Matters of The Heart

Matters of The Heart

By:  Chevanese Johnson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Naomi spent her summer reading books and planning how she will stay invisible so she can finish off her last year of high school drama-free. But all those plans go down the drain when an unexpected Asian family of a widowed mother and her teenage son moves in across the street. Even though Naomi tries to keep her distance from Hero so he doesn't find out about her heart disease, he seems to have taken a liking to her. Naomi's cousin Riley had called dibs on Hero but his interest lies elsewhere so she often blames Naomi for trying to steal Hero. Most of the girls at school fawn over Hero because of his good looks and height which spell problems for Naomi since he keeps hanging around her. The more Naomi tries to stay away from Hero the larger her curiosity grows and even though Hero has secrets of his own to protect from Naomi's prying eyes he can't stop himself from wanting to know more about her. The two try to deny their feelings to try and protect their secrets but jealousy starts to show its face when Josh asks Naomi on a date and Hero hooks up with a random girl at a party in retaliation. Who will break first? And spill their secrets?

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    18 chapters
    The cold wind was like a slap to the cheek as I stepped out of the warmth of the car. I could feel the tiny ball of regret swirling in my stomach as he looked into my eyes and held out his hand for me.  What am I thinking? Ditching my date to go to a stupid high school party?  At this point, I don't even recognize myself.  If it wasn't for the sound of the pounding music you'd never know a party was going on here at this very moment. The louder the music got the more uneasy I felt.  As we enter the huge house we are instantly greeted by warmth but it came at a price. The strong scent of liquor wafted through the air like some sort of pollution.  I glanced at my phone checking the time, it wa
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    Chapter 1: End of summer
        Naomi's POV    I didn't realize how quickly the days of summer had wasted away, while I was cooked up in my room.    In my own little world where everyone treated me normally. It was nothing but sheer and utter bliss. But unfortunately, that bliss was coming to an end soon.    The new school term was fast approaching and there was nothing I could do to stop or even delay it. I'm honestly dreading the new school year since I don't have any friends and all.    Oh well, going one more year without friends isn't too bad, then it off to college where I can start my life over and do all the crazy fun things I never got to do.    Read more
    Chapter 2 Even nerds avoid me
    Naomi POV    Last night dinner was the same as always, Riley was awkwardly quiet where her dad tried to make conversation. She ignored him as usual and I jumped in to save him the embarrassment by talking to him. As I laid on the grass I looked up at the clear blue sky admiring its beauty, a sign escaped my lips as I remembered that it was the end of summer. Just a few days form now I'll be a high school senior with a jam packed schedule and enough homework to kill me literally.    While everyone mu age was worry about what they were going to wear to the end of summer party, I'm here thinking about how stressful school will be.    No wonder even the nerds avoid me.   
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    Chapter 3: New guy.
    Naomi's POV  The day I've been dreading is finally here.  Yes, the first day of hell on earth.  

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    Chapter 4: The urge to look
    Naomi's POV  The bus ride took forever since it had to stop at multiple streets. I didn't let it bother me too much since it was better than walking home.  Read more
    Chapter 5: Still curious
    Naomi POV  I woke up in the same position I fell asleep with the book in hand laying across my bed. I scramble for my phone to check what time it was.  I thanked the gods that I had time to get ready. I rushed to the shower to get washed after that I quickly packed my bag for school and pulled out something simple yet decent to wear.  I grabbed blue ripped denim, a blue tank top, and a thin white oversized shirt. I then tried my hair into its usual messy bun, I stepped into my new flats and headed downstairs.  As I enter the kitchen I head straight for the fridge to grab my usual breakfast along with a disposable fork. I check the key rack and I noticed that it was empty. I came to the conclusion
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    Chapter 6: Soft (unedited)
    Hero's POV  I woke up to the sound of the special ringtone I set for my mom. It was a recording of her nagging me.  I quickly opened my eyes and grabbed the phone to answer.  "Good morning omma." I say trying not to sound sleepy.  "Why do you sound so sleepy, did you just wake up?She asks instantly catching on.  "No I've been up for 15 minutes now. I just waited on Rily to take us to school. I have to go omma I think she's ready." I lie handing up on her.  I know she was going have my head for hanging up on her later but I wasn't going to miss my ride since I don't how
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    Chapter 7: Crush on Crush (Unedited)
    Naomi's POV  My last class was on the stop floor, since I didn't want to bump into the girls who were talking about me early I stayed back in the classroom for a while.  Amber found her way to where I was and a sigh escaped my body.  "Hey Naomi, did you talk to him?" She asks taking a seat on the teachers desk.  "He said no." I tell her plain and simple. They same way he told me.  "What?" Shock overtook her features as soon as the words left my lips.  "I bet she didn't even try." Her minion Joy scoffed at me.  "Shut up Joy, she's not like that." Amber surprised me by defending me.  "Look I told you that he and I aren't as close as you think." I tell them.  But I also had to wonder what he saw me as since he searched for me today just to give me my Scrunchy back.  Maybe he just didn't want to admit I was his friend so he could get into the clique of cool k
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    Chapter 8: Accidental eavesdropper (Unedited)
    Naomi's POV Time trickled by slowly and it seemed as if the weekend would never come. Or maybe I was too excited for the book sale tomorrow. As the bell rang signaling the end of class I wasted no time heading to my locker and then straight for the upstairs bathroom. Since it was upstairs it was hardly occupied so I always go there to read during lunch. I go into my usual stall, I close the lid inspecting it to make sure its clean before I sit on it. About 10 minutes into reading my book I hear the slam open. "What this about Amber?" I hear Riley's voice ask. I stay quiet not wanting them to know I'm here. I start praying that they don't check the stalls and find out I'm here. "You know exactly what its about." Amber tells her in a matter of fact tone. They both stay quiet for an unusually long time  before Mina spoke up again. I assume they were having a staining contest. "Don't play dumb with me Riley, you know i
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    Chapter 9:Party Time? (Unedited)
    Naomi's POV  The first week of over, which meant that summer had officially ended. But my fellow school mates were in denial, so their having a second end of summer party.  As I sat cross legged on my yoga mat reading my book, I couldn't but glance at Riley and she fidget and fiddle her thumbs. No doubt she wanted to know if Dave was working tonight so she can go to the party.  If he is working than she can go without asking. If not she has to come up with a good last minute excuse that'll convince him to let her go. But. If she just flat out ask him if he's working tonight he'll figure out she's up to something.  And if she doesn't stop fidgeting soon, he's still going to find out something's up.  "Hey Dave."  "Yeah?""How are things going at the hospital?" I ask nonchalantly.  I shocked expressi
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