Entangled with the CEOs

Entangled with the CEOs

By:  Kim Dan  Updated just now
Language: English
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Natasha went to Canada for her brother’s wedding, she’s gone for three days and didn’t tell Jacob, her boyfriend, that she was coming home to New York because she wanted to surprise him but she was the one who got surprised when she caught him making out with his secretary inside his office. She was in rage and swear to bring him down for what he’d done. Just a couple of days later, she met a well-known CEO who have been in love with her for so long and planned to use him to seek revenge against Jacob without knowing that the CEO is his ex-boyfriend’s brother. Will he help her bring his own brother down for the sake of love or will he be the one to bring chaos to her life?

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    Natasha just arrived at the airport, she was excited to finally see her boyfriend again. It's been 3 days since the last time they saw each other because she needed to go to Canada and attend her brother's wedding. She did not tell Jacob that she is coming home today because she wants to surprise him.Jacob, Natasha’s boyfriend, is the CEO of Mavro's company, he is a well-known bachelor and a lot of women wants him. He is rich, handsome and he has everything a woman dreams for. He becomes a billionaire in such a young age and everyone looks up to him for that.Natasha didn't bother to go home first, she misses Jacob so much so she went to his office instead. All employees in the company knew her as Jacob's girlfriend so they didn't stop her from going to his office. They have known each other for eight years and built a great friendship with each other until they became lovers. She was there when Jacob lost his father and had to manage the company by himself. He
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    Howard Clemente, the CEO of Clemente Industry spent his night wandering about what to do with the woman he adores the most. He have lost count how many times he heaved a sigh and tried to open a book to read it but lost his focus. He did not even notice that it is already 4:30 am when his alarm enveloped the whole room. He tried to sleep but when he realized that there’s no way he could sleep with his mind thinking of her, he decided to do some jogging around the neighborhood and prepared to go to work a couple of hours later. He absentmindedly ate his breakfast and drove to his company.Once inside his office, he was not able to focus on the meeting because his thoughts kept on lingering to the woman she saw at the bar last night. It was not his first time seeing her, he knew that she has a boyfriend and he does not have a chance to win her because she loved her boyfriend too much.Minutes ticked by and he only noticed that the meeting is already over when he he
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    It's 4pm and Natasha went home early to prepare for her meeting with Howard. She wore a sophisticated red seductive dress and head to the venue by 7 pm. She let her blond curl medium length hair loose beneath her shoulder and colored her lips with red. Her thin straight nose matched well with her daring brown eyes and her delicate womanly scent lingered as she walked around the venue.The meeting is set in a fabulous restaurant in New York City and a staff greeted her when she entered."Do you have any reservation tonight, ma'am?" the staff smiled.She returned the greetings and speak with her soft voice while still maintaining her classy posture."Yes. I am with Mr. Howard Clemente."The staff recognized the name immediately and guided her to her table."This way, ma'am."She followed the waiter until they reached the second floor of the restaurant. She led her to a table on the right corner where the magnificent view of the city lig
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    It’s Friday morning and Howard couldn’t take his eyes off the documents he is reading for his meeting with the potential investors a couple of hours from now. He wants to make sure that everything is settled and well. He is always hands-on with everything that is going on in his company and he doesn’t like it when anybody disturbs him from what he is doing that’s why he ordered James not to let anyone in inside his office unless it is very very important.“Good morning. Mr. CEO,” Howard heard the sound of his office door being opened and he creased his forehead annoyingly upon hearing James’ voice. He was prepared to scold him for disturbing him.“What is it James? I have told you not to disturb me because I am in the middle of something important!” he yelled without bothering to take his eyes off the documents.“I’m sorry, should I just leave then?” he abruptly looked at the direction of hi
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    Chapter 5It’s almost 6 pm and the notorious business owners in the country are invited to attend the most awaited event for tonight. The 65th anniversary of Mavro’s Company will be held inside the prominent hotel in the center of New York City. Everyone is anticipating the event because they see it as an opportunity to widen their connections in business industry.Jacob have been preparing for this event, he wants this to be special and he wants everyone to remember who he is and how successful he became. Mavro’s company is the legacy of his father who died in a car crash when he was 18, and he wants everyone to realize that he can handle the business without his dad.When Jacob arrived at the venue, almost everyone turned to look at him. He flashed a smile for the camera and greeted the audience. He wears a dark-colored navy suit and tie together with a navy trousers. He went around the venue and engaged with small talks with the g
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    It’s 9 pm and they went to a small pub just a few blocks away from the event’s venue. Natasha ordered a shot of tequila while Howard asked for Mojito. He doesn’t want to get fully wasted tonight.He thought this is going to be an easy night for the two of them, a night full of celebration for accomplishing their plan. To his dismay, Natasha appeared to be lost and discouraged.Natasha have asked him to order his men on sabotaging the video that is going to be played at the 65th anniversary of Mavro’s company and he agreed to do it. He was flabbergasted to know that Natasha did not received an invitation to the party when he knew she took part on planning the event when Jacob and her were still together. He needed to bribe the security team in order to get her way inside the venue and enjoy the show, he thought it will put a smile on her face once their plan have succeed but he was wrong. She still looks heartbroken and it hurts him.Read more
    It was 3 pm when she woke up and searched her room for her phone but couldn’t find it. She tried to remember where she put it and went to her car to find it but found nothing.She heaved a sigh when she realized that she probably left it at Howard’s house. She has no choice but to pick up her car keys and drive back to Howard’s.“Good afternoon, ma’am,” the same maid greeted her.“Hi, did you happen to see my phone?” she asked.“Mr. Howard came here a while ago and I gave it to him. He told me he’ll just drop it in your office.” “This is exhausting,” she murmured and drove back to her building.She reached her office after 10 minutes of driving and went straight to her secretary’s desk.“Did Mr. Clemente drop my phone here?” she asked.“Yes ma’am. He’s actually waiting for you in your office right now.”<
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    Natasha drove her red Bugatti, she does not know where she is going. She do not want to go home for the fear of remembering the moments she had with Jacob in every corner of her house. She just drove as fast as she could. The surroundings is getting darker, and she did not notice that she’s driving in the wrong side of the road. A car is heading towards her direction but it was too late for her to notice it. Fortunately, the driver of the other car maneuvered his steering wheel and avoided her car.“Watch where you’re going!” the driver yelled.She seemed shaken by what happened and abruptly stopped her car. She leaned her head on her steering wheel and the tears she’s been trying to hold finally stormed out of her eyes. She was so mad at herself for being stupid. She was furious at Jacob for fooling her. She feels so little and unworthy and lost that she just wished for the pain to stop.“You’re an asshole, Jacob!&rdquo
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    It has been weeks since Natasha disappeared without a trace. Howard stopped on trying to find her and focused on what is left with him. Finding her will be a waste of time. She will eventually need to come back to New York to deal with her own business here, she can’t just leave her company behind.“Make sure to close that deal if you don’t want to get fired,” Howard told one of his employee as he received the report that one of their business partner is trying to back out.“But, sir, he seems eager about it--” the employee stopped at the middle of his explanation when Howard dropped a pile of papers in his table loudly and darkly looked at him.“You’re fired,” he said while looking in his employee’s eyes with no remorse.The employee panicked and immediately apologized to him but he did not listen. He kneeled in front of him that made James enter the scenario. James have been watching beside the
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    Howard woke up on his bed the next morning, he looked at the photo on his table and felt a mixture of happiness and pain in his chest.“When are you coming back, Natasha?” he whispered as he stared at her photograph. He missed her every day and he always wished to see her every time he wakes up so he placed an image of her in his room to remind her that she is real, that she is not just an imagination he created inside his head. She’s someone who urge him to live. But sometimes he doubts himself from thinking that he met her because there is no trace of her that he could hold on to in order to prove that she exists and he once held her hands. And if she does existed in his life, would there be a chance of seeing her again? He is not sure about it. But the photo on his table reminds him that she is not just a dream, she’s real and he have to fight for her.Yesterday night at the bar, he told James about his plan of getting Mr. Guerzon in his side
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