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Rumor has it that before she died, the Queen was pregnant. Others say she already gave birth while others believe it's only a rumor spread around by rebels who want to dethrone the current king. So a new law was passed. That whoever speaks of the dead Alpha king and Queen Luna will be executed. With time, everyone forgot about the absurd rumor except for the two witches who had to disappear in order to protect themselves and the secret. ------------------- After seeing how numerous couples were pushed to a dead end because of the mate bond, Reed wants nothing to do with it. He doesn't even bother looking for his mate and vows to reject her the moment he lays his eyes on her. But fate has other plans. Pushing and plotting against him so that he finds himself stuck with her. In the process of trying to shake her off, he realizes that it's not that easy to let her go. The bond can't be broken so easily. There's also the mystery of her identity and the bizarre things that keep happening around them. It occurs to him that fighting his attraction to her isn't the biggest problem. There is a greater force hiding in the dark and treating the entire werewolf community as puppets. It's up to him to stop them before it's too late. But that's easier said than done. Especially when every lead they find points to his mate as the mastermind.

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                    "Aria, Opal, help me"  The two women ran outside to find their friend bent over with a hand on her stomach. Aria got to her first "What is wrong Ursula? Why are you here in the middle of the night?"  "He wants to kill my baby. Help me"  "Who wants to kill your baby?" Opal asked pushing strands of the wet hair behind her ears. She must have run all the way from home. Although she'd never been pregnant, she knew that wasn't good for the baby.  "There's no time to explain. Help me deliver her now" she demanded, her eyes darting from one side to the other.  "Come inside. Let's talk about this"  "No Opal. He's coming. There is no time. This baby has to come out right this second" "You can't be serious Ursula. You're only a few weeks pregnant. Your stomach isn
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                   He gave the woman a once-over, noting the way her feet were apart, as if she was bracing herself for a fight. The notion itself was ridiculous but he gave her points for bravery. Unlike her mate who was trying to run away. Reed wondered why the moon goddess would pair the two up. That bastard didn't deserve her. She deserved a man who wouldn't use her as a shield. A man who would give his life to protect her.  "Why?" He asked looking around. The place appeared deserted but he knew the rest of the pack were hiding behind closed doors. Which was okay with him. Seeing as he was about to take their alpha couple's lives. The entire pack was going to hate him. That was a given. But at least they wouldn't have to witness the death of their leader. He also wished the woman in front of him would walk away, cut ties with everyone in that place.  "I love him"  "L
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                    "Stay still"  "So that you can poke my eyes out? No thank you"  "If you keep moving I promise I will gouge your eyeballs out and feed them to lucky the stray dog"  Clarisse refrained from pointing out that Lucky wasn't a stray dog but had an owner. They were just babysitting him because Hans was throwing a party and didn't want his dog to get in the way. According to him, Lucky could be a little unfriendly to strangers and he didn't like crowds. But Twila was convinced both the dog and master were fishy. She asked why Hans didn't tie him up or ask his neighbor to look after him instead of bringing him all the way to their house. She'd tried telling her that it was because he trusted them but when Twila was being difficult, nothing anyone said could get through her. So Clarisse stopped wasting her time.  "If he bites or even l
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                   Reed dropped his hand before his wolf took over and finished the boy off. It hadn't been five minutes since he met her but the idiot was already possessive of her. Sometimes he envied humans for having complete control of their thoughts and feelings. His kind could be influenced by their other half, resulting in a struggle between man and beast. The one with the strongest will usually won. There were few cases where the man lost and had to be controlled by the wolf. Those wolves were known as feral wolves. He believed he'd conquered his wolf and that all the decision making was up to him. He decided when to relinquish control and when to take it back. When to eat, when to sleep, when to shift, what to feel, he had everything in check. Yet the moment they laid eyes on her, his wolf was ready forcefully come out.  It was no secret werewolves were protective of their mates but they had already decided they
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               "Wake up, wake up Clarisse. Wake up"    She grunted, pulling the sheets over her head. They were ripped away and Twila's loud voice almost rendered her deaf. Making it impossible for her to continue sleeping. Even if she wanted, she couldn't go back to the dream she was having. And what a shame because that gorgeous man was about to kiss her. She was really curious as to how his lips tasted. Prying her eyes open, she glared at a frantic Twila.    "Did the world come to an end?"    "No. Worse"    "What could be worse than the world ending?"    She plopped onto the bed. Only then did Clarisse notice the laptop she was carrying. If she was there to complain about her favorite idol getting married again, that day would be her last. It wasn't the first time Twila barged into her room screaming like a madwoman. It had be
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                   "Anything?"    Elliot shook his head. They'd been looking for signs or traces that would explain where they'd been that night but found absolutely nothing. It was as if whoever had wiped their memories made sure to cover all areas. The same with the King's assassination attempt. No leads, no clues. Nothing. A week later, Reed was convinced the witches had somehow gotten to him and forced him to kill the king. The problem was he couldn't figure out how and why they did that. What could they have said or done that made him listen? Threats? Maybe a wolf was involved. They'd wiped Adrian and Elliot's memory too. Which meant he was with them. Maybe they threatened to kill Adrian. It was the only threat that would work on him. She wasn't helpless. As an Alpha female, she was stronger than most wolves and could take care of herself.    But if witches were involved, they could have inc
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                 Reed stared at her and for the first time in his life, he found himself at a loss for words. It had been less than five minutes since he met his mate and the first thing he wanted to do was throttle her. Adrian was right. She really had no sense of self preservation. The fact that any of the intruders could easily kill her didn't seem to register in her brain. All they had to do was swipe their claws across her neck and she would be dead. But what was she doing? Asking for explanations while worrying about her damn carpet. He gave Elliot the signal before he forgot who the enemy was. He and Adrian moved in sync, jumping on two of the guys. Reed had a second to push her behind him before punching the guy who tried to grab her hand. He'd only landed another punch when from the corner of his eye he saw her moving forward.  Angry that she was putting her life in danger, he dodged the claws directed at his chest, p
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                      The house was more like the White House or what people would call a modern day castle. As they went around the driveway fountain, she nodded in approval. There had to be at least twenty bedrooms judging by the size. Clarisse had already adjusted herself mentally to living in a small place because she thought Reed's house wouldn't be as good as hers was. The only reason she went with them was so they could protect Twila. She'd gotten herself into trouble and while she was trying to find out why people were after her friend, she needed someone to look after her. Reed or Adrian could do it. For that reason alone, she had resigned herself to crashing in Adrian's bedroom or sleeping on the couch. The house in front her surpassed her imagination. "Glad to know you're not poor" she commented leaning forward to take a better look. Perfect. A castle fit for a queen like her. If she'd come across it before he
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    Reed was drifting off when he heard her come in. He'd spent hours thinking of ways to shake her off. Luckily, she was a human so she wasn't bound by the mate bond. Which meant if he rejected her, he would be the only one who'd suffer. But wouldn't that be better than living with her for the rest of his life? He couldn't stand her. She took every chance she got to make him angry. He'd seen the way her eyes got all triumphant every time he reacted so he'd decided to ignore everything she said. However, deep down, he found that he liked the way she challenged him. The way she always managed to make him angry. He wanted to keep bickering with her. Maybe if he was lucky he'd get a reaction from her.    She's like a tree. Emotionless.    The words rang out in his head. Her friend had said she had no feelings. Did that mean she was apathetic? If so would rejection work on her? For the bond to be completely cut off, she had to say the word
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              "You still haven't told me where you went last night"  "According to Reed, I sleepwalked to his room"  "I didn't know you sleepwalk"  "It's the first time it's ever happened"  "You don't say. Turns out Miss perfect isn't so perfect"  Clarisse smacked her lips loudly "At least I'm not a coward like someone I know"  "Better to be a coward than a psychotic bitch"  "How long have you been waiting to use that?"  "Don't you have things to do? People to frustrate?"  "Reed disappeared after breakfast and Adrian told me she was going for a run with some members. Why don't we take this chance to look around?" she was curious about the place and the secrets it held. Her inner realtor wanted to estimate how much it would cost if t
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