The life I wished for

The life I wished for

By:  Moonlight Wolfmoon  Completed
Language: English
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A vampire prince buys a six-year-old girl as a servant. He takes care of her from age 6 to 24. As the years go past, he grows to care for the young lady as she take care of his every need. The lady falls for him to as she gets to know his sweet side. On her 22nd birthday she asked the prince to turn her so that she could be with him for life. At first he says no. It takes two years for him to agree but something bad happened after he puts his venom into her blood. She could not bring herself to drink his blood to become a full blooded noble vampire. She is stuck in a state between human and vampire. After three days of her not taking his blood he takes her memory, leaving her in the forest to choose with no memories to hold her back, whether to be a vampire or die. She drinks his blood becoming a noble then tries to find the prince. On her Journey she learns about the world and how bad it is. Once she finds the Prince she gets her memories back and has to choose to stay in a world where humans are treated badly and do nothing or join the prince and make the world a better place.

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30 chapters
   I awoke in a delightful room, alone in this mysterious looking shack. I wasn't sure how I had gotten there. As I looked around it appeared to be after dusk. I was in the middle of what seemed to be a forest. The trees were red and orange; I figured it must be autumn. There was a waterfall, a long winding stream, and the shack. While glancing the area I had seen It had one bedroom, bathroom, and armoire. What point in time it was I had no ideal of. Somehow I have a feeling of whatever left me here wasn't coming  back. I was positive of this . There was food in a ice chest and a note. What it read though was another thing entirely. I wasn't sure what to make of It. It read:      I know this will be confusing at first, but just know this is what you wished for. You are not a human, nor have you ever felt human. I met you out of nowhere. You asked me to give you a new start. A New Life. You did not kno
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Chapter 1
     After reading the letter I was more confused. It did answer why the cooler said food... Its just what was in it. It did not look anything like food. I opened the cooler and saw the drinks. They were more like a a syrupy textured liquid. Inside the cooler were plastic bottles. They were the size of coffee cups; clear and filled with this bright red syrup. These bottles had lids on them so you could not smell what was inside. After reading this letter though, I had a feeling I knew what was in them. The thought scared me. I did not dare open them. I was sure this was a joke. Me a vampire? I knew I was missing my memory, and now knew my name... Asoka; but I kept thinking there's no way I am a vampire. They don't exist!     I decided not to open the container, but to instead take a look around. I walked outside first. I hoped this would tell me
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Chapter 2
      I laid in bed, trying to figure out what to do next. Hours had passed since I read the letter left in the bathroom. "I am Anthony." ... was I supposed to look for the guy who left me here now? Could I even find him If I tried? Even if I did try, I have no clue where to start. My mind raced with thoughts of what to do next. I decided the first thing to do was to find something to eat. I had no clue when the last time I ate was, nor how long I had been unconscious. All I knew was my throat was dry; my stomach growling. It felt as if I was ravenous, my body eating Itself to stay alive.      I got out of bed, walking towards the window. My eyes burning, I closed and opened them rapidly, adjusting to the light. The sun looked like it had just risen. I put my hand out towards the light, shocked by what I saw. My skin turned a brownish amber that was Shiny a
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Chapter 3
     I sat on the bed staring at the cooler. I was hungry. I felt I could not deny The truth any longer. I had too many things pointing out I was not human anymore. If the cooler had the answer, I had to know. I needed the truth. I got out of bed, walking to the cooler, every Limb of my body shaking. I kneeled down next to the cooler, taking the lid off. There they were; 24; 8-ounce sized coffee cups of what I was sure to be blood. This was the same amount of blood that was in a human body.      This took me off Guard. If I was a vampire... was I going to drink human blood, or could I just live off animals. "Hahaha!" I laughed out loud at myself, still hoping this was all a bad joke. I picked up one container, held my breath, and opened it. Nothing bad happened at least. As I released the air I was holding, breathing in new air, it all hit me at once.
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Chapter 4
     I got off the floor, seemingly steady. I did not know what to do next. Should I go to this town the letter spoke of, or should I stay here in the forest? I was no longer craving something sweet; I was no longer hungry. I did not know how long this would last, or what would happen when I got the lustful sensation again. I was curious though as to what the town would be like. Would there be humans? Would it be lively, or was it a small town? What if someone found out I was a vampire? Would I be killed? I didn't even know what the date was. I didn't even know what history the world had. Was this a good place? Did any wars happen? “Wait!” I thought aloud. What if there was another being besides humans and vampires?     These questions did not help me decide any better what to do next. I sat there on the carpet, knees to my chest. It was scary having no memories of the world I lived in. “Stupid Anthony!” I yelled
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Chapter 5
     I looked around the town for a vampire with a car. I did not know how to tell who was a vampire, and who was not. I remember the lady wearing a worn down dress. Assuming that all humans wear that, all I needed to do was find someone in nice clothes. I looked at all the apartments as I walked. They were 2-4 stories high. Some were run down, while others looked nice. As I got to the end of what seemed to be the main street, I saw it. He was standing next to his car. His skin shined like a tourmaline gem. A lime green, shiny, but not sparkly. The light seemed to hit his skin like stained glass. I found one! I was not sure if he was a noble or a dhampir, but I needed to get to the capital. I needed to find Anthony so he could explain to me why he did this. The things the lady told me popped in my head. Humans as food. Was this why my past was not worth it, because I was a human? Vampire food.     I walked as slow as I could to the man. He c
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Chapter 6
         It had only been a few hours since me and Helium had left blood village, and I was already bored. Helium was a really good driver. We passed a lot of trees, pretty ones that I could not help but to look at, yet Helium kept his eyes on the road. I wondered if it was because he had drove this road before, and was used to the sight of the gorgeous trees, or if he just did not care. We are vampires, so he can not be worried about crashing the car could he? If we wrecked wouldn't we just get back up? I mean ya this car would be totaled, but it is just a car right? I looked up at Helium, wondering what was going through his head. I could take this chance to ask questions I had no answer to yet."So Mr. Helium?" He still did not take his eyes off the road."Yes Miss Asoka?" He said with a playful tone. Maybe it was because I called him Mr.?"Helium, can I ask you some questions?""Well Asoka, I do not mind having
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Chapter 7
     It had been two days since we had stopped in Hustle Town. We only had 2 more days before we reached the capital. Helium and I haven't really talked since we left the town. I do not know if he could tell I wasn't in the mood for talking or what, but he kept quiet. We had made a couple of stops since Hustle Town, but I did not get out of the car to see what the places looked like. Helium only stopped to get something to eat each day. I was starting to realize when Helium drank 24 ounces of blood, he would stay full a whole day. I did the math in my head. 24 equaled a day, so double that would be 48 ounces for 2 days. If I go off this, and double that then to stay full 4 days, I would need to drink 96 ounces. To stay a full week.... I'd have to kill a human, 192 ounces. That was all the blood in an adult blood. How much I had drank the night before I was considered a full blooded noble. There was 24, 8 ounce bottles. Thats 192 ounces.  &nb
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Chapter 8
   As we arrived at the gate, I saw a sign that read: Immortal Central City. Population 34,564,012. 'Very Original. Like we need something telling us we are entering a place full of blood suckers.' I thought to myself laughing out loud a little. I covered my month, looking at Helium to see if he heard me. He was looking in his pouch for money, so I figured I was not heard. "Does it cost to get into the capital?" I asked."Not for nobles, but humans who are not servants, and dhampir there is a little fee to enter. Since you live here you should know how little you see anyone who isn't a noble or servant living here." He laughed and continued. "This city is for the rich, or those who serve the rich." We were at the gate entrance now. "Are you both nobles?" A human asked. He was dressed in fancy clothes, unlike the humans in Bloodvillage. He worn a red button up shirt, with red jeans, and black boots. On his are wa
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Chapter 9
         The elevator moved at a seemingly slow rate. It seemed like it stopped at every floor. Humans and vampires were getting on and off what seemed to be every 2 or 4 floors. I don't know how long it normally takes to get to the 100th floor, but it took me about 30 minutes. I stood in the corner trying not to talk to anyone. There were a few people who seemed to know who I was though. They would turn around and say hi, or ask me how I have been. I kept my answer short. When they would ask where I had been, I would say I tried going to the ocean but got home sick and came back mid-trip. No one seemed to miss me, but a few were worried about why I hadn't been there. I even heard one of the vampires saying they thought the prince had drunk my blood and killed me. It seemed like it was normal not to talk about where people went if they were missing. I could tell who the vampires were, because they talked in a low voice I wouldn't have been able to hear if I
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