The Mafia's Bride

The Mafia's Bride

By:  Jenny's Heart  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mafia's were the top leading in wealth and everything They were feared by all and peasants never wished to cross their part because they were mean,brutal and influencial Peasant do not have options, they have to serve them so that can have a roof to leave under and food to eat . Meet Rosie A young girl of 20 years.Stubborn, talkative,troublesome ,name it all She was known for her beauty she is unique and endowed in the right places ,,she was more like a goddess Rosie is an orphan,her mother served as a maid to a mafia till she died ,that was the kind of life Rosie was brought into ,,she continued from where her mother stopped until one faithful day the family had to move and couldnt take rosie with them so they had to sell her . But the question is to who Meet Edwardo cheng A young man of 26,a very handsome young man ,,His has all that a lady desires but his evil,heartless ,self centered name them all ,he took over from his father and became the head of mafia's ,no one dared him,no one looks at him,no one speaks while he speaks ,his name alone make people flinch,he cares about no one but himself . Nobody severs him and come back alive ,most news been heard was that they commited suicide or wanted to run away and died in the process And now he needed a new servant who will be the unlucky fellow Grab your popcorn and get ready . All right reserved ️

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62 chapters
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Rosie PovHave you ever been in a situation were you cant decide for yourself ,,all you do and get are based on commands ....Well thats the story of my lifeI wore my dress and began doing a horrible makeup on my face,,i added foundation to my face and didn't blend it in wellI added a lot of eyeshadow with multi colours ,and lipstick smeared over my lips. I packed my long hair in a way that will reduce its length.We were all lined up and waited for who ever was going to address us.I know you might be wondering what up with this weird girl ,the truth is today we are going to be sold to some mafia's who needs slaves or servant and i am one of themMy former master had to reloate to another part of korea and they wont be needing my service  anymore so they had to put me on purchaseHeavens know i dont want to fall into the hands of a very bad person and thats why i decided to look like a zombie so i wont have
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Facing Him
  Rosie "Wait wait ,,there is an emergency "i yelled     "I need to pee"i added and they starred at me in awe   "Is that why you stopped us"one of the security asked and i nodded like a baby    "it seems you have no idea who your master is"he said     "Who is he"i asked     "His Edwardo Cheng"he relied and my breath sized    "Whattttttt"i yelled  Instantly i started sweating ,I really wantnto pee this time  I felt tears gathered in my ears as his name kept ringing in my ear    "Edwardo Cheng"   "So do you still need to pee"he asked    "NO"i replied back and he nodded  what have i done &
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Serving Him
RosieI dragged my feet and stood in front of him  He pushed the food to my front and gestured me to eat first Woah! He thinks i want to poison him ,,i wish i could actually do thatI took a spoon full into my mouth and chew itHe starred at me closely before he began eatingAfter the first and second spoon he dropped it and glumped down the whole can of water "Did you put garlic in this food"he asked and i nodded smiling  He stood up,walked up to me and the next things i knew was that i was on the floorThe slap he gave me was the one that made my brain stop working for some timei stood up quickly and bow my head He used his finger to raise my head up ,,and now i was starring into his eyesright now all i could
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EDWARDO  I starred at her as she leaves  There is something off about this girl  I have a feeling that she isnt just ordinary ,what if shes sent here to kill me  she's not even trying to seduce me  I know my enemies can go to any extent to  hurt me  And shes a suspect now  I asked her to strip incase she coming to kill me with a gun  I mean you never can tell,evil girls have the prettiest face  *****  I got new cctv cameras fixed in the whole house ,So i decided to check them out  I sat down on my reading table and began going through them  I spotted her wearing black from head to toe  She kept  checking if anyone is coming 
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Hate and Fear
              Chapter six Edwardo Pov  I punched in the pin to my apartment and the door opened widely  I walked in and everywhere was silent  Am sure that girl will be sleeping by now with her lazy ass  I entered inside my room ,the whole place was neatly arranged I remove my clothes leaving my boxers and about to climb on top of my bed when i saw something that almost freaked me out  It was like a creature with only legs ,,i quickly switched on the light close to my bed  I looked and saw long hair, body shape  My eyes widened immediately Wtf! I dragged her feet and threw her to the ground    "WTF! are you doing on my bed"i yelled angrily 
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   ROSIE  "Where the hell do you think your going" edwardo said and i frozed  I turned arround and starred at my  feet ,with my heart beating heavily  "Answer me" he yelled  "Sir.... sir...I ...I...."I kept shuttering and fainted Of course you all know its fake  "when your done you answer me" edwardo said I opened one of my eyes gently and saw him starring at me  Let just saw that plan didnt work out well "Sir i'm not feeling to well"i said and sat down on the couch   "Who asked you to sit"he yelled and i jumped up from the couch immediatelyHe walked out on me and i still stood there I waited few minutes and saw him walked downstairs fully dressed <
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  Edwardo "I bought her with my money "i added quickly The guys starred at me with their eyes almost popping out of its socket    "Okay fine i will buy her from you name your price"tony said starring at me with a serious face    "what! i didnt say shes for sale" i replied    "Then just give her to me,i will take care of her" he added     "who says am not taking care of her"i yelled angrily   "Just leave her alone and stay out of my business" i added and walked upstairs    Whats happening to me ,i have never been protective of any girl before  I ran my hands through my hair angrily  What is she doing to me?   Rosie Pov  Th
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    Rosie pov  I lay on the bed the way he tied me still in pains  I couldnt believe edwardo could do this to me  I'm still in shock. He opened his eyes gently and looked at me  His face holds many expression that i couldnt tell what he was thinking He used his palm to rub his eyes properly and starred at me  Okay now i know he thinks his dreaming  He looked all over my body before walking out of the room  Gosh this guy is unbelievable  He couldnt even untie me or am i some sex machine now  anyway he bought me with his money  At this time my anger was at its pitch  I dont cry where people will see me but this time i let it all out  I
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                      Rosie   I went back downstairs and no one was there  I think the guys left ,,am sure the whole place will be heated after i left  I mean tony kissing me in the presence of everyone is something huge  I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv  I used the remote and kept searching for a channel to watch when my eyes came across something    "Martins" He was been invited to a function and the event was hosting live    He walked to the red carpet as they interviewed him    Wait that ring  This same ring is on carls hand  I do see it sometimes Is this a mere coincidence or
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  Rosie On entering the room I saw edwardo starring at his laptop  Okay i dont think there is any emergency here   "sir " called and he starred at me    "Sit"he said and i did    "Now listen carefully ,on no account should you leave this room or open up for anyone except me"he said and i nodded    "Good ,everything will be okay"he added  I really dont know whats going on now     i was able to have a clear view at his laptop properly.i had no idea there where hidden cameras in this house  And why are all his guards on alert holding guns by this time  Edwardo closed his laptop quickly and that was when it hit me   The mansion was under attac
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