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To everyone, Maxim and Maxine are two books that seem the opposite. Maxim is an open book, and Maxine is a closed book. Even so, they have a lot in common. Always misunderstood by everyone, also lonely in the crowd. What Maxim is looking for is in Maxine. And vise versa. Yet the world seems reluctant to be kind to let the two meet each other in one sense, to have them together like Alpha and Luna out there. Will love find its way, as most people say?

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Rub salt into the wound. That's the term Maxine should have said to herself. Her emaciated body plunged onto the green expanse that became the front door of Hillcester University, after being hit hard in the stomach by one of the tall women, one of the many people who often bullied her.A Security Guard approached her and cursed her for stepping on the grass which obviously should not be stepped on by anyone. In a hurry, Maxine forced her body to rise — stand up then run before the officer approached while storming her with various words cursing.With a slow step, Maxine forced both her legs to run down one long hallway with sturdy posts on the left-right towards the only study room in the University building. Looking for her younger brother: Liam, who used to spend the rest of his hours at the venue with his books.<
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"So, you're the one who's been harassing her all this time, Mary?"Instead of answering, Mary chose to lower her head and make a play, as if the place was the stage for her. He even forced his eyes to shed unnecessary tears, as if crying.Leo and Ivan sprayed his eyeballs, then stayed away —letting Maxim end things he hadn't even had time to start yet. Not to forget, they brought Sidney along.Maxim rubbed his face with a rough sweep while exhaling his rough breath. Upset? Of course. Confused? Absolutely. He didn't even say anything that hurt Mary's heart, well, maybe Maxim's map sounded cornering. But really, Maxim didn't mean it that way.Now, inevitably he has to seduce Mary. He smiled, even if he didn't want to do it. But as a man, and as the one who had given
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"Adorable." Maxim thought.Although Maxim almost often saw Maxine passing by in front of him while in the University, they came face to face, without the presence of others. Just the two of them, in the midst of a lot of fast-food restaurants. No Mary, Leo, Ivan, nor Sidney were everywhere Maxim went.In between moments stealing his gaze on Maxine, Leo, and Ivan who have just entered the Restaurant capture clearly how Maxim stared at Maxine."Is he trying to cheat?" Leo becomes the first to speak out when he decides to approach the table, where Maxim enjoys his burger.Leo and Ivan fill the empty bench in front of Maxim. Worried about being misunderstood, Maxim immediately shifted his attention, to his two best friends who were looking at him suspiciously.
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They don't know what Maxim was going to do to them, which was clear, he looked very ready to attack. "SHE DOESN'T DESERVES THAT!"Mary and Sidney howled, then ran off the mount —avoiding Maxim who from both points of view was about to lunge to the place where they were.Instead of attacking, Maxim lunged at the vampire who was trying to finish off Maxine whose clothes were almost torn, snagged twigs, and various pointed objects strewn on the ground.Now Maxim is struggling against the vampire when Maxine manages to escape —hiding behind Maxim's sturdy back. She was unconscious.Hang on. I'll finish him, then take you home.As per his words, Maxim managed
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Maxine draped her shoulders, then threw a smile, and replied, "I don't know, ma'am. I... Don't remember anything about it. All I remember is... I was on my way home from Fish and Chip Restaurant."Daniela and Liam seemed disappointed to hear about it. It seems like they're expecting another version of Maxine's story."Let's just say that everything he was just said are the truth." insisted Maxine.The girl got up from where she was sitting, then went into the bathroom —taking off all the clothes that wrapped her body, including a hoodie belonging to a stranger.The next split second Maxine opened the door a little, holding out the thick navy hoodie, shouting her brother's name, asking him to put these hoodies in the washing machine. She has to return that to his ow
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"I think I needed some space, Mary." Maxim shook his head, then fixed his sentences, what he said earlier. "We need some spaces." After that Maxim moved on, leaving Mary alone there. Hurriedly, Maxim walked ahead of Maxine who was stopping to tie her shoelaces. The man looked so angry, clearly visible from the way he stepped, and his swinging hands seemed to clench strongly. From behind her back, Maxine heard two voices calling out to Maxim. But the owner of the name did not care about the series of calls. He continued to step, leaving the building, straight to the place where he parked his motorcycle. Maxine got up from where she was squatting after finishing neatly tying her shoelaces. At the same time, Ivan and Leo approached her with a curious look. All Maxine did in return was just stare at the two with a fl
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The girl hurriedly turned her face away from Maxim. However, they do not need to interact, even exchange glare like humans in general. "Sorry," Maxim said quietly. Both of them looked at the waves that were pounding under each other's feet. Nothing was done by Maxim and Maxine, other than sinking into each other's minds. But Maxine becomes the only one who is disturbed by some things that disturb her during the trip. A handful of Mary's complaints. For the first time in her life, Maxine feels guilty for what she didn't really do. Maxine took a deep breath, before then turning to her right side, staring at Maxim and voicing something disturbing her. "If... If only you're avoiding someone, or maybe everyone... At least, don't turn off your phone. My ears almost bleed c
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Maxim took a deep breath, then ventured to look at Maxine fixedly, straight into her green eyes. "What if it turns out that the little wolf that saved you that day was me?" Maxine laughed bitterly in response to Maxim's question which sounded quite shocking. "How could it be?" Maxine ended her question with a laugh, like never before. "I'll prove it." Maxim got up from where he was sitting, taking off his shirt and the thin T-shirt inside. Maxine calls for a ban when Maxim wants to undress. "Don't you dare!" Maxine almost squealed at maxim almost lowering his pants. Maxim shook his head softly while chuckling smoothly. Read more
Ivan and Maxim’s eyes round perfectly when they’re hearing an impulsive question. They ignore the kind of sound they hear. Just focus on the arrangement of sentences that echo there.They were even transfixed, just staring at each other. None of them moved or even turned to the source of the sound.Watching the two freeze, Leo who had been eavesdropping on the conversation between Maxim and Ivan from behind the door finally burst into laughter. Then he ran over and embraced the shoulders of both.In between his laughs, Leo voiced a conclusion that made him laugh. "Do you think I'm the Rector of the University, or your future father-in-law, Max?"Maxim and Ivan spontaneously hit Leo's arm, as the two managed to gather consciousness after a while of fixation an
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"Morning sunshine," Maxine heard a soft and warm voice that belonged to her mother. Like the morning sunlight sneaking in, Daniela opened the curtains covering the bedroom window. Maxine groaned slowly, before then opening her eyes and instantly squinting at her. Glare. It seemed like this morning the sky was so clear, that the light that entered her room felt so piercing. "Do you want to drink something, Max? Warm water, or maybe a warm blue tea with little pieces of ginger inside?" There was another sound. The only baritone sound they have. The voice of his brother, Liam. Sounds calm, but demanding. Liam couldn't hide his worries about his sister. Because Maxine is not a typical person who is resistant to alcohol, especially if there are other mixtures in it. Like
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