Saving Alpha Axton

Saving Alpha Axton

By:  Anna Kendra  Completed
Language: English
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Dr. Anika Mehta had the perfect life. She had finally been accepted at the New York City Hospital as a resident and she was supposed to get married to her fiancé in a month’s time. But her perfect life gets shattered when she finds her fiancé in with her roommate and realizes that he’s been cheating on her for a while now. To add icing on the cake, her pervert boss transfers her to some isolated clinic in the mountains when she rejects his advances. In one night, her entire world is turned upside down. Things couldn’t get any worse, could they? Alpha Axton is one of the strongest Alphas in Sapphire Mountains, New York. But when his Beta betrays him and frames him for a murder he didn’t commit, he has no option but to run. Exhausted and injured, he runs into Anika, who heals him to her best effort and he finds out, she’s his mate. The only problem is that she’s a weak human with no idea of the existence of the supernatural and Axton needs a strong warrior by his side if he has to get back his pack. Will Axton be able to look past Anika’s humanity and accept her as his mate? Or will Anika have to watch the man she has come to love be claimed by another, breaking her heart forever?

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44 chapters
Chapter 1: Once Burned
Chapter 1: Anika’s P.O.V “Exotic…exquisite, and efficient. We hardly see such deadly combination in women nowadays.” My boss, Steven Hallow, a man in his mid 40’s with a beautiful wife and two lovely children…clinked his Champagne flute to mine and at the same time, rubbed his sock covered feet up my bare leg. I forced a smile at the senior surgeon and moved my legs out of the way, but it wasn’t all that comfortable while sitting right next to the man in question, and when I was in a room filled with guests and trustee members who were all gathered to donate handsome amounts to the hospital funds to help us with our research work. I always knew Steven had a habit of coming on too strong and underestimating women in the medical work field, but he had always been a bit too…touchy-feely, if that was even a word, when it had come to me. Steven hadn’t always been this obvious or open about his ‘liking’ towa
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Chapter 2: Bloodstains
Chapter 2: Axton’s P.O.V: I fixed the collar of my shirt and looked at the bouquet of multicolored lilies in my hand, debating if I should have brought something else instead. Lily Arliss loved her namesake flowers. She wasn’t a woman people would exactly call delicate; she had survived the tyranny of an arrogant Alpha and come out sane on the other side. She was the one who had sent a secret letter to me asking for my pack’s assistance in helping them overthrow their Alpha. And she was also the woman who had helped save several of their packmates when my pack had attacked.  In many ways, she was the ideal Luna, the one who stayed calm even in the eyes of the storm. The one who always knew what to do even if the situation proved to be impossible. But I had learned too late that she had never been meant to be mine. When I had attacked Lily’s old pack and overthrown their Alpha, I had to return back to my p
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Chapter 3: Twice Fooled
Chapter 3: Anika’s P.O.V “Rahul?” I looked from my fiancé to my roommate. “Ash?” “Anika…” Ash laughed nervously, pulling the sheets up to her neck as her and Rahul sprang apart. “This isn’t how it looks like…” My mind just shifted to autopilot-bitch mode on its own. It was my defense mechanism since I was a teenager. Being continuously harassed for my ‘smelly hair’ and ‘curry’ lunches, I had developed almost like a split-personality that didn’t give a shit about what other people thought and always ended up getting me in trouble, but it was what had helped me survive The American High School Experience as a woman of colour. “Really?” I pulled out my phone from my purse and snapped a picture of the shameless duo without a second thought. “Because this clearly looks like cheating to me.” I held the phone up to show them their picture and Rahul sprang up from the bed, in all his three inch glory and rushe
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Chapter 4: Betrayed By Blood
Axton’s P.O.V“Gustav…” My voice came out a whisper, as I slowly stood up from the floor; Lily’s body lying unmoving by my feet.“Axe…why?” Gustav fell to the floor, his eyes wide and fixated on Lily’s lifeless form.“Alpha…” One of the men next to Gustav looked at me in horror before looking at Lily’s lifeless form and then back up at me.Everyone stood stunned, rooted to their spot; including me. The situation kept getting worse with every second that passed.“I found her like this, I swear.” I told my half-brother, putting my hands up in surrender as I watched his lips tremble as he watched blood gush out of Lily’s heart.It is said that when a sharp object is impaled in your body, you mustn’t pull it out to prevent death due to blood loss. But the dagger that had been plunged into Lily’s heart had been silver. T
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Chapter 5: At Witt’s End
Anika’s P.O.VThis evening, I got harassed by my boss and almost got molested; punched my boss in the nuts to escape. Got home to find my fiancé in bed with my roommate and then found out he had been cheating on me for five whole months. And finally, got kicked out of my preferred hospital and ended up on a stupid clinic by the mountain side where the only patients I would be treating would be a few deer’s and grizzlies.If only I had been fired and thrown out of my house at the same time, it would’ve been the perfect plot for some kind of a CEO romance novel bullshit.The CEO’s Doctor Sex Slave, or, CEO’s personal Maid. Wouldn’t that just be the perfect title for my messed up life?The only difference was, the real world didn’t have half as many CEO’s as they did in the romance novels and not every girl that went through a rough day was lucky enough to land on a CEO’s lap, espe
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Chapter 6: A Close Call
Chapter 6:Anika’s P.O.V“Oh My God!”My heart thundered against my chest as I took deep breaths to calm myself.I was afraid to look up. I was afraid I’d see blood splattered all across my window…or worse…organs. It made my stomach churn.The only thing that broke the eerie silence in that moment was my mother’s frantic voice over the phone, which was now lying at my feet.Gulping down my nausea, I picked up my cell from near the brakes as I was already hunched over the steering, my hand trembling so bad that I dropped it several times before successfully bringing it to my ears.“I-I w-ill call y-ou la-ter.”I hate that my voice trembled, as did the rest of my body, because my mother kept asking me continuously if I was okay, even as I hung up. But I wasn’t concerned about myself. Not now.Swallowing past my fear, I jerker my
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Chapter 7: Where Did I Go Wrong?
Anika’s P.O.V“Fucking sack of potatoes!” I cursed for the millionth time as I dragged the man across the driveway and into the house.I had taken out one of the bedcovers from the cupboard in the bedroom and then placed it on the ground before pushing and pulling the man onto the cover and tied it around him to help me pull him along. By the time I had made it to the bedroom with him, more than half an hour had passed and my entire dress was soaked through with sweat.Why was I doing this again you say? I could have easily just left him on the road and pretended I hadn't seen him and gotten away with it too, because apart from the bruising, his two main injuries were the stab wounds. But damn that Hippocratic Oath and my conscience as a doctor! I just couldn’t leave a wounded person behind, no matter what he did or who he was.So, after another few minutes of struggle, I hauled him on top of the bed and discarded
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Chapter 8: Twist of Fate
Axton’s P.O.V “Gus…You need to stop. It wasn’t me! I didn’t kill Lily!” “I know.” …  “You’ve always been privileged, my dear litter brother. That’s why you never noticed how much I’ve suffered all my life.” “Gus…what are you talking about?” I managed to stutter out. …  “You’re a pathetic weakling that got everything served on a silver platter.”  “You don’t deserve to be Alpha.” “Gus…” “I know, you weakling. I know.” …  “Because I killed her.” * * I jerked up in bed, my hands and legs trembling and my whole body covered in perspiration. I closed my eyes momentarily, fisting my hands to stop the trembling. It was all just a nightmare, right? Lily couldn’t possibly be dead, right? And Gustav? My older half-bro
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Chapter 9: Unexpected Friendship
Anika’s P.O.VI felt my eyes twitch at the corners as I gave my patient a forced smile.“So, let me get this straight?” I told him through my forced smile. “You remember that you’re a size XXL; hate the colors pink and orange; have to eat meat every single day and cannot stand the scent of lavender. But in all of this, you don’t remember your name or any of your personal information?”He raised his head from his bowl of ‘my’ noodles temporarily, to give me a nod, before going back to devouring the bowl like I was an irrelevant fly that he couldn’t even give two shits about.I was getting ripped off, wasn’t I?I was certain that this man was a conman in disguise and that he had probably faked his injuries to catch any person who came down that road. And now that he had his victim, he was going to leech me dry until I was bankrupt and on the streets, before he moved on
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Chapter 10: First Day Disasters
Anika’s P.O.V“Razz.”“No, R-A-A-Z, not R-A-Z-Z!” I corrected him for the millionth time. “It’s not spelt like Jazz!”“Ra-az?” He tilted his head to the side, trying to pronounce it with the accent I was using.“Okay, you’re nearly there.” I told him with a smile. “It’s fine, really. It’s just a temporary name anyway. Once you have your memories, you’ll be all set.”Raaz seemed like he was thinking about it before he nodded. “Okay.” He gave me a smile. “So? How much did you spend on the clothes?”“Huh?” I looked up from my bowl of yogurt and cereal mix. “Why are you asking?”“Because I want to pay you back…when I retrieve my memory.” He said firmly. “I know I’m being a hindrance and if I had somewhere to go, I would. But right now, yo
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