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"I don't want this marriage. I am here because of my parents pressure.", he finally said looking at her directly in the eyes. "Me too. But I can't say no to my father. Because your father did a lot of help for us and I don't want to disrespect their feelings by saying no.", she also voiced her genuine thoughts meeting his shining coffee orbs. "Okay we will do this marriage but on conditions. Do you agree?", he came up with an idea to escape from this problem. "Yes I agree.", she immediately agreed without any hesitation. Marriage on agreement Will it work ?

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21 chapters
Happy reading…. Screen shifted to a medium mansion, then to a cozy black and white themed bedroom. "No you can’t kiss me … Nooooo." , Sahana shouted in sleep and got up with a jerk. Her chest was heaving up and down, sweat was dripping on her temples. Her black orbs were filled with frinzy and her body was on anxious. Slowly she angled her head and saw her left side, "Damn how peacefully he is sleeping …" , she cursed under her teeth while taking a relief breath. She ran her hands into her raven messy locks which spread around her sweaty body reaching her waist. She looked down herself, she was wearing black crop top with a pair of denim shorts. The straps were out of their place, she adjusted them back to her sweaty shoulder and wiped her face with her palms before turning towards her night stand. She looked at the watch and her eyebrows furrowed in disbelief, "OMG ! It’s 8am already, but how I missed my alarm ? ", she checked it and found turn off. Her forehead formed thick
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Happy reading…. 6 months back At Sahana and Aahan’s match making meet up. "Sahana is the only child and she is a software engineer. Though she misses her mother but she never complained me for anything. Sahana is so strong and brave girl.", Mr. Viswa Sharma, Sahana’s father Introduced her to Aahan and his parents. Sahana was sitting on the sofa exactly opposite of Aahan, she was clad in yellow salwar kameez. She bent down her head playing with her fingers and seemed extremely nervous. Aahan was in black and black tuxedo who also in the same situation. He noticed her long jet black hairs spread around her back in a thick layer. Her kajal eyes were settling down on her lap and her pink lips were slightly trembling. Every now and then her fragile fingers tucking her hairs behind her ear. The tear shaped earring twinkling with her acts and making noise distracting the awkwardness around her. She is a traditional beauty, he thought! Automatically a small smile crept on his lips watch
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*At Aahan’s place* He was drifted to lala land when his phone decided to disturb his peaceful sleep ,"These idiot people do not even let me sleep peacefully.", he grunted grabbing his mobile from the night stand and put it on his ear carelessly still laying on the bed. "Hello ! This user is currently not available .. Please call him later .. Good night.", he spoke lazily and was about to cut but stopped by a shout. On other side of the phone, It was his one of best friends ,"You dorn, it’s still afternoon there in Switzerland."Aahan sat up irritatingly, his face held annoyance ,"So what ? For me every minute is only good night..", he said boredly sliding off the bed. "Why did you disturb my sleep idiot.""Do you know my name sir ?" "Why not Shaan ..Am I gajini ?"“Thank god, I thought you are enough lazy to even remember my name. Sahana was right you are Mr.Lazy ass" , he chuckled. "Your stupid joke didn’t even make me laugh, now come to the point. What’s the matter?", Aahan s
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Happy reading…. Sahana couldn’t help but remember the words she spoke to his boss. She surprised at herself how she defended Aahan without even wavering. "Really Aahan never stopped me from doing anything, in fact he always ready to accept whatever I say and supports me in everything. He isn’t that bad, I don’t know why I have been thinking about him since I left office." , she shook her head and was about to knock but the door was already wide opened. God whenever I think something good of him, he proves me wrong the next second. Why he is like that, she thought seeing the mess everywhere spread in the house. Her face reddened as she gripped her sling bag tightly in anger. "AAHAN… WHAT’S ALL THIS??", she shouted enough loud to shake the walls of the home Aahan came downstairs running as fast as he could after hearing her voice ,"Thank god you came sweetheart, Have you seen my brown T-shirt ..? damn I searched everywhere but didn’t find it.", he said pouting dropping his hands
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Happy reading..... He hunched over her suddenly making her nervous. Her eyes widened a bit didn’t understand why was he hovering her. She leaned back automatically as he bent over her. "What are you doing?", she shrieked. In one quick moment he scooped her in his arms making her squeak in surprise. "Aahan I am not that sick, I can walk on myself. Why are you taking stress?" He just carried her to their bedroom silently despite her continuous protests ,"Stop it yaar, it’s been six months of our marriage. Atleast I can help you with this. Are you still feeling uncomfortable with me? Don’t think wrong about me, I am doing it in a friendly way." he explained. Sahana gasped at his sudden declaration but she covered her expressions quickly. "No need of sentimental dialogues okay, why I feel uncomfortable after all you are my husband. It's that I don’t want you to suffer with backpain later because of me.", she tried to cover up. Aahan looked at her skeptically not satisfying with he
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Happy reading...... Sahana froze and her panic face clearly was visible ,"So what next ?" , she asked him in a plain voice. "We will talk with our parents after wedding.", he said still looking down. Sahana wiped her fingers off napkin neatly, she lost her appetite. "Hey try these spicy roles too.", Aahan immediately offered her from his plate. "No, I am actually full Aahan.", she denied. He made puppy eyes and pouted. "Please, I prepared all these items especially for you.", he added quickly. Her heart skipped a beat and body fell in warmth instantly at his caring. He just touched her heart, she wanted to cry but it would only spoil the mood. She bent forward bringing her mouth to his hand so he could feed her. His lips widened in a smile as he fed her. "Umm it’s too good. Thank you for amazing dinner Aahan.", she genuinely said. "Pleasure is all mine queen.", he bowed infront of her. "Stop it, you are so cheesy today.", she hit his shoulder playfully. The place fell in
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Happy reading…… After confirming Sahana was sleeping , Aahan closed the door make sure not make any noise and came downstairs to clean all the mess which spread by him.  He quickly fixed the everything,"Thank god I have completed. It’s easy to make things messier but very difficult to amend them like before”, he was hella tired and after he went to kitchen. He prepared coffee for himself and back to room with a tray.  He looked at sleepy Sahana ," I think she is fine now ..”,he mumbled smiling at her how she completely cocooned herself in the comforter. He took one of coffee cups from the tray and sat beside her on bed. He spent whole night watching and caring her. He took coffee help to remove his sleep and he was almost successful in his mission by going cup after cup. At midnight he thought to take a little bit sleep. He put the cups aside and laid down on the other side of bed. Then he just felt like Sahana was still awake ," Aren’t you
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Happy reading.....He thought she was sleeping but she didn't. She tried to sleep but the thought of their seperation had her sad. He felt her squirming and smiled. Sahana’s head rested on his shoulder and his head against her.“Say something Aahan ..I am listening ..”,she said after a few minutes of comfortable silence.Aahan made his grip more tight unconsciously which left her bewildered but she immediately masked her feelings like nothing happened. “You are one of my best friends Sahana , you don’t know you have made a special place in my heart and I don’t want to miss you in my life …I will keep in touch with you ", he said a tear escaped from his eye but he was unaware of it.Sahana stunned hearing his words as she exactly felt about him. She moved back so she could see his wet eyes. Aahan kept telling her ,"I love to annoy you angel and I will keep doing it…”,he smiled.Sah
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Happy reading.....Before she never felt bad with his flirting but now all of sudden she wasn't liking it. She put on upset face and was quiet.Aahan ,"Guys we will be back after fresh up okay and girls ready for fun ..", he said winking at his friends and girls automatically swooned at his gesture.Moni showed them a beautiful room and left.Sahana smiled and thanked her. She followed Aahan inside ,"Oh so fun haa...", She spoke more like taunt.Aahan ,"Yeah fun .. it's been long time we haven't hangout together soo .."Sahana,"What were you saying to Kareena ..' Aahan never say no to a girl blah blah..' "She said throwing her hands up in the air making quotation marks with her fingers. Aahan amused at her face expressions, she was clearly pissed off at something.Aahan ,"Well you have very interested in my words , you weren't like this before. What changed ?",he quipped."Oh come on don't flatter yourself Mr.Sehgal", s
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Happy reading.....Aahan smiled as he remembered the incident. He did remember when he saw a red hickey on her right side of neck but didn't tell her. It's good sometimes left things unsaid. He knocked on the door and heard her saying you can come inside.He walked in and saw her sitting infront of mirror getting ready. He abruptly forgot to breath and steps stopped in mid way as his eyes caught her tying a pearl thread around her waist making it hang down to her Champaign gold colour worked lengthy skirt. Her creamy flesh was shining around her half shoulders gold blouse. It had only a string attached at her back giving a glimpse of her smooth skin. He was glad she had drape around her waist ending it on her right shoulder or he had to on mission glare the men throughout the party. She looked like a poem ! "What ?", She asked him turning around. Her hands busy in setting her hairs. He gulped visibly and shook his head."No
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