Mortal Flames

Mortal Flames

By:  Philip Emmanuel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book one in the Vampire Trilogy ***************** "I have seen men become gods, and I have seen gods become dust." *A revenge patiently planned for decades. *An unquenchable thirst for power. *A vivacious struggle for survival. In all this emerging chaos; ~ Jaden, a powerful werewolf struggles to take control of his change into a thirsty Vampire. ~ Stefan, a newly turned Vampire fights an internal battle between his humanity and vampiric nature. ~ Sarah, a potent witch fights to break free from an ancestral contract in her lineage. ~ Elisa, a human struggles between an enstranged love for a Vampire, and protecting her family scroll, holding secrets to great power. ~ Kruger, a werewolf determines to live a human life, but only realizes the advantage of lycanthropy when it is too late, and he struggles against becoming human again. ~ Owen, a teenage human hides and battles the activation of his hunting potential. From bloodlust and dark secrets to mortal weapons and parralel realities, follow a supernatural journey of mysteries, betrayal, deception, revenge, struggle for power, romance and epic battles in this first book of "The Vampire Trilogy"

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Dragon Falls Black Tridax Territory"I thought I said you should come alone," Alpha Xeres said, standing before General Drake: the leader of a vampire coven called the Orion Star Coven.He was a strong and rugged man who had lived to see several centuries,
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Haven Brook "Leave me," Sarah defended, and pushed Lloyd in the chest, sending him staggering backwards. Lloyd didn't give up but charged back at her with equal vivacity, and grabbed her jaw with his left hand. He brought her face towards his' and kissed her, not minding that her lips refused to welcome his'. She let out
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Warecia "Why would I try to contest for the councillor position?" Minerva asked, feeling tensed. Kairo stood up, and walked aimlessly through the room, with his back turned at Minerva; who was currently filled with curiosity and minimal anger. He swiftly turned, using the tip of his shoe to slide on the floor; paved with smooth marble. "In 1543, General Leo of the Black Cedar Coven was elected Council, and he managed to get his hands on the Devlin Family Scroll." Kairo tapped his feet at a continuous rhythm on the floor. 
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Mayor's Office, Haven Brook.The office fit exactly into what it was: a mayor's office. A flag stood at the right corner of the office; the light fabric gently moving in the subtle morning breeze.On the brown painted wall on the other end of the office, was a large window that looked over the busy roads of Haven Brook, and modern structures of companies, restaurants, and retail shops. Before the window was a huge black leather clothed chair.A brown desk stood before the chair, with files and documents arranged on it in neat stacks; a pen case s
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Pandemonium, Haven Brook. The atmosphere was active and lively. The air reeked of strong alcohol and smoke from cigarettes. The dance floor wasn't innocent either as couples; not really, but yeah, ladies and men danced carefree, some, carrying out immoral acts. The men were basically dressed in casual wears, tuxedos, and suits, while the ladies wore revealing dresses and lingeries.
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