygen while I sprint as fast as I can across the rocky slope of the mountain. My body aches with fatigue and I feel faint, but I keep pushing myself as the voices behind me grow louder. I stumble a bit over the rocks but immediately get up and continue clambering over the boulders. My boot is suddenly tangled in a twisted shrub and I yelp as I fall forward. I catch myself before my head is smashed open but the skin on my arms is scraped and bloodied. I rip the gnarled branch off my foot and stand up.My eyes lock onto a large group of men with bows and swords and I start running once again. I hear them shout and scream profanities, but I ignore them and keep running as fast as my legs will carry me.The rocks give way to grass and I growl in frustration and pause when I see the edge of the forest. The men are still following me, so I take a deep breath before forcing my body int
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Chapter Two: Daerius
“We captured the trespasser, it turns out she is female,” my gamma informs me.“Is she human?” I ask. Not many people would be brave enough to enter my territory unless they didn’t realize who it belonged to.“Not likely, she was running from a large group of men that stopped chasing her once she entered the forest. We tried to track them, but we lost their trail after they entered the Zhyden Mountains,” he tells me.“Is that all you know?”“No sir, beta Cadyn helped to capture her and is in the prison currently, he will have much more information,” my gamma says.“Thank you gamma Mykael, you may return to your post,” I dismiss him with a wave of my hand. He bows before leaving my office.Who would be crazy enough to trespass on my terri
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Chapter Three: Lyzaria
Everything is dark, I can’t see or hear anything. I feel a small pinch near my neck and suddenly all I see is red.I feel as though I am having a panic attack, my body jerks around uncontrollably and my eyes flit across the room, seeing everything all too quickly to form a clear image.Two golden spots come into view and everything instantly freezes. I stare into the golden eyes and can’t look away. I see something flash in his eyes, it looks like panic, but quickly turns into cold fury.What is going on?I do not know Lyza, perhaps his wolf is saying something that angers him, my dragon suggests.Werewolves can talk to their wolves? I ask.Of course, all creatures can speak with their inner form, he answers, and I suddenly feel very stupid.

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Chapter Four: Daerius
Mate? What the hell is that supposed to mean Madox? I growl at my wolf.What do you think it means Daerius? That girl is your mate and you are about to torture her! He snarls at me.Why would I be mates with a creature other than a wolf, especially one like a witch or oh god, what if she is a dragon? I say, disgust seeping into my words.Well then you are just going to have to get over it. The longer you avoid her, the stronger the bond is going to grow until you won’t be able to even look at her without wanting to tear her clothes off. I can practically hear him smirking.I cut off the link, knowing that my wolf is probably right, hell, he’s always right.Find out what kind of creature she is, I tell my Beta who stands in front of the girl. She is quite beautif
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Chapter Five: Lyzaria
I gasp at the force behind his fist, it has me convulsing. The guards have my body pinned against the wall, so I am forced to bear the pain.I know he did some damage; I can taste blood in my mouth and his fist hit the bloody gash across my stomach.Pain sears across my body and I want to scream but am suddenly distracted as Mitalonys tries to take over my body. In my pain, I can’t hold him back.I slowly feel myself lose control of my body until I can just see, hear and feel the pain that still courses through my body.I let out a snarl and my chains are ripped free from the wall. I smash my fist into one guard’s face and his body falls onto the floor, completely unconscious.I take the other guard’s head between my hands and snap his neck in seconds. The last guard runs towards me, but I deliver a roundhouse kick straight
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Chapter Six: Daerius
My wolf is so annoying, I am trying to think but he won’t shut up. This girl made a good point, if she stays here then I can teach her how to get along with wolves.And you can make sure she doesn’t turn into the monster that killed your mother and sister, Madox pipes in. I run my hand through my hair in frustration.“Very well,” I say, and she looks at me in shock.“What?”“You may stay in the pack,” I mutter quickly before I can change my mind. Her eyes widen and her mouth opens and closes several times.“Thank you so much! I can promise you that you will not regret your decision!” She gushes and I roll my eyes but can’t help the smile that crosses my lips from making my mate happy.“Now how the hell do I get down from here?”
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Chapter Seven: Lyzaria
Why is he finding it amusing to call you Lyza when you specifically asked him to call you Lyzaria? My dragon asks me.Because he thinks it’s funny to irritate me, I reply.How is that funny?It’s not really, he’s just an ass, I snort and Mitalonys chuckles a little.“Get cleaned up, I have to watch the warrior’s training in a half hour. The bathroom is through there and there are clothes in the closet that belong to my sister, but they should be about your size,” Daerius tells me.“Yeah okay,” I mutter, only half listening. When I hear the doors close, I groan and collapse onto the bed.Weariness and pain washes over me and I feel tears prick my eyes. My stomach still hurts where there is a knife gash and a massive bruis
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Chapter Eight: Daerius
To say that I am shocked would be an understatement.“Where did you learn to fight like that?” I ask, grabbing her arm and pulling her away from my warriors. She sighs a little.“My father taught me mostly. He had made a mistake that eventually led to his death. But in the time, he was alive, he trained me how to survive by fighting, and killing,” she says, clenching her jaw.“Well, I still don’t let females fight because if they were capture for any reason, they can’t withstand torture as well as males,” I explain, and she shakes her head with a breathy laugh.“Really? You tortured me, and I’m sure I held up better than most of your warriors would have,” she scoffs, and I frown.“Fine, you win. Now you are supposed to be maintaining a low profile so I suggest you shut up
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Chapter Nine: Lyzaria
“Wait so your name is Angel?” I ask Daerius’ sister.“Yeah, fits great doesn’t it?” She scoffs.“That’s because you try your hardest to prove that your name doesn’t fit,” a man says, walking up to us.“Oh! Lyza this is Gamma Mykael, he gets to hang out with us today. My brother never lets me leave without at least four guards and either Mykael, our Beta, or himself,” Angel mutters in annoyance.“Are you two ready to go?” He asks and I nod.A black SUV suddenly pulls up in front of us and I follow Angel inside. The inside is designed like a limo, with colorful lights running along the seats that are sideways.There is a cooler at one end and a TV at the other. I gape at the interior, ignoring Angel’s amused smile.

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