Unwanted Wife

Unwanted Wife

By:  Reynang Elena  Completed
Language: English
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"I hate you Thunder. I will never forgive you." Living a life becoming a wife of husband, how long would Jewel handle the pain cause by Thunder? Will it takes long for her to stay? Or she'll choose to stay away from him and continue her life without the presence of her husband? A question that keeps lingering to her mind and trying to find answers but she'll end up setting it aside and continue to focus being a wife. For this unrequited love she have for him. One year of being miserable, One year of being in pained, One year being unloved, One year of suffering, Jewel Mercyl Dawson, came from a rich family and the only daughter, wife of Thunder Alcantara. A brave woman that would do everything for her husband to love her, though her husband despise her so much she'll still choose to stay beside him because she still believes that Thunder will change. Thunder Alcantara, the only son and heir of the Alcantara Family, destined to marry the only daughter of Dawson family his parents bestfriend and also for the sake of their merging business. He's the CEO of Alcantara Group of Companies. He despise and loathe his wife so much and he will do everything to make his wife life a living hell, he also blames Jewel for taking his freedom away from him since they got married.

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95 chapters
Chapter 1
FLASHBACKJewel immediately stood up as she noticed her husband stepping down the stairs well-dressed and in a hurry,"Where are you going?" I ask as I got near him."Why are you asking where I'm supposed to go? Mind your own business!" coldnessand anger is there as he spoke those words."I just want to know what time you'll get home," I responded.Without any second thought he came closer to me, hold my chin harassly. "Want to know where huh? To other woman's bitch! And you don't need to know if what time I'll be back. Do you understand me woman?" and he released me.I can still feel how tight his grip is on my chin. I'm hurt by what he does but I can do anything because I love him, dearly love him I stumbled near the sofa as my tears continued to stream down in my eyes"What kind of drama is that? Oh please don't give me that shit!" He hissed"Aren't you tired? Is this how you want us to live? When will you change?" I sobbed.His chin tightened because of what I've said. He immedia
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Chapter 2
The next morning Jewel woke up late because she was not able to sleep right away after she left her husband's room. As she gets off in bed Jewel directly straight off to her husband's room. She was about to go through her husband's room when suddenly she heard a strange noise inside it. The noise is getting clearer as she draws near the room. "T-thunder! Ahh Ahh, Fuck baby, Yeah that's it! Fuck me harder. Oh shit.." the woman claimed loudly. "Oh scream my name bitch! Cum with me." Her heart was tearing apart gazillion times watching her husband making out with someone. A few minutes later she heard approaching footsteps indicating that they were done doing their thing inside. She swiftly walked back to her room and prete
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Chapter 3
Thunder was in his office that was owned by his parents, after he got married to Jewel he inherited his fathers company. He felt irritated and bored sitting there and he couldn't think of anything to work on too, their board meeting was over and he had already signed those papers given by his secretary.He thinks it's too early to go to the bar at this moment. And it's easy to find a woman whenever he wants, a woman that is easy to get warm in bed and easy to get dumped after. Almost all of his women he got in bed with are the one showing some interest and motive that they want to be taken by him. He also thinks that he would rather go to the bar or be with his woman than going home early. He doesn't want his day to be totally ruined seeing Jewels face. He couldn't stop but to get angry knowing that because of her he's tied up to a marriage he never dreamed of
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Chapter 4
Her eyes are swollen and red like a tomato as she arrives the Light Bar. It's kinda early that's why she enters the their only few people are there. She sat on the vacant counter bar and ordered a tequila and started to drink while reminiscing about what she witnessed in her husband' office. As she remember it clearly she started to cry. If she could only ease and forget the pain she's feeling right now. If it has medicine to cure the heartaches she's suffering now she would gladly take it. She felt so much pain that it's unbearable. She wants to erase in her mind what she saw but she can't. It's like a song that's continuing to play and play. She felt hopeless. Seeing your husband with someone else is so painful and much more painful if you witness with your own two eyes that your husband is making out with someone else. Yes, her husband always sleeps with d
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Chapter 5
The next day she woke up upon the sun rays and kissed her bare face through her window. She  rubs her eyes and gets up from bed, she can feel the swelling of her chin and does not choose to mind it. She hastened to see if her husband was awake, she knocked several times but no one responded. She slowly opened the door and found no one. The masculine scent perfume of her husband filled her nose the moment she's inside the room. She meandered the room to make sure her husband was nowhere and all she could see was the messed up bed and those bottles of empty alcohol. She cleaned the room and fixed the messy bed by replacing a new pillow, bed sheets and blanket. After she's done cleaning everything she leaves the room, goes downstairs and cooks food for breakfast. She's busy cutting her afritada ingredients when suddenly her phone rang. She promptly answered
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Chapter 6
@Cafe "It's not that too obvious that you did really miss me." her friend Calliyah jokingly said. "Cause you're out of the country for too long" she responded. "Hey, what's with that silence?" she asks when she notices her best friend looked at her seriously. Calliyah just intently looked at her as if she was being examined. Her friend even held her face but she managed to avoid it, "Hey what's with you? Having jet lag?" she joked around. But Calliyah looked at her even seriously, "Are you sure that you are okay Jewel? Look at you now, you look different." "What do you mean different ?" she asked. "Look into a mirror and see wha
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Chapter 7
Thunder POV "As what I've told you , You'll regret marrying me Jewel" I whisper while looking at her going upstairs. At first I thought she would give in to my sudden action but to my surprise she didn't respond to my kiss and what made me even more surprised was that she pushed me away. If she was the same to those women I'm always with, maybe she wouldn't have refused. He never felt any regrets about what he did to her wife. All he had in mind since they got married was he would make her lifes miserable. He already did everything to her, he hurt her physically and emotionally with those unnecessary words just for her t
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Chapter 8
As Jewel planned, she woke up early and prepared breakfast for her husband. She sets the table for their breakfast and she also makes coffee knowing her husband will be downstairs soon. And she's right when she sees her husband is coming. "Goodmorning, Thunder I prepared breakfast and some coffee," she smiled, greeting him. Thunder never bothered to pay attention to her and directly sat down and ate. As he ate he noticed that her wife was looking at him, " What are you looking at? Do you have plans to eat? " he said irritably. Jewel went back to her senses when she heard her husband's words. " Nothing, nothing, don't mind me. Just continue your food, I'm already full." she replied. Thunder just shook his head and continued to eat. A few minutes later he had already f
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Chapter 9
It's been 3 weeks since the lunch gathering with Thunders Auntie and his cousin happened. On that day Jewel felt so much happiness because of the way her husband treated her, he was so sweet and loving in front of his family even though she knew all of it was part of their act. Since then they are back to normal, her husband back to his regular habit, a drunkard, a womanizer and most of all not minding about her presence but good thing he never brings her women in their house again. She's hurt about it but she endured it all and chose to cry the pain she felt . She mostly thinks that all of this is her fault, why she's being like this , why she suffered and why her life has become miserable. At first he thought everything would be okay and they would live together as
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Chapter 10
The next day Jewel woke up with crapulence. She sat on her bed reminiscing about everything that happened last night that she waited for her husband to return home but turns out he didn't show up. Even having sobriety she manages to take a shower to lessen the pain she's feeling. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and forlorn about it, she did change a lot. She was once a classy woman, well-groomed, fair skin, elegant and no trace of bruises antithetical to a mess and a total trash Jewel she was now. "It's time to fix myself, bring back the Jewel once they know the real Jewel" She said with perseverance looking at herself in the mirror. After taking shower she walked to her closet and chose to wear a simple dress, 4 inches heels, put a clip on her long and st
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