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WARNING TRIGGER--18plus only-- Yes! this is a mature content only. If you are not over the legal age, do not read. This book consists of short sex stories, best friends with benefits, the dominant husband, the cruel boss, your naughty new neighbor. short stories of your wild fantasies, and mine. . . duuh.Contents may be a bit too graphic for the liking of some, maybe not enough for some! Either way! sit tight, relax, and enjoy the ride.Be a dear!! Hit the like button and comment. Your interaction makes me inspire for more updates!

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20 chapters
My Boss
The story of Justin and Cora:I ran through the doors, panting to catch my breath as my heels clanked on the mirrored like marbled floors of my job. I was running around this morning like a headless chicken trying to get to work on time. My boss is someone you don't want to let down. He's ruthless, and a big of a perfectionist. He will surely not tolerate if I was late. Though I have only worked there for the past six weeks, I was not going to play a conformist right now, knowing he can get pissed off and fire my ass for being late.My hair bounced along with my boobs, as they bounced up and down as I shimmied my ass to the elevator before the damn door closed on me.It was not a good way to start my day if I can't even get my ass on time here.I was a nervous wreck, I hadn't experienced my boss being in a bad mood, but by the sounds of it, it was something I'd rather avoid, specially when he's had a bad day and had a night of drinking. I've
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Best Friends
The Story of Charlie and Leah:I took a once over on the mirror. I wore a tight blue shimmery dress that hugged my curves perfectly, with spaghetti straps and a deep v shaped front. My back was completely exposed and since I had huge boobs, it looked like one of the girls would eventually pop out my dress any second.Frankly I didn't gf! I was turning 21 today! Legal age for drinking and I was more than ready to go out bar hoping and get fucked up. My girl friends had already called twenty minutes ago from a near by bar saying they had already arrived. They were just going to have to wait. I needed to make sure I looked good. Why you ask? Well, I've been best friends with Charlie since we were in freshman in college, we just graduated this summer and he is leaving for an internship to Hawaii. Seriously? Fucking Hawaii? I'm rarely going to be able to see him any more. I have secretly crushed on him from the beginning. But he had a girlfriend when we met. Then,
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The HOT Nerd
The Story of Lisa and Alarick:"Hi, I'll have an americano with hazelnut cream and two extra shots of espresso please." I say to the barista, sighing and running my hands through my hair. I was so tired from the night before. I'm a medicine major and I have been studying nonstop for an anatomy exam we have coming up in a few days. "That's a shit load of caffeine for such a small body don't you think?" A husky voice vibrates in my ear. It's those kind of seductive voices that makes you throb and moan in need to be pleased. A voice I haven't heard in a while. I turn looking at a really hot looking guy behind me. "I know you. You're in my bio class on Wednesdays aren't you?" I ask sarcastically making him smirk. God he has a strong jawline. His dark green eyes bore intensely into my soul."That's me. Hi, I'm Rick. Short for Alarick." He says with a side smirk and gives the barista his card paying for my coffee. I smile and hang my face a little.&
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My Roommate
The Story of Russell and Samantha:NOTE, THIS EPISODE IS TAKEN FROM 'NOT YOUR AVERAGE GEEK', A STORY BY THE SAME AUTHOR CURRENTLY LEFT ON-HOLD.*****I woke up drenched in sweat. It's almost November, yet California weather is as always; unpredictable.Yesterday it rained and I wore a jacket with rain boots to get to class. It's barely 7:30 in the morning and already hot. I glanced at ny phone and looked up the weather, sunny all day with dry winds. Temperature now was 89° f. It could spike up to 110° since our university is surrounded by desert. I decided to go get a cold drink. I wore comfy pjs to sleep thinking it was cold, and now I was completely drenched in sweat. I decided to strip myself and change. I discarded my underwear and went with loose booty shorts and an over sized t shirt. Usually at this time my roommate Russell is already in class. He has a 7 a.m. class on Thursdays. So, I knew I had the place to myself, given his best
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Presidential Honeymoon Suite
This chapter is based on my book Alpha Blake, part of my werewolf-fantasy genre. A special request by one of my wonderful readers. Hope you enjoy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story of Blake and Selene LandonSeleneWe arrived at a hotel we were staying in for the next three weeks. It was a grand luxurious hotel. Beautiful inside and out. The lobby was wonderfully decorated with gold and marbled walls and exquisite paintings; there were arrangements of flowers that gave the victorian furniture the perfect touch to the place.Blake held my hand tight. He had a meeting right before we left on a private jet, so he still wore his black tux with a white buttoned up shirt. I had taken off his tie while on our flight to Dubai, and he looked extremely sexy with the three top buttons I left undone on his shirt. The mile high we had on the jet was the perfect touch to the beginning of our honeymoon he was fin
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My Girl
WARNING: THIS CHAPTER DEPICTS A GxG SCENE. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS, KINDLY SAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND WAIT FOR THE NEXT STORY. IF LGBTQ IS YOUR THING, THAN I HOPE YOU ENJOY.Btw- I have never written a same sex scene, so bare with me. Hope you enjoy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The story of Cassidy and NoelleI was on my bed, holding my pillow tight, crying for the billionth time. Skylar and I had just broken up. He was my boyfriend for the past five years. I had high hopes that he was going to marry me one day.I guess I was wrong. He had called me yesterday and asked me to meet him for dinner at our favorite restaurant. He wore his favorite navy blue suit that made his broad shoulders and sculpted chest seem more sexy. But when I got there, a young girl no more than my age leaned in to kiss him on his lips. My heart was shattered at that point. He begged for forgiveness, saying it had just happened. It was out of hi
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Photoshoot Partners
The Story of Skylar and ClarissaI was running late this morning. My alarm clock did not sound. And why would it, right? I forgot I didn't put my damn phone to charge last night.Luckily ny neighbor woke me up with his loud music. Now, I ran to the photoshoot agency like a mad women.I had taken a quick shower before coming. So needless to say, my hair was bouncing around like crazy, since there was no time to comb through it. I wore an over sized sweater, baggy blue overalls and white convers, with no makeup other than the red on my cheeks from so much running.I was fairly shy when it came to people when I don't feel familiarized with them; so most time, I wore oversized shades. Plus, it helped my skin since I tried keeping my face bare for makeup before a photoshoot.I tossed my duffle bag to my back and ran towards the elevator. The door almost closed, but I managed to get in thanks to guy inside."Wow" I thought to myself i
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My Brother's Best Friend
The Story of Nikki and TravisEvery year at the end of the school year, a bunch of my brother's friends and mine gather together and go camping. It's a small private camp site, with about ten huge cabins with 5 to about 10 bedrooms per cabin. We always booked the largest one with time thanks to dad who is close friends with the owner.We finally had our last day of school yesterday. So! Here we are, 7 in the morning finishing up loading the cars to take off. My brother is a year older than me. He will be off to his senior year of college and I will be starting my junior year. It's a bigger reason for us to celebrate. We had both decided to go to a near by university since we live close to various g
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Next Door Neighbor
The Story of Chrissy and AsherMy birthday had just passed. I was finally 18 years old. But sadly I was still a dumb virgined-nerd. I had been picked on all my life. Being in our high school was a bigger drag because we were in a small town. Which meant that the same stupid people that I knew in elementary as my bullies, were my same tormentors in high school.I was deep in depression most of my life. That was, until she moved in nect door. My angel- she had beautiful curves in all the right places, bee sting lips with the long batting-lashes that made me do anything she asked me to do.Besides my best friend Russ and Brandon, she was my only friend. No one understood why she befriended me, hell- not even I knew whu she was my friend.She wad so beautiful, she could easily be a Victoria's Secret angel, or a hustler model. She was smoking hot. Chrissy had moved to our town this summer, just a few weeks after school ended.She came
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My Old Love
The Story of Lola and Xion"Order up!" Chef Max calls out from the window as he places the orders on the top counter. I quickly fill glass cups with soda and place them on trays along with napkins, grabbing a few straws, placing them on my apron's pocket and grab the plate with fries and burger.I scurry from one side of the restaurant to the other. This day was a complete chaos. It was so busy today, I just knew I was going to end up pulling over time. I didn't mind. I needed the extra cash to pay rent this upcoming week. But things always end up like this when it's too busy. The night shift cashier will call in sick, the other girls will refuse to stay. Leaving no option than to have me stay and cover.I was a college drop out, who worked at a local diner. I struggled to pay all my bills. No matter how hard I tried, things just always ended bad for me. I had the worst luck ever.I wasn't always like this. I had a nice home, hap
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