The boy next door is the father of my daughter

The boy next door is the father of my daughter

By:  Sweetanne110  Completed
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"Olivia, I want to live in this moment forever. I don't want to see no daylight" Those were his last words to her * After the death of Olivia Grimes neighbor and lover, Olivia found that that she was was pregnant with his baby and had no heart of carrying it. She tried to abort the baby but the baby proved stubborn. When her parents found out about the pregnancy, they threw her out of the house without a care in the world. She became homeless and lost everything Eight years after, she met a powerful businessman who changed her believe about what happened to her lover eight years ago

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41 chapters
Chapter 1
Jaime Scott, a powerful businessman was driving to his office on Tuesday morning. He had a meeting to attend to. At just 24 years old, Jaime Scott had accomplished what businessmen in their sixties weren't able to accomplish.He looked at himself in the side mirror and smiled. He was a very handsome man with deep blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.His telephone rang and he checked the caller before picking up the phone. It was his fiancee Laura Davilla."Babe" he said when he picked up the phone"Good morning" Laura greeted "Where are you?""On my way to the office. Is there a problem?""No, not at all. I just want to remind you about tonight's dinner""It's on my mind""Okay. I will see you later in the evening""Alright. Love you""I love you too" Laura said backAs he was about to drop his phone, he lost control of the car and he hit another car that was coming from the opposite direction*Olivia Grimes was on her wa
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Chapter 2
Few blocks away from Olivia Grimes daughter's school, she packed her wrecked car and headed to her school. She headed directly to the headmistress office while wondering what the old lady had to say"Miss Grimes welcome. Have your seat" the headmistress said behind her table"Good morning. I hope I'm not late" Olivia said as she sat on one of the chairs that was in front of the headmistress's table"No. I call you here today because of your daughter, Kylie performance in school"Olivia sighed heavily when she heard this. She knew what the headmistress was about to say"Kylie's performance is bad. Her grades are too low. We're really worried about her. I'm sorry but I don't think she will be promoted to the next class"Olivia felt like crying because she knew Kylie's low performance in school was her fault"Is there anything we can help her" she asked while trying not to cryThe headmistress started cleaning her glasses"I do
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Chapter 3
Jaime's driver packed in front of the five star hotel, rushed out of the car and opened the door for Jaime who got out of the car without giving the driver a second look. He headed straight to the restaurant and was ushered to his usual seat."Hey love" Laura davilla said as she got out of her seat and kissed Jaime on both cheeks "How was your day?"They both sat down and before Jaime could reply Laura's question, the waitress had joined them. She handed them the menu and they chose their meals."So how was your day?" Laura asked again as they started eating"Stressful" he replied"Wow... for you to say that, it must have been really stressful"Jaime nodded"How was yours?" He asked"Great. The photo shoot was great"Laura davilla was a twenty years super model. She was one of the top ten most expensive model worldwide. She was naturally beautiful. She smiled as she said the last sentence. She really enjoyed her job"So, tell me what
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Chapter 4
When Jaime got to the given address, he wondered why Olivia was living in a slum before knocking on the door.After knocking for five good minutes without a response, he called Lucian"Are you sure you gave me the right address?""Yes sir. Wait... don't tell me that that is where you're right now""It's where I am right now""What? Who is she to you...sir"Jaime ignored Lucian's question and said "This should be between me and you alone""Okay sir"Jaime hung up the phone and started knocking on the door again. After another five minutes, he heard a voice inside the house"Who is there?" The person saidJaime didn't know what to say, so he said a friend"I'm coming" the person said and unlocked the door few seconds laterWhen Olivia Grimes saw who was in front of the door, she tried to lock the door back but Jaime was stronger than her.Jaime stepped inside the room and held his breath for some seconds because of some
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Chapter 5
As early as possible on Wednesday morning which was the next day, Jaime drove back to Olivia Grimes apartment. He knocked for almost twenty minutes before he decided to forcefully open the door"Olivia" he called as he walked inside the house but stopped on his track and swore. Olivia Grimes had packed out of the apartment in the middle of the night. He brought out his phone and dialled Lucian Henry's number"Good morning sir" Lucian said"She is gone""What...who is gone?""The lady. Olivia Grimes, she is gone. I want you to find out where she is within twenty four hours""But...""Don't give me any excuse""Okay sir"Jaime hung up the phone and checked the whole house before he left for his office.*Eight years agoDermot instantly ran to his locker when the school was over because he knew that Jeremy and his friends don't make empty threat."Look who is here" someone snickered behind him. It was Jeremy and Dermot k
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Chapter 6
Jaime swore and squeezed a paper between his hand angrily before throwing it inside the bin that was by his side.He picked up his phone and checked it for any message or call from Lucian Henry but there was none.As he was putting down his phone, his office door opened and Laura Davilla stepped in"Hey babe" she said with her beautiful smile on her face "How are you?""Good. You?""I'm good too"Laura put her bag on his table before sitting down on it."You look cute" she complimented"You too""Babe, what is going on?""What is going on. I don't understand your question""You've not been picking up your phone since that night""Oh that. I've been working my ass off in the office""To the extent that you can't even spare me a second""I'm sorry""It's okay but you can share your problems with me. I can see that something is bothering you" she drew him closer to her and untied his tie "I'm your fiancee and I
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Chapter 7
Olivia Grimes headed out of the room with the knife in her hand"Who is there?" She asked"Livia, it's me. Open the door" Jaime replied"Go away""Not until you open the door""I'm going to call the police on you""Please open the door, I'm freezing"Olivia angrily opened the door because she knew that he wouldn't leave"Hey Livia" Jaime said"Don't you ever call me that again. I don't know you"Jaime sighed and looked into Olivia's green eyes but the light in them were gone. The only things that he could see through her eyes were anger and hatred"Livia""Get out of my house and leave me the fuck alone" she said and pointed the knife at him "The next time you show up at my door, I'm going to carve you out"Kylie who had been listening to their conversation but had no idea what was going on ran out of the room with her pen in her hand"Mom, is the bad man not leaving?" She asked as she joined her mother in the sit
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Chapter 8
"Mummy" Kylie Grimes called "Someone is at our door again""Who?" Olivia asked sleepily"Should I go and check out who?" Kylie asked as she was getting out of their bed"No" Olivia said and Kylie stopped on her track "Let me do it"Olivia got out of the bed and headed to the door while Kylie followed her"Who is there?" Olivia asked"Lucian Henry from Scott and co" Lucian Henry repliedOlivia's opened the door and saw the handsome, young man that was standing in front of their door"How may I help you" Olivia asked"I'm here to see Olivia Grimes" Lucian said with his best smileOlivia frowned and wondered what was going on"That is me. How may I help you?"Lucian showed her his ID card and said "I'm Lucian Henry from Scott and co. I'm Mr Scott's personal assistant"Olivia nodded in understanding "What do you want?""Earlier this morning, Mr Scott gave me an order to move you out of this apartment into a new one"Read more
Chapter 9
Kylie ran out of the limousine as soon as the door was opened and screamed "WOW! MOM THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I DON'T EVER WANT TO LEAVE HERE!" she ran to where Jaime was now standing and reached out for his hands while looking up at his face "Can we stay here forever?"Jaime smiled and said "Of course""Kylie" Olivia warned"Mom please""I'm sorry for telling you this but we will just stay here for a short time. I don't want to make a promise that I won't be able to fulfill" Olivia saidThey walked into the house and Jaime toured them around"I will be back later in the evening" Jaime said after touring them around the house"You don't have to" Olivia said without looking at his face"Olivia" Jaime called hurtfully"Around what time?" Kylie asked and broke the silence that was in the room"Around ten Kylie" Jaime replied with a smile"And what is your name Mr handsome?" Kylie asked"Mr handsome? You're a funny kid. I'm Jaime Sco
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Chapter 10
Jaime Scott left his office around quarter to ten that night and headed straight to Olivia's house. When he got to the house, he parked his car and picked up a big bag that was inside the car and headed into the house. He knocked on the door for two minutes before it was opened by Olivia Grimes who was holding a bottle of half drank beer"Why are you here? I told you that you don't have to" Olivia said while blocking Jaime from entering the house"Livia let me in""I won't unless you tell me the reason why you're here""I'm here to talk to you""I have nothing to say to you" Olivia said despitefully"I'm freezing""After tonight, I don't want to see you here again" Olivia said and allowed him to enterJaime dropped the big bag on a couch and said "This is for Kylie schooling. Everything she needs is there""She is not your responsibility""I'm trying to help you ""I'm not asking you to""But I want to. You're my friend"Read more Protection Status