Silver Luna

Silver Luna

By:  Allare Whisper  Ongoing
Language: English
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Caroline, a she-wolf who has been considered a monster since she was a child, can she break the tragedy spell and find her MATE?

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26 chapters
My hair is silver, as it has been since I was born. But ironically, I came from the Red Back Pack.It is not uncommon for werewolves to have a variation in fur colour, but silver is very rare. What's more, I am the daughter of Alpha and Luna.As such, I was considered evil.My parents did not give me any less love because of my silver hair, and even though the other wolves in the pack would talk about me behind my back, they did not dare to bully me under my parents' shelter.I thrived, was strong, beautiful and excelled in every way.I had a boyfriend, Noah, who wasn't tall or handsome, but he was sensitive and understood my feelings. We agreed to be together for life.However, it all shattered on my sixteenth birthday.Instead of accepting our offer of peace talk, desiring for more fertile land and warmer weather, Sliver Back Pack, the cruel wolves from the land of the cold, simply tore apart my pack, and my family.My parent
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Chapter 1
The alarm clock and the squeaky mattress woke me up, and every day I woke up with a sore back.As the slave responsible for the pack's diet, getting six hours of sleep is an extra treat from the goddess Luna. Getting up early every day is a battle. I have to wash up at the earliest possible time and prepare the pack's breakfast before force training.In the mirror I look extraordinarily thin. I was lively and lovely when I lived in abundance; I looked cold and bony in my humble life. I buried my ruby necklace in my dress, as if the cold necklace had taken on some warmth because winter was approaching.Changing into the tight, backless slave costume, I don't know if it was Noah's or Alpha Silver's strange sexual fetish, or if I wanted to admire the whip marks on the slaves' backs, I think it was Alpha Silver, after all Noah had no real say in the matter.The whip marks on my back were not getting any better and were still very painful to touch. Faint trace
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Chapter 2
What was I afraid of? I was already a slave, I had nothing to lose, nothing more than a few more whip marks.Alpha stood in the middle, with the 4 Beta's on either side of him, it looked like a perfect killing squad.Alpha Silver looked a lot like his father, yes, the old alpha who killed my parents.He was young and extremely fit, but his face was scarred from years of warfare.I hated him. Not just because he was the son of the man who killed my father. It was the way he treated the women in the pack, not just the slaves, but even the female warriors, whom he treated only as tools to be played with.I stood up slowly and watched them quietly.They also seemed very surprised by my presence and for a moment we were all silent. The beta next to him seemed a little angry to come up and punish me, but was too afraid to act without permission because the alpha was in front of him.Alpha Silver waved his hand to signal his Beta to calm dow
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Chapter 3
Losing your home, losing your parents...losing your what?It was almost time for dinner.I was now ravenous as I hadn't managed to catch my lunch at noon. But the pack's big set was coming to an end and it was time to make dinner again.I had been assigned the most and heaviest work, and even the leftovers from lunch had not yet been dealt with.There was no friendship among the slaves. You can't expect a group of people who have lost hope to still help each other in a friendly way every day.I led a bucket with leftovers between the kitchen and the rubbish dump. On the way, the bucket reeked and there was a strong, lingering stench on my clothes and hair."God, I wish my nose wasn't so sharp." My wolf spat. Her words had become few and far between since she knew we were going to Alpha Silver for the night and would be posting blah blah blah.I fell silent and continued to clean up the leftovers.It wasn't until
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Chapter 4
Until I was sixteen, I lived a almost perfect life. That is, until my parents died before my eyes.I had been a slave for two years and had suffered endless humiliation. I admit that I am not a man of courage, but when I reach the limits of despair, my heart rises with endless courage.Now that I am eighteen years old, I intend to take revenge. Rather than revenge, I just want to fish out of this miserable cage."I support all your decisions, even though I may not be able to do much..." my wolf tried to cheer me up, but there was discouragement in her voice."If you weren't around, this life of slavery, I'm afraid I wouldn't last a day." I said softly."So, what's the plan?" My wolf asked cautiously.I was freshening up, I didn't want to offer myself to the Alpha, I just wanted to leave this world slightly more decent."The plan is that I will slit that Alpha's throat with a knife as he climaxes." I paused, "If I'm still alive, I'll g
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Chapter 5
Is Alpha Silver really a werewolf, he's more like a cunning fox!Alpha Elias looked at Alpha Silver and said, "No problem." Then turning to me, "Just please help us change."The atmosphere became a little delicate as the two of them sat on either side of the long table. I was suddenly at a loss for words and froze in place for a few seconds.Alpha Silver said, "Why are you still standing there, you stupid slave!""Eh, she's scared of you, so why be so mean?" Alpha Elias interrupted him, what a nice guy, but unfortunately there wasn't much time left for him.I warily took the plate from Alpha Silver and slowly made my way towards Elias.I walked very slowly, as if preparing for a trial. Suddenly, my wolf sneezed loudly in my head and I was taken aback, dropping the entire bowl of tomatoes in my hand, all over Alpha Elias.I saved him, I thought. But I was also done.I had failed to complete Alpha Silver's mission and ruined this
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Chapter 6
"Red? You're my wolf?" I looked shocked."Yes, I'm your wolf, there's nothing to doubt.""And then you're a male?""Yes I'm a male.""That doesn't seem quite in keeping with the laws of nature does it..." i still had trouble believing it, my wolf had finally appeared, but he was a man? And with red hair?"Look at your necklace." He sounded kinda calm.I looked down at my necklace, the ruby in it had disappeared and all that was left was a metal shell, did he 'live' in my necklace.A huge musky scent enveloped me. What had happened, so my mate was not that sick Elias, but my wolf?"That's right, I turned out of there...I had a feeling." He paused, "Caroline, I know your name is Caroline and you're from the Red Back Pack."He continued, "You like to cook, your favourite food is cherry cupcakes, you like to sleep on your side when you sleep, you were a slave for two years and suffered humiliation...""Not anymore, I'm here
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Chapter 7
"Red, Red!""Where are you!"I scurried around the room like a madman, frantically searching for him.I had only just gotten him, I couldn't lose him like that."Red! Where the hell are you..." searching the whole room, there was no sign of him.Maybe I was screaming too loudly and both Alpha Elias and Beta Ella showed signs of waking up.But I couldn't stop looking for him. Or had Red gone back inside my necklace?Sure enough, the vaguely red wolf shadow reappeared in my necklace.Red hadn't left me, perhaps he was just resting?I tried calling out to him in my head again and there was no response. But it was as if I could feel his faint breathing.He was still there.But the situation at hand was very tricky. How do I escape this pack that is peaceful on the surface but rotten to the core?I was no longer alone. I still had Red with me, he had lost his powers and I had to find a way to keep us both saf
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Chapter 8
What should I do! For a moment, I didn't know how to explain. I pretended I didn't see him, that everything was normal, and planned to walk away quickly, when suddenly, he called out to me. "Wait a minute." He came towards me. "Usually, it's not supposed to end at this time, Alpha will play until the next afternoon." "You, how come you're out now?" I hastily put on a crying face and said, "Alpha didn't really like me...I got kicked out by him and Beta Ella is still in there." Every word was true. I hope slaves get dumped all the time. "Well, you're out of luck." He touched a hand to my hip and squeezed. How this fucking pack is full of such perverts. "Unfortunately, we won't be able to enjoy you until Alpha is officially announced. Get out of here and don't let me, or the Alpha, see it again." He gave a hard push and I fell to the ground in one smooth motion. I wish I could have just stayed lying there, so much had happ
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Chapter 9
"Who!" I asked in a low voice, taking the still-unused bottle of poison from my pocket and squeezing it tightly in my hand. The kitchen was pitch black, nothing could be seen and nothing seemed to be there. I felt a growing sense of dread. Maybe it was just that the pot hadn't been placed securely? Or maybe I was just too nervous and thus delusional. After a minute, there was no other movement, so maybe it really was just me. I continued to fill my stomach, which was the priority. A hungry person can always misjudge how much he or she will eat, and there was still almost half of the table to be eaten. I was a little worried, thinking about what to do with the leftovers. If they were discovered early in the morning, it would leave me much less time to escape from this pack. But the noise caused by disposing of these food scraps now would, I feared, attract the attention of the warriors on patrol at night. Two years of slavery, c
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