Our Story: Harvey's Life

Our Story: Harvey's Life

By:  Jamilah  Completed
Language: English
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You know that feeling when the player of the school suddenly picks interest in you? "What do you want?" I faced him. He was really getting on my nerves by being around me. "Great question, Theresa,"he said looking straight at me. "Could you please not call me that?" "Be my date to Lucas's pool party this Saturday," he dropped. Shocker! When Luke Henderson decides to bother Tess Harvey, he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Tess's life is full of so many drama but poor Luke isn't aware. Abandoned by everyone she trusted and loved, Tess Harvey lived a difficult life. She actually got consoled by an unexpected trio. Years later, she diligently works hard to put past incidents behind her but old memories and acquaintances interfere with it. She suffers from anger issues and this interferes with her work at a point. Being hurt by the people she trusted the most, she found it hard to open up to anyone. She doesn't even wanna be loved. A story filled with suspense, thrill, dose of comedy and tears.

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On My Nerves
"Tess,wake up. We're gonna be late for school," my best friend, Ivy Martinez shook me. "Nu-uh. Just a little more of it," I murmured with my eyes still closed. We had a sleepover the previous night and we slept at about 2.am even though we knew that we had school the following morning which was now. "Come on Tessy," she nudged me. I squirmed in my bed like a worm and muttered some swear words away from the hearing of Ivy. That girl really hated swear words.  "I'm set already," I heard her say. "What!"  

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AssBob JerkPants
It was him. That devil that just returned from hell. I didn't even know that son of a gun.I rolled my eyes at him and started walking to class. I was already late because of that stunt Alessia pulled.He walked by my side and tried to wrap his arms around me but I shook it off."You're pretty,"he smirked at me."Thanks,it means a lot." I snickered at him as I walked to my locker to pick my note.I kept walking as he also kept tugging at my hoodie."Can you move?" He was standing in front of me."You're different," he smiled and I think I melted."Again, thanks," I brushed past him but he pulled me back by my wrist.He pulled me close to him that our noses were touching. He smelled like roses and his breath, like milk.My hand was poking his abs and I looked down."Checking me out?"He grinned widely at me.<
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Mighty Confession
"Hey baby." Luke said into my ears. "What do you want,ass?""Theresa Octavia Harvey, didn't I ask you not to swear?" Ivy smacked me."Sorry Mom," I smiled at her."Your real name is Theresa?" Luke said to me."Shut up." I glared at him."You guys look cute together," Scott said, making goo- goo eyes at me."I know, right?" Luke agreed."Theresa, Luke, your ship name could be Thuke." Ivy opined."Sounds like puke," I grimaced."Or Leresa?" She said dreamily."In your dreams.""You're in my dreams," Luke said and I groaned."What do you want?" I faced him. He was really getting on my nerves by being around me."Great question,Theresa," he said, looking straight at me."Could you please not call me that?""Be my date to Lucas's pool party this saturday," he dropped.I sat s
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I woke up with the sunlight resting on my face. A pair of large arms was wrapped around my waist.It was very comforting and secure. I couldn't even remember when I fell asleep last night.Luke continued his riddles and I.... Wait, Luke? I tried to stand up but I was held back by his arms.I turned,still in his embrace, to look at him.He was sleeping peacefully and his brown hair covered his forehead.His lips suddenly curved into a smile."Enjoy it while it lasts." His brown eyes peeled into mine. "I know I'm hard to resist but you've been staring at me for a while." I scoffed at him as I pulled up."I'm gonna go take a shower." I told him."Lock the door when you leave.""I'm not leaving, we're going to school together."He walked into the kitchen and I walked after him."Aren't you gonna change your clothes?" "It's
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That freaking day finally arrived.The day where I got to stand in front of Luke in a bikini.Actually, it's not a big deal because I've been in front of a lot of  guys, half naked.But, it's not just any guy we're talking about here.It was Luke, asshole, playboy and dick of the century.I sighed for the hundredth time as I stood in front of my closet, scattered.I couldn't find a perfect bikini. They were either too  flashy or too dull, too tight or too loose."Just choose one, woman!"Ivy yelled at me. She was already in a  blue bikini.It has lines and made it look like it was tied to her body. She wore a shirt and shorts as cover up."The boys are ready." She announced.We were all getting dressed in my house. It was Luke's idea since my house was obviously the biggest. Then after dressing up, we would leave fo
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       I was about to come out of the water when Luke pushed me back in. I raised an eyebrow at him."We're not done yet." He chuckled. I watched as he slipped his shirt off his body.Great abs, I thought. This must be why he's so full of himself. He stood there in the sun, shining in his tanned glory."Checking me out?" He swirled around like a girl."You wish." I settled back in the pool.He jumped in with a splash that startled me. People cheered, most especially girls.I watched as he swam around in the pool, greeting people, fist bumping some and high fiving the others.The guy was really popular. He's not a bad guy afterall. He's just a teenager who likes to date multiple girls at the same time."Stop staring, you'll give him sunburn with your eyes ." That high-pitched voice chirped behind m
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Ride on, Ryder
 I just really miss Ryder. He's the only one that understands me apart from Ivy and Scott. He sympathizes with me when I'm sad, cheers me up and loves me even with my issues.There's also someone who loved me the way he does."Wow, you've got your own gym. You're really surprising me."Luke remarked as he walked backwards into the gym with the friendship manual.I activated the treadmill and started running.He sat down on a rocking chair that grandma left in there and started reading the manual.I really didn't expect him to be serious about that stuff. After running for a bit, I sprawled out on the floor and drank hurriedly from the bottle of water.I sniffed my hair and it smelt really bad. Shower time, Tess. Tatiana Manaois' Helplessly blared out of the speakers of my phone.I brought my phone out and Ryder was on the screen. I smiled to my
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Hot Geeks
Geek day, tomorrow. I screamed my head off and the pizza box dropped from my hand. "You just ruined our food!" Luke whined again."Geek emergency!" Scott burst through the door. "Yeah, I saw the text," I raised my phone to him."I had no idea that it was tomorrow," he sprawled out on the couch cross-legged. "You guys are still having this childish tradition?" Ryder said, pursing his lips. "It's not childish," I snapped. "By the way, why did you come back?" I turned to Scott."My bike's here. I left it in your garage the last time I brought it. I'll get it and leave." I nodded and he walked out."So
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All Over
I couldn't remember how I fell asleep last night but I opened my eyes to the smell of bacon.Stupid Theresa. Thinking about food when you injured someone.I wanted to get up but a pair of large arms prevented me from doing so.I turned around to face Scott who was still asleep. His bangs fell on his forehead. A tear slipped down my face and I wiped it off immediately.I struggled free and covered him with the duvet. I took a quick shower and helped myself to his clothes.I brought out a pair of black sweatpants and threw it on. I walked downstairs and saw Tanya making breakfast."Good morning," I walked to the kitchen. "Morning dear, how was your night?"I smiled at her. "Is Noah up?" "He went to school two hours ago."Two hours ago? How long did you sleep Theresa?"Can I get..""S
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True Colors
I  woke up to find myself on the couch. I sat up and worried faces surrounded me. "Are you okay?" Scott asked, concern written all over his face.I nodded meekly."You're fainting too much these days." Ivy observed.I sat down on the front porch while Ivy and Scott did their business inside.I swear if they do it on the couch, I'm never sitting there again. I fiddled with strands of my hair.It was too long. Whenever I let I loose, it reached down to my hips.Ivy stormed out with anger, huffed and sat beside me."Scott is not responding."I quirked an eyebrow at her. "How?" "I kissed him and he just pushed me away. I tried to scoot closer to him and he went to his room.""That's unlike him. Try again?"She nodded and went inside.I logged in to my account. Seventy friend requests.Two new messages.Thirty five no
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