His Hidden Luna Queen

His Hidden Luna Queen

By:  Nikita Karou  Ongoing
Language: English
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Claimed by Samael Velasco to be his future bride, Merryn hid in the shadows of his protection from the day he found her. She lived her entire life believing it as truth until the day came when this shattered. The shocking revelation that changed her perception also urged her to escape from Samael’s gilded cage. To him, she was just a possession and his precious pet. Her heart throbbed and yearned for something real. She knew not what this meant, at least not yet. Until she escaped, and ran right into the arms of Samael’s known mortal enemy… Giovanni Salvatore, a rare lycan of Royal bloodline. He is the king of the lycans and the werewolves. The ruler of the Mystic Mountain Kingdom. Merryn’s appearance in Giovanni’s life upset a few well-laid plans for his future. And so began a path of mutual discovery and perils they couldn’t begin to imagine. What will she do when she finds herself in the cave of wolves? ^~*~^ This tale is for those 18 or older. Reader’s discretion is advised.

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19 chapters
The Past
{5 years ago} My bedroom window blew open, startling me awake and out of my dreams. It had been a good dream, too. It was about a young mermaid who kept splashing her friend, the dolphin. They were having a good time before I had to go and wake up. Huffing at this annoying circumstance, I jumped out of bed and ran straight to the window so that I could close it. The longer it stayed open, the more likely I was to catch a cold during this time of year, the middle of winter. Here in Aspen, Colorado, the temperature hardly reached above the 70s. Since it was winter, those temperatures dropped to the 30s and below. Though I grew up here my entire life, I was still not used to it. After closing the window and making sure I locked it this time, I went back to bed and laid down. I tucked myself in, rolled to my side, curled my arms under the pillow below my head, and closed my eyes. Luckily, the mermaid waited for me to return, and she started to splash her dolphin friend again. During my
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Chapter 1
{Merryn's pov} He’s the King of Vampires, and I’m to be his bride, yet here I am, pussy-footing at the door of his work office, barefoot on the ice-cold, gray marble floor. I wasn’t about to run back to my room to grab a pair of shoes. The only thing that would accomplish would be to infuriate him. He already had quite the short-fuse temper, and making him wait after he had already made plans to see me during his work schedule would get me into a heap of trouble. Even though right now, he was the one making me wait for him. Standing outside his office, I tapped my foot impatiently on the ground. His job seemed very demanding and far more critical than I, his little fiancé. His underage fiancé, whom he cannot get married to for at least a few more months. I am only 17, and he is at least a few centuries old. Although Samael is over a few centuries old, he doesn’t look a day over 23. The perks of being an immortal vampire, I presume. Samael and I have been close since I was about tw
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Chapter 2
{Merryn's pov} “How foolish could you be, Merryn!” Samael shouted at me. His grip tightened even more, and I was sure it would leave a nasty bruise if he didn’t let go soon. “Vampires surround us! Most of them would be unable to control their thirst if they caught even a sniff of your blood. Are you asking to be bitten? Do you want one of them to sink their fangs into your pretty little neck?!” “N-no, Samael. I didn’t mean to do it.” I gulped, trying not to cry as he pinched the skin around the wound and plucked out the piece of glass from my hand. “Of course, you did not mean to do it! You never mean to do anything. Shit happens to you all the time. Why can you not just be careful? Why can you not think before you act?!” He reprimanded me before spilling a mouthful of Spanish curse words. Many of which I had no clue of their meanings. Once he was out of breath, he inhaled deeply before slowly exhaling to calm himself down. His eyes then moved from my hand up to my face to look me
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Chapter 3
{Merryn's pov} It was a new day when I woke up. I couldn’t help but be excited about the party tonight. The last day of school was last week, tonight was Saturday and the party, and next week would be graduation. Then in just a few months, I would turn 18, and Samael and I would get married. It wasn’t all that bad if I genuinely thought about it. I knew who he was and what he was capable of doing. Despite being the Vampire King and torturing his enemies, he was an excellent fiancé and treated me differently than everyone else. I got to see the sweet side of him. The charming and loving man that he could be. Not many got to experience that side of him. Not many people even knew he had a good side to him. However, I knew, and that was all that mattered. After waking up around 6 in the morning, I took a quick shower because I knew that I would need a longer one tonight before I left. If there were something that I couldn’t stand to live with, it would be the hair growing on my legs. I a
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Chapter 4
{Merryn's pov} "Merryn, wait!" Dakota shouted, jumping between Josephine and me before I could tackle her to the ground. A large crowd began to form around us as everyone began to cheer, chanting for us to fight. However, Dakota lifted his hand to block me from stepping closer to Jo. He shook his head, frowning at me. "Think before you act, Eryn. If something happens tonight… If you get into a fight, Samael will never let you leave his sight again. Do you want that? Do you want to be a prisoner?" He questioned me in a hushed tone so the students could not eavesdrop on our conversation. I huffed at him, watching as Jo smirked and raised her hands, wiggling her fingers at me. I glared at her, flipping her off before Kota pulled me away to prevent me from getting into trouble. Once we were far away from Jo, I sped-walked over to the beverage table and poured myself a drink. This time I added more alcohol than before. I could see him shaking his head at me from the corner of my eye. Whi
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Chapter 5
{Merryn's pov} Samael placed me on my feet and wrapped his right arm around my waist, pulling me against his side as tight as possible. This was his way of staking a claim to let everyone know that I belonged to him. It was also his way of reminding me of that as well. I gulped, keeping my eyes glued to the ground as my entire body throbbed in pain. One of my eyes was swollen shut, while my other eye had cuts going across the eyelid. My lips were also bruised and swollen with bleeding cuts. It hurt to breathe, and I couldn't help but wonder if my ribs were bruised or possibly fractured. I was in a lot of pain, but the adrenaline kept me from falling unconscious. My fear was my biggest concern right now. Tears threatened to spill out of my one open eyelid, but I quickly blinked them away. If I cried right now, what would that do? Nothing, that's what. It would only make me look weak and make Samael appear weak. Instead, I stood as still as a mouse and waited for this situation to pass
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Chapter 6
{Unknown pov} I closed my laptop and placed my head in the palms of my hands. The music continued to blast through my earbuds. The song which was currently playing happened to be ‘The Night We Met,’ by Lord Huron. The musician’s voice gave me chills each time. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother used to sit me down beside her, and she would play me a song on the grand piano. She was always a talented musician; if not for her, I would not have developed this deeply seeded love of music. This song, in particular, I had recently found. It grabbed onto my soul the moment I heard it and hasn’t let go. I swear this musician must be living a similar life to me because the lyrics reflected a vital memory from my past. A memory that constantly haunts me in my sleep and has yet to release me from its ice-cold grasp. What was it now? 4 or 5 years ago? I remember that day every night in my dreams. Over time, it had worsened; lately, I have woken up sweating
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Chapter 7
{Merryn's pov} My eyes felt heavy as they slowly blinked open. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what happened, but I somehow ended up in a different climate location. Instead of the summer season, it seemed like I woke up in the middle of winter. The air prickled my skin with an icy chill, sending an odd comforting sensation throughout my body. Looking down, I realized that I was back in my human shape and completely lacking clothes. Not to mention the fact I was covered in muck, mud, soggy grass, and dried blood. I felt a lot of pain in my waist and all the way up to my head. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that I had some severe bruising and nasty scratch wounds all over my body. A groan of frustration left my lips. It seemed that this was just my luck. I woke up in an unfamiliar place without recollection of how I ended up here. I tried searching through my memories, but my brain lacked the needed information. All that I succeeded in doing was developing a worsenin
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Chapter 8
{Unknown pov} ^Sir, we caught the vampire and are chasing the other creature now. It’s a young female shifter, and she’s petrified! How should we proceed?^ Cameron asked through the Royal Pack mind link. I sighed, sliding my fingers through my hair for the umpteenth time. I was afraid to look in the mirror to see my appearance. It didn’t take half a brain cell to put the pieces together; I was a mess. My knuckles were bruised and busted open, slowly healing back together because of the drink in my hand. My hair was disheveled, and my eyes had dark circles underneath them. If Caspari were awake, he would tell me I needed to fix my face. That was his new thing. He’s been walking around and telling everyone to fix their face. I could almost hear his voice in my head, saying those words as his little giggles would fill the room. He’s so much like Carmelo when Caro was young. I shook my head at the thought, pushing them to the back of my mind and focusing on what mattered most. ^Beta L
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Chapter 9
{Merryn's pov} Beep… Beep… Beep… Those were the first sounds I heard when I woke up. I tried to peel my eyes open, but it was a lot harder than I expected. An uncomfortable amount of gunk around my eyes caused my eyelids to be crusted shut. When I attempted to raise my arm and wipe my eyes, something sharp and pointy kept digging into the underside of my elbow, causing me to wince in pain and drop my arm back on the bed. It felt like something was stuck in it, like a needle or a really long thorn. All I wanted was to be able to open my eyes and find out where I was, but I couldn't even do that. Beep… Beep… Beep… The sound continued, never stopping and thus making me cringe from the incessant noise. My mind was already starting to develop a horrible migraine, making my head feel like it weighed a billion pounds. Beep… Beep… Beep... "No. Please, make it stop." I whimpered, cringing as the pain in my skull increased. The shrill beeping felt like it pierced my brain with a sharp blad
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