The Alpha's Sacred Oath

The Alpha's Sacred Oath

By:  Alyse F. Yvonne  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lucien Dubois. The Alpha's second son. Never feeling good enough for his brother, his parents or his pack. A man who has worked his whole life to become Alpha, until that day comes and he finds out that no matter his hard work it would never be his... Nothing would ever be JUST HIS... Until a certain brown haired beauty who is hiding from her own problems is thrown smack dab in the middle of his life... Monica Rodriguez... A single mom on the run from an abusive husband... Two sweet children in tow, she takes shelter in a small secluded forest town... Constantly looking over her shoulder, doing what she can to get by and praying to God she isn't found, at least not by who she is hiding from. Meeting a sweet and handsome butcher in her small town, who has done everyrhing he can to make her feel safe, turns into something way more she wasn't prepared for. What happens when who she is running from finds her? Read The Alpha's Sacred Oath to find out!

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    No one ever tells you that growing up in a world where you are the backup isn't living. They don't tell you that all the training, pushing and learning you go through. Put yourself through, hoping to be the best you can is only because you have to be a replacement in case something happens to the original first choice. You get loved differently. Looked at with a nose in the air. Talked about as if your hard work isn't enough because you weren't the original first choice. And all you really want is to meet the expectations of the people you love in your life. No one chooses you first. Not even the one made for you. Someone created by the Moon is supposed to love, cherish and adore you for eternity And even when they don't choose you first, but as a
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    Chapter 1: The Mistake
    **LUCIEN**Late nights that never end. That's what my life is. The smell of stale beer, warm liquor, and cheap perfume filling through the air. Nothing but slutty shewolves walking around in tight or hardly any clothing. Men with no mates, dead mates, or who don't care about their mates. slowly wasting away.Constantly churning in my stomach, sticking to me like a second skin. Embedding it's stench to me.I've literally spent my whole life trying to be the best of the best. Just to be told that it was for nothing. That it was just to be a backup plan. Number is what I'll always be."Lucien, you need to head back to the pack house. Your brother is trying to mind link you. He needs you there now." The bartender Chris tells me. I'm a regular he
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    Chapter 2: Punishment
    **LUCIEN**   -The Next Day- I am burning up. I feel like I am sweating to death. What is wrong with me? I flutter my eyes open. Feeling this heat, I almost thought I had died and finally made it to hell. Just kidding hell is what I have been living in.  ‘Where the am I, Ragnar? This isn’t my bed.’ I sat up, dusting what felt like dirt off of me. I can’t open my eyes, it’s way too bright here. My senses are coming back and I have this overwhelming and pounding headache. ‘We are in the woods. You went unconscious last night.’ He retorted. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world. ‘Why are you acting like I know what is going on?’Read more
    Chapter 3
    **LUCIEN**   A whole damn month and I am slowly starting to enjoy this little town. I still drink. But not nearly as much as I used to. But still enough to smell it on me.    The job I was given was in a butcher shop. Like here I am this huge, alpha blooded werewolf, chopping up meat for a living. Ridiculous. But it's nice when I can take some home. I have found my favorite thing to do is sit out on my deck where it overhangs with no roof, watch the stars, and listen to the wind dancing through the trees at night, downing a couple of beers. Sometimes I feel like I hear laughter or an angelic and melodious voice but then other times I feel like I'm going crazy.    There is a hint of vanilla and caramel in the air. The sweet aroma always makes my whole body tingle and go crazy, like in ov
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    Chapter 4: A baby?
    **UNKNOWN FEMALE**   It’s been a few weeks since we have been out and about again. Feeling like someone was watching me really freaked me out. I was so scared that night that my husband had found me that I cried myself to sleep silently while my kids slept in my bed.    Luckily here, it is summer time. So no school. And I had enough money saved up to keep me afloat until I found a new job. I saw some waitressing jobs posted in the windows a few places down from the park. The little plaza that has a water fountain in it, with all the little shops and cafes. It’s so homey and cute, it really warms a spot in my soul that I have never felt before.    “Momma, what are we going to do today? It’s so sunny out, can we go to the park?” My daughter Angelina, called from the kitchen. The girl is f
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    Chapter 5: Meeting
    **LUCIEN** I have been restless the last few weeks since only seeing the silhouette of the woman and her two children. The cutest little kids I have ever seen in my life.The little boy was brunette and looked smart for his age, always scanning his surroundings. And the little girl was so precious. Like a princess but a second mama all in one. And their mother, holding onto them for dear life. Worry shaking through her body. I want to find her. See her face. I wonder if I can find anyone around town that might know her. Just as I am trying to leave the butcher shop this Saturday afternoon we start to get completely slammed. We usually have a lot of boyfriends and husbands here getting a list of meats for their wives and households. They would say things like, “Only a man knows the correct cuts of meat. T
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    Chapter 6: A date.
    **LUCIEN**   After Monica, Angelina and Lincoln left the shop the amount of dirty looks I received from she-wolves and human females alike were crazy. Like they thought that I would give them the time of day. Most of the she-wolves are what we call “warrior and rank whores”. Will bed anyone with a rank or is a fighter. I don’t see what the appeal is.    “Alex, I’m leaving for the day. Let me know if you need anything. Also, I will probably be taking a trip to the back house this weekend.” He nodded and smiled and wished me luck on wooing my human. All I could do was laugh.    Leon won’t quit texting me telling me he needs me to come to the pack this weekend. That he needs to talk to me about this situation with Carrie. ‘Me: I have a few thi
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    Chapter 7: Realization
    **LUCIEN**    She decided to stay at her little studio house last night. I sent 3 warriors to keep an eye on all the exits just in case someone tried to break in.    Unfortunately, instead of helping her move into the new house today, I am on my way to see my pain in the a*s brother. I'm hoping before I leave I can see my mother.    I'm pulling into the pack, when I see warriors on the borders patrolling. Nodding to me. Waving. Some even smile at me. When I pull up to the packhouse though, the light hearted feeling I felt is gone. There's a looming feeling. Something is happening.    I get out of my car and I am greeted by a couple of warriors asking how I am. I smile, it feels good to know that even though no one has
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    Chapter 8: Potential Mates.
    **UNKNOWN MALE**She really thought she could escape from me. Taking my children with her. She thought that she would just be able to stuff some money aside and I wouldn’t notice. Like I don’t track every single penny that is spent or missing.  She thought that by loading my kids up into the SUV that has multiple trackers on it and driving away I wouldn’t find her and drag her back to me. When in reality I knew her every move. I have been following her, watching her. Knowing where she is going, who she is talking to, how she is fairing alone. She is terrified I will find her. Good. I haven’t made my appearance to her yet because I want her scared. I want her to feel like everything is NOT okay.  The one thing I didn’t plan for was her to end up in Pocatello. In the
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    Chapter 9: Scared.
    **LUCIEN**     I can’t think straight. I can’t see through this blurred vision. The rage I am feeling is deafening. I don’t know why I feel so connected to Monica or her kids. Or why I feel the need to protect her. And the THOUGHT of someone getting to her, hurting her, taking her from my sight…    I can’t even explain the fire I feel in my chest because of it. But what I do know is no one is going to harm her. I would lay my life at the feet of my enemies for those three. It’s indescribable but when I saw that now the threats were being delivered to her door. I lost it.    ‘I’m going to tell her. I don’t care if she doesn’t like me afterwards. Her knowing what I am will help her understand why I want to protect her.’ I told Ragnar. He is just as enraged as
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