Vampires' King's Obsession

Vampires' King's Obsession

By:  Charity Charity  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lilly, after finding out that her dad was killed by vampires, she vowed not to rest, not until she make all the vampires pay for taking her happiness away from her, but what happens, when she fiRyder erself, falling deeply in love with a vampire, unknown to her about his identity? What happens when she sneaked into the vampires forbidden den, where no one goes in and comes out alive? Do you think she'll be able to take the shock of seeing the only man she loves, Kai Ryder(Lucifer), sitting on the throne of darkness, looking as dangerous as ever? What happens when the deepest secret about her reveals itself?...

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    31 chapters
    Chapter OneInside the very large vampires' den, with a ray of light, penetrating in from nowhere, flashing on the throne, which was adorned with nothing, but gold, looking shiny and all beautiful. The atmosphere tensed up, as all the vampires in the den, stood on their feet, maintain a straight face, they all looked like they're waiting for someone. Minutes later, a violent wind filled the entire place, and slowly, a strong scent, filled every inch of the atmosphere, followed by a dark and intimidating aura, sending shivers down their spines. The atmosphere tensed up, as fear gripped all of them. Meanwhile, sitting on the throne now, is a figure, dressed in all black, with a big black cloak, on his body, the big hoodie, covering his head, making his face invisible, but anyone could tell that he is a dangerous creature. Standing up on his feet, slowly, he took his hand to his head, and held the
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    Battle line
    Chapter two Lilly POV  The sound of my blaring alarm, jolted me out of my deep slumber, and I groaned tiredly and angrily, before forcing my eyes opened. Damn! I can't believe I'm going to school again, can't I rest for once, huh?I yawned tiredly, and sat up on the bed, before getting on my feet, after which I dragged my feet to the bathroom. Stepping into the bathroom, I stripped out of my clothes, and threw it to God knows where, before getting under the shower, as I let the water down my body, touching every part of me.After a few minutes of having my bath, I turned off the shower, and tied a towel around my chest, before stepping out of the bathroom. Walking into the room, my eyes darted to Nina, who was still sleeping deeply on the bed, like she's having a day off from school today, and I just couldn't help shaking my head. I thought I'm the laziest person on earth, not until I met Nina, she's worse than
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    We're screwed!
    Chapter three Lilly POV After what seemed  like forever, the class finally kicked off, as different lecturers kept coming in and out of our class for teaching, and at some point, I felt like screaming my lungs out. For goodness sake, they're frustrating me. Hours later, lecture was finally over, and without wasting time, I arranged my bag, and hung it on my shoulder, before standing up, after which I headed straight to the door, before storming out, with Nina, walking beside me. Gosh! I'm so damn hungry, if only I had known that they were going to take forever to get done with the lessons, I wouldn't have made the mistake of coming here without eating, gosh! Not that we have foodstuffs at home though, now I feel like I'm going to faint anytime soon. "Urgh! That was one hell of a lesson. I was already suffocating in there." Nina whined, as we walked through the hallway. She's so damn lazy, she's worse
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    Chapter four The man dropped dead on the floor, and Lucifer stood up. Raising his head, he licked the trail of blood from his lips, before teleporting to his throne again. Staring into space, his eyes blazing red, the aura around him darkened, sending shivers down their spines. "Miguel, drop his body on the street." He said in his cold deep voice, and with that, he teleported to the garden. Appearing in the garden, he sighed softly, his bloodshot eyes, gazing into space, as the gentle wind, blew on his face, swaying his hair in rhythm with the direction of the wind, but his eyes remained unblinked. After staying in the garden for what seemed like forever, he finally teleported to his room, and in the next seconds, he walked into his spacious bathroom. Stepping into the very large and spacious bathroom, he got rid of his cloak, and flung it away, before reaching out to his leather jacket, revealing his brea
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    Let's run!
    Chapter five Lilly POV Turning around to run from the restaurant, I collided on a hard surface, which turned out to be someone's chest, as I fell on the floor in a loud thud, and winced in pains. What the heck! Is the person blind or something? Didn't he or she see me coming? The pains in my butt isn't my problem now, but the deep mess I'm in now. How the heck are we going to escape from this shit again, huh? "Are you ok Lilly? Please get up." Nina said worriedly, as she came to help me up, while the idiot I just collided on, stood like a log of word. "Are you blind or what!" I snapped angrily, as I finally got on my feet, and raised my head to look at him, as I was welcomed with the most handsome creature ever. His body shape, is the most perfect one, his pink lips, his pointed nose, his flawless and spotless skin, gosh! How could a man be glowing in this manner? His eye colors are the rarest I've ever seen, his
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    Shall pay for this
    Chapter six  Dylan POV  I stormed out of my room with my briefcase in my hand, as I used my right hand to buttoned my suit. I'm so damn late for work today, and I have an appointment to meet up with in thirty minutes.  Descending down the stairs, I was welcomed with the sweet aroma, that filled my nose, and I didn't need anyone to tell me that my maid is at it again. I walked briskly to the kitchen, where I met her, busy with cooking.  "Good morning Sir. You're up already?"She greeted politely, as she bowed slightly, but my eyes were on the food she was making, but too bad I won't be able to stay back and eat from it, I'm so damn late for work, and I have an important appointment to meet up with.   "Morning Jane. Don't bother packing food for me, I'll be very busy at work later, so I won't have time to eat, maybe when I get back from work later."I
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    I'm dead!
    Chapter six Lucifer POV  Stepping out of the restaurant, I walked elegantly to my car, and hopped in, before speeding out of the place. The incident from earlier keep playing in my head, and I just couldn't help finding everything funny and crazy. I just couldn't help wondering if this is how all humans acts, stealing around, that's the most despicable thing. Speeding through the busy road, with many cars, speeding pass me, while some driving behind me, my eyes caught with something, there were many people, standing in front of something, while murmuring what I don't know. Curiosity came hitting at me, and slowly, I found myself, giving in to it, and slowing down the car, I parked at the corner of the road, and adjusted my sunglass, before stepping out of the car, after which I walked over to the place, maintaining a straight face as usual. Walking my way elegantly to the crowd, my eyes darted to wh
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    Chapter seven Author POV She kept running like she was on a marathon race, glancing back almost every seconds, to see the cops, not ready to turn back. She just couldn't afford going to jail, the thought of her mom and siblings flashed through her mind, as a drop of tears, slid down her cheeks, she couldn't imagine herself, spending the rest of her life in jail, the thought of being tagged a thief, keep tearing her heart into pieces, and she regret doing it in the first place. Not conscious of where she was going, she barged in on the roadway, but stopped abruptly, as the sound of a car brake, sounded through her ears, joltting her back to reality, and snapping her head to check where the sound was coming from, her eyes almost popped out of their sockets, as she was welcomed with a black sport car, driving towards her, and she found herself froze on the spot, anticipating death. The car didn't stop the lou
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    Chapter eight Author POV He leaned his back on the bench lounger, staring up at the sky, which was already getting dark, as he keep drowning in his own thoughts. As much as he want to wrap his head around what exactly he's thinking about, he just found his mind, occupied with so many thoughts, which he can't seem to comprehend where they were all coming from. He sighed softly, as he closed his eyes, and threw his head back, while thinking about nothing. The sound of the footsteps drawing closer, pulled him out of his thought, as a familiar scent filled his nostrils. His eyes darkened, and in the next seconds, he snapped his eyes opened, not tilting his head to look at the person that just dared to disturb his peaceful time. "What is it Miguel?" His cold deep voice came on, as he sighed softly, trying to contain the sudden anger, that tried consuming him. "Sorry to disturb you Lucifer, bu
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    It's mine now
    Chapter nineLucifer POV What am I a bloody vampire for, if I can't compel people? After hypnotizing the receptionist, I commanded her to take me to the man's office, and without further objection, she nodded blankly, and turned around, before leading me to God knows where. After walking for what seemed like forever, she finally stopped in front of a door, and nodded to me, and with that, she turned and left. Now it's game time. Turning my attention to the door, a smirk played at the corner of my lips, which only lasted for a second, as it dissipated into a deep frown. Without knocking, I flung the door opened, and barged in into the office. Stepping into the office, the lady sitting behind a desk, with her whole attention on the desktop placed in front of her, snapped her head to look at me, as soon as I stormed in, and she stood up, looking all angry. "What is the meaning of this
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