The Billionaire’s Playful Wife

The Billionaire’s Playful Wife

By:  Periwinkle   Completed
Language: English
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What would you do if your world suddenly turned upside down? How much can you sacrifice just to win back the one you love? Amanda ‘Mandy’ Collins, a young beautiful girl who loves to play with every man’s feelings, was forced to marry the son of her mother’s best friend, Andrew Bradford. She hated the idea but later on agreed as her mother fell ill. Andrew Bradford is the most perfect man every girl would ever meet. He is a rich and handsome billionaire who was secretly in love with Mandy even before their marriage. One day, the situation suddenly reversed. Andrew became cold towards Mandy and brought a woman into his mansion. While Mandy realized that she fell in love with Andrew when she felt hurt and jealous by the presence of his other woman. How long could Mandy hold onto her feelings after this playful twist of fate?

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55 chapters
Chapter 1: Arranged Marriage
A man with elegance and a strikingly handsome face entered a grand cuisine and walked straight to the area specially reserved for him. He was wearing a cocktail slim fit tailored dark suit paired with a dress shirt, a slim tie, and polished black shoes. He sat down with flair as he splendidly stretched his left arm and looked at his watch.   His exquisite brown eyes darted from side to side. He moistened his lips and swallowed hard. He took a deep breath as he was starting to get impatient already. It was now exactly seven in the evening but his date was still out of sight. His knitted eyebrows released a cold aura emanating a powerful brooding air that outmoded the warm atmosphere of the cuisine.   Andrew Bradford is the most perfect man that a woman would
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Chapter 2: First Kiss
It was exactly six o’clock when Marco picked her up. He drove off to the countryside where the seafood restaurant is located. The place looks romantic for couples but not for Mandy. Mandy and Marco sat beside each other. After they ordered a few dishes, Marco turned to her. “Mandy, I think it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.” Marco stared at her with his expressive round eyes. Mandy was stunned. She was aware that Marco does not want to enter into a serious relationship too which was one of the reasons why she dated him. She thought that it would not be hard to dump him.&n
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Chapter 3: One Condition
 Two months passed by swiftly. Mandy has graduated from college and her wedding with Andrew is getting nearer. Mandy told her mom that she would like to meet Andrew before their wedding which made her mom feel glad. Janeth Collins thought that Mandy wanted to make it up with Andrew before their wedding. She has no idea of what Mandy was really thinking. Andrew felt glad as well when Janeth Collins informed him that Mandy would like to meet him. He agreed to meet her at ten in the morning at the restaurant locate
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Chapter 4: Bridal Shower
Mandy nervously rang the bell and as soon as the door opened, “Surprise!!!” Mandy was extremely perplexed when she saw all of her friends. Aside from Charm, Bel, Kat, and Rose were also there. “What’s going on?” She only realized what was happening when happily Charm pulled her inside the room and saw the decorations. Her friends prepared a surprise bridal shower for her! “Charm, you silly girl! Do you know how worried I was when
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Chapter 5: Knight in Shining Armor
“Simon, what are you doing?” Mandy struggled to remove his arms around her. But Simon ignored her, he just looked at her eyes like searching through the deepest part of her soul. “You don’t want to marry that man, that's why you accepted this dare, isn’t it? You want your groom to be mad at you so that he would initiate to cancel the wedding, am I right?” He asked to confirm his speculation. Simon hit the nail on the head. However, Mandy does not want to admit it to him. “You’re saying nonsense. Let go of me!”
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Chapter 6: Wedding Day
Days passed by so quickly. It’s now Mandy and Andrew’s wedding day. The wedding ceremony was held in the most prestigious hotel owned by Andrew. It was fully booked and closed to the public. So many respected individuals and families attended the event from their relatives to friends and business partners. The decorations of the hotel captivated the eyes of every guest. The ceiling, aisle, and the stage full of white and pink roses alternately arranged were so breathtakingly beautiful. It was so grand that in one glimpse you would know that the groom and bride came from wealthy families. Read more
Chapter 7: First Day as Mrs. Bradford
Andrew’s face turned sour when he looked at their clothes damped with vomit. Janeth Collins immediately got a handkerchief from her purse. “Oh, I’m so sorry Andrew, it was her first time to drink like that.” She said as she handed the handkerchief to him. Andrew put down the sleeping Mandy on the backseat and immediately took off his coat. Then, he took the handkerchief from Janeth Collins but instead of wiping his wet clothes, he used it to clean the wedding gown of Mandy that was stained and wet by her vomit. Janeth Collins smiled at the
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Chapter 8: It Doesn’t Suit You
Andrew opened the suitcase and took her pants. "How could you tell that this is a kind of clothing? Look at these torn jeans." He said as he extended his hand holding the jeans towards Mandy. Mandy grabbed her favorite jeans. "It's not torn! It is called ripped jeans! Don't you have any idea about fashion?" The servants who were listening to their quarrel laughed inwardly. Andrew blushed. "Whatever you want to call that, you cannot use that anymore." "What?! And who
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Chapter 9: Grandchild
"Mom!" Mandy screamed. Her body trembled in worry about her mom. Andrew who was looking at them from afar immediately ran towards them. He already sensed earlier that Janeth Collins did not look good since she looked pale and she barely ate her meal. "Let's bring her to the hospital," Andrew said as he quickly carried Janeth Collins to his car. Mandy obediently followed Andrew and sat down beside her mom in the backseat. Mandy gently hugged her mom. Tears spilled down her cheeks. "Mom, you told me you're fine. Hold on, okay? Please, don’t leave me." She was so scared that her mom would leave her
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Chapter 10: I’ll Be Gentle
When Mandy recovered from the shock, she realized what Andrew was planning to do. She put her hands on his well-defined chest and was about to push him when he whispered softly to her ear. "Don't forget your promise to your mom," Mandy halted as she recalled her mom's wish for a grandchild. Before she could react, Andrew's warm lips traveled down her neck that gave her an unfamiliar tingly sensation. She felt shock waves throughout her body with that kiss that she automatically closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck. Andrew smiled in the dark with Mandy's unexpected movement. Then, he gently took off her clothes and pressed his body again against
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