Billionaires heartbeat

Billionaires heartbeat

By:  Xataliya Frost  Ongoing
Language: English
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Melody bloom is a tourist visiting Paris for the first time and is hoping to meet Mr right, unfortunately for her someone has sinister plans for her. She may never make it home again. Giovanni black is a young hot and powerful billionaire with mafia ties, his ruthless in everything he does he gets what he wants always and she's no exception. How does Melody plan on escaping the inevitable ?

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52 chapters
Dark horizons
Giovanni's POV I've just arrived in London,  I had to meet up with the airport management. I want my airline to route from the main paris airport charles de Gaulle airport to other airports around France. My airline is already well established in Italy and Saudi Arabia and this makes it even easier to smuggle drugs when you have an airline as well as connection's in these airports and France will be my new hub.        Someone bumps into me sorry she says and continues on her like she just didn't bump into Europes Youngest billionaire she didn't even spare a second look,  I on the other hand can't seem to keep my eyes of her.      She's not the typical girl you see on your magazine covers.  She's wearing a black jeans and a  black top with white Aldo Mickey mouse sneakers.  She seems
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Oliver Presley
I wake up to a beautiful scenery the view from my hotel window is absolutely breathtaking, I'm just so excited to see what Paris has to offer me.  Paris is said to be the city of love and I am ready to mingle.      I've never actually had a boyfriend, my parents were extremely strict and didn't want me to date. They are the ones who organized this trip for me I just recently graduated med school and they thought I deserved it. But I could only go to Paris provided my Good friend Oliver came with me.       I've been friends with Oliver ever since primary school so it's been long were almost like brother and sister kind of.  I landed here yesterday and he is going to land here today.  And we'll be sharing the Same hotel room, we've been like that since primary everywhere I go Oliver is also always there.   
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Cotton candy
Giovanni POV " What the fuck was that Nathaniel " I ask him I swear I want to kill someone right now I've just made a fool of myself,  " Boss I'm really sorry I was sure she was vacationing by herself " He says with his head bowed, "As you should Nathaniel, as you should.        Your going to leave right now and get me information on that loser and make sure this time you do your bloody job before I find someone else to do it for you. " I say to him in a pissed tone I'm half way from shooting every damn soul in this place.           knock knock " Hi big brother seems like your in a bad mood as always " that's my annoying young sister Jessica. " What do you want Jes, today is not the day to piss me off " I say to her not even looking at her. I
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Hooray to Paris
Melodys POV Hillary is very strong but she's also weird, right I'm stuck between going to find Oliver or going to eat I'm starving but I doubt I'll enjoy it by myself. I take out my phone from my purse and call Oliver, it rings continously and I'm kind of worried he might not pick up my call, but before it can go to voicemail he picks up.      " Hi O I'm really sorry where are you ? Let's fix this, I shouldn't have said those things I said to you please forgive me. Can you please come back I'll make it up to you dinner on me at the Fitzgerald restaurant I've been dying to go there,  please say yes " I desperately plead with him, " only on one condition "       He replies and I'm quick to immediately say yes I'll do anything he wants. " Your not paying,  I am. what kind of man allows a woman to pay for him, t
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Packed suitcases
Giovanni's POV I've decided the best distraction is my work, I'm currently at the office at the  moment doing some paperwork and checking how much money I'm receiving and if there's anyone stealing from me,  I think my employees know better than to do that but you'll never.         I hear a knock at the door and I'm assistant Hillary comes in,  Mr black Nathaniel is here to see you should I send him in,  I just nod and she leaves and in comes Nathaniel. "Boss I have the information you asked me for " He says holding a document in his hands,  I motion for him to sit       " The name is Oliver Presley it seems his and her family are friends and they grew up together they are best friends,  while she was in med school he was doing engineering and has his o
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In his arms
Third POV Oliver is left in the hotel room, wondering how did things become so messed up. This wasn't the vacation he imagined, he imagined a different scenario, a scenario where he can Express his true feelings to Melody.       He has been in love with her for many years and always lacked strength to tell her how he feels and now things have been messed up for him again. But he knows he has to leave this place as soon as possible.      Oliver is desperate for Melody to return when he hears a knock on the door he  quickly goes to answer with hopes that it will be Melody or the lady from the reception with news of Melody.      He opens the door and Nathaniel and the other bodyguards enter and Nathaniel wastes no time connecting his fist with Oliv
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Recovery gone wrong
Third POV After their date Melody was exhausted but still wanted to go check up on Oliver she kinda felt guilty for not being by his side. " I think I should head back to the hospital I want to be there when Oliver comes out of surgery.      I already feel guilty for not being with him right.  If the wheels were reversed  Oliver would never leave my side that's just how good of a friend he is and here I am dining at a posh restaurant " Melody says already preparing to leave.       " Okay allow me to come with you and be there for you, it may get lonely waiting by yourself and I'm not taking no for an answer " that's Giovanni speaking, he pays the bill and they both leave the restaurant. While in the car Melody feels his gaze on her and looks at him with questioning eyes.    
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Parents arrival
Third POV After Melody recovers from her shock, she knows she has to let her parents know. Right now she's all alone and knows she can't go through this by herself, she needs someone but she only knows two people here and doesn't have their numbers and the other one probably doesn't even want to see her after the way she left things with him earlier on today.       This is truly a nightmare why did all things have to happen to her at this point in her life, she misses her mother so bad right now.      She decides it's best to call her parents first and then Oliver's parents, she doesn't know what how she'll explain everything that's happening right now.      She realizes she's got missed calls from both parents and she begins to worry how did she n
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The dark side of Gio
Melodys POV Upon arriving at the mansion I felt the  chills on my spine,what  have I gotten myself into. Feeling my uneasiness Giovanni places his hand on my Lower back and caressing me while the other one pulls up my face so I'm facing him, "Relax your so tense I'd never do anything to harm you" he says looking me in the eye and I just nod.        Him trying to assure me isn't helping me at all, I can't stay here and what the hell happened to my parents there's no way they'd leave me with someone they didn't know. What if they are dead, okay I'm just being paranoid now right now. let's hope he isn't that person because if he is I'll also be dead soon.        Giovanni shows me my room and he orders I sleep and he'll call me later for dinner and tells me he has some business h
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Accepting truth
Melodys POV So my parents enter just in that moment, to them we are probably this happy couple who can't keep their hands off each other. " Oh Melody my sweetheart I'm so glad you are well we were so worried about you,  How are you feeling now did you get enough rest " my mom asks.       " I'm fine mom I slept quite well,  better than I have in a while " Speaking truth I did sleep well it's my morning which isn't going so well. " Thanks for taking care of our daughter I can see you clearly care for her a lot " that's my dad thanking Giovanni who smiles like nothing happened.      Who the hell is he and why didn't I see all of these before. He looks at me and brings me closer to him holding me by the waist and even though he threatened to kill me a few minutes ago, I can't help the feeling I get with the way
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