The Tycoon's Matchmaker

The Tycoon's Matchmaker

By:  denthoughts  Completed
Language: English
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When Maya's luck started going down the drain, she had no choice but to work as a rich old lady's assistant. Her main job? To be a modern age cupid. In short, a matchmaker. But how can she do it if the most eligible bachelor in town was not willing to cooperate? She could not even focus on the job, mostly when he stares at her as if she is the only woman that exists in his world... Will Maya be successful in doing her task or be involved in the dangerous Tycoon's passionate game?

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191 chapters
I: Villain Prince
The doorbell rang, Maya could hear the voice of Sicilia, her new boss, asking the maids to take suitcases to a room. Maya rushed to the front door to welcome the old lady and her grandson.“Oh! Maya dear, there you are,” Sicilia mentioned for Maya to get closer to her. “Maya had been helping me so much, and I don’t know what to do without her,” Sicilia spoke, looking at her grandson.Read more
II: Consider Selling Virginity
A few days ago… To everyone, it was a typical day. For Maya, however, it was the day she hit rock bottom. Her life and everything was getting worse. Maya sat on the chair, watching the plane she was supposed to be in, took off.After being framed and forced to leave h
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III: Her New Boss
“Poor child. What bad luck you had!” She said it seems like deep thought.                 “I’m sorry to ask, but you see, I can do a lot of things. I am versatile. I learn easily and efficiently. I really work hard. If you know someone I can work with. Even as a
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IV: Is He Disabled?
Maya was so afraid she might ruin something since everything in that house seemed expensive. She recognized at the corner of the room an antique vase she once read that was worth over five hundred thousand dollars. Just the idea to be in the same room with that vase in scary and exciting at the same time.“Thank you for having me,” Maya replied gratefully.   Two maids entered the living room holding a tray in their hands, and even the maids looked sophisticated, Maya thoug
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V: The Grandson Coming Home
“Maya, dear,” Sicilia turned to look at Maya. “I’m sorry for all this fuss,” she said, fixing her already perfect hair.“Oh, that’s alright, is there something going on today? I don’t remember you saying anything. I’m sorry,” Maya asked.“Oh, silly me! Haven’t I told you?” Sicilia asked nonchalantly. &l
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VI: Stop Looking
Then fast forward to the present. Maya learned that Alexander was not a fat guy. However, she still lacks info from him. Maya needed to know his positive points and all negative points.Read more
VII: Strange Feeling
She was not sure if it was her imagination or what, but it seemed like Alexander was… ‘No. No way!’ Maya shook her head as she immediately removed the possibility of him being shy.However, if he wasn’t such an ass and likeRead more
VIII: Keeping An Act
Maya knocked on the door. But after waiting for a little, she started regretting coming to her room as scared that she might bother the elderly lady.“Come in,” a voice from inside the room said. Read more
IX: Change
Maya’s eyes brightened. The word ‘ogre’ just suddenly popped inside her head, and it seemed as well it was the best visual reference for her moving forward so she won’t be so distracted by      Alexander’s handsome face.

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X: Surprised
Maya was standing next to Sicilia, and Maya had the illusion that his eyes lingered quite longer than normal. She looked at him and their eyes met. For a moment, they kept looking at each other’s eyes, as if time had stopped. As if they were the people in the room as their gazes held, searching for something.

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