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Keith Jefferson, the man who loved Kelsey KingFisher at first sight was the richest and most handsome man in the US. He was also the most eligible bachelor in Los Angeles and every sophisticated lady wanted to be the Young Madam of the Jefferson clan but Keith only loved the drop-dead gorgeous beauty with appropriately-sized voluptuous curves that he met working at a restaurant. He couldn’t remove his gaze from the way she swayed her backside gracefully each time she came to serve him and his body cried out for her. He fell deeply in love with his sweet and spoilt bootylicious Kelseylicious (as he calls her) and planned on marrying her but different unexpected twists and turns happened….from his childhood girlfriend who had been presumed dead many years ago resurfacing…. to kidnapping…. loneliness… near-death experiences, etc. There are loads of suspense, really sweet experiences, romantic ones, the bitter ones, as well as hell and high water experiences….

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101 chapters
The Arrival of the P.A
It was a National holiday and the day dawned crisp and clear on this beautiful Friday morning in Los Angeles. Keith just got out from the bathroom in his exclusively and tastefully designed master bedroom and a call from his house-keeper came through on his intercom. Keith Jefferson is the 6ft 2” gorgeously handsome, well-educated 28year old, level-headed billionaire and Chairman of GEMS Group, a conglomerate that deals in Gemstones, Hospitality, Maritime, Aviation, Haulage, Real Estate, Financial Services, and Oil and Gas. His father and the best friend who equally owned the business died mysteriously when Keith was 13years old and he assumed partial ownership of the business at that age. After graduating from the university 8years ago, he fully took over the management of the business. At the time he took complete ownership and management of GEMS Corporation, it was successfully dealing only in Gemstones. He expanded and diversified
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Trapped in the 'Lion's Den'
As Kelsey took a sip of coffee from her cup, the door suddenly flung open. “Ah” she gasped. “Ohh I’m so sorry, please pardon my manners. I actually didn’t know that you were inside already. Keith said all in one breath as he let out a sincere smile with a surprised look. “That’s okay, good morning Sir” she quickly said as she stood up. “Oh please take your seat, good to see you”.…. “Is this room not too warm for you, should I increase the air conditioner?” “No, thank you, Sir, I’m okay with the way it is” “Alright then,” he said... He then pulled out the chair that was beside her and sat closely opposite. “It’s great to have you here Kelsey. Please make yourself comfortable while you begin to live i
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Growing Bond
As soon as Kelsey shut the door of her apartment, she let out a big sigh and quickly went to the bathroom to splash cold water on her blushed face. “Oh my goodness, that was so breathtaking. I felt like sucking his luscious pink lips. Oh, what a juicy dude! …Wait, girl! Am I falling for my boss or what? I think he likes me too or maybe I should stop overthinking things and just sleep right now? She fantasized. Meanwhile, as the boss entered his room…Oh, men! …. Baddest Hottie! …. D*mn! He emphasized as he grinned excitedly while rubbing his hands in a quick motion. He jumped on his bed and thought of the strategy to use to pursue Kelsey without making her uncomfortable as she’ll be living in his house onwards and will also resume work as his P.A on Monday. He hopes she takes him seriously and things move speedily between them as he intends to marry her as soon
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Letting Down Their Guards
The meal was delicious and Kelsey ate to her full tasting every food on the table.Keith normally doesn’t eat much but he was happy that she ate very well this time around. This made him eat a little more than he usually does as it was fun eating with her. “I eat very well but never get fat, isn’t that amazing,” she said as she munched happily on her food Keith didn’t expect her to say something as personal as this to him so her words came to him unexpectedly. He arched his head backward, smiled, and then looked at her and said “Even if you become fat, you’ll still look stunning” “Ohhh my gosh, did the boss just compliment me or am I thinking too much”? She thought to herself. As if he knew her thought he gave her a sexy wink which made her blush. “You have an absolutely gorgeous physique so don’t worr
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At the Movies
On getting to the cinema, he got a good parking space not far from the entrance and they went to pick up their tickets and popcorn and then walked straight into the theater which was almost full by the time they got in. They couldn’t find seats that were together and eventually found two empty seats that were the last seats at the topmost back by the wall. Keith guarded her at the waist to ensure they got through to their seats carefully. They sat down and he felt it was a perfect place for them as he wasn’t interested in the romance movie but was glad to be in such a position with Kelsey. The movie was about a C.E.O that fell in love with his secretary and things happened rapidly between them. They soon got married and hoped to start an amazing family but different twists and turns started in their marriage which brought them lots of bitter and sweet experiences. At different times during the movie, Kelsey w
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The Proposal
He took her to a roof-top steak and seafood restaurant where he requested private dining with a cozy atmosphere, soft lightings, and soft music. She ate to her satisfaction and there was so much left because Keith didn’t eat much as he’s a light eater. She unashamedly told him to request for the remaining to be packed for them to take away. Keith gave the order to the attendants and told them to hand the take-away over to him when they are leaving. The sofas were comfortable and the atmosphere was relaxing so Keith used this opportunity to get to know Kelsey more and he also talked more about himself without holding back information in any way. After chatting for a long time, Keith said….. “Kelsey, I know you can’t get to know me fully within a day not even in a year which is the same thing with me but I’m convinced within me on what I want for both of us. The first day I saw you at t
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Phone Call from Home
This moment of ecstasy was interrupted by a call from Kelsey’s phone. “Ohh.. That’s my dad’s call”. She immediately knew from the ring tone she had saved his number with. They pulled out of each other’s embrace and she got her phone from the table then picked the call instantly and spoke in their native language. Her adoptive father who lives in a country called Amberland (where she grew up) gave her news that he discovered two men that he suspected one to be her biological father but he’s still investigating quietly. He asked if it was possible for her to travel down and was a little concerned about her Monday resumption at the new job she told him she just got. She was confused at the news her father just gave her but promised to book the next flight home. Apparently, Kelsey’s adoptive father Pappy Alan was th
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Going Through This Journey Together
After the call with her dad ended, Kelsey told Keith what they had discussed and he thought deeply. He picked up his phone and called his Assistant; Dave to make arrangements for his jet and crew to be ready for a flight on Monday to Amberland and he needed two top detectives and two bodyguards to go on the trip with him. He also requested to meet with the detectives tomorrow, Saturday at noon in his mansion for a briefing. He instructed that Assistant Matthew comes on the trip with him while Dave stays back to take charge of the business along with the other assistants.  Then he ended the call. “Thank you very much Keith” confused Kelsey said as she hugged him and started to cry. Keith felt a sharp pain in his heart as she cried. He pulled her tight to him and patted her hair assuring her “Baby, It’s going to be fine, okay!. Let’s be hopeful about everything and trust God to help us&rd
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Kelsey, You are Fired
Kelsey woke up at 5.30 am and felt very refreshed. In order to get ready for the day, she took off her nightie which she had changed into when she got up to ease herself in the middle of the night, then went to the bathroom to take her bath. She wore a beautiful short dress and rolled her hair up in the style she usually does whenever she’s at home. Her normal way of dressing when she stays at home is a t-shirt on bum short but she was going to be in some meetings today so she wore a dress instead. She checked her phone and saw that Keith had reduced the volume for her last night so she increased it and did a video call with her dad which was part of her morning routine. They chatted happily for a while but she didn’t tell him when she’ll be coming but promised to be home soon. After the call, she decided to go downstairs to make some coffee and as she strolled along the walkway, sh
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Full Dose of Passion
Keith tickled her and continued. “Now as per full-time work, you will be the Group Vice-Chairman and support the business with your expertise as much as you can.  I’m also thinking of you setting you up on what you are passionate about which is your art painting. Mum and Aunty Kimmy have the same passion so they’ll be readily available to guide you into building your own brand. You can trust me to blow it up for you to be a world-class brand” “Thanks baby,” she said “Just give me a proper thank you” he insisted “You sure you want a proper thank you?” “Of course” "Alright”. She got up from his lap and coquettishly, wriggled her body to kneel in front of him and then moved her hand towards his jogger pants pretending to want to do something. Suddenly, she felt something kick her
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