I Married Her To Become The CEO

I Married Her To Become The CEO

By:  Anne Fansou  Completed
Language: English
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"Please dad, if you want to punish me, I'm ready to take any punishment, but not this one! Marrying a stranger, anything but not that!" "Stop trying to make me change my mind Naëlla!I've already made my decision and nothing will change that. You're going to marry this young man as planned." "You said you're doing it for my sake huh? But have you even thought about my feelings for a moment? Charles is my soul mate. We've been in love for four years now." "Enough talking stubborn kid! You're going to marry Ethan, that's all! Don't worry about your Charles, you'll end up forgetting him faster than you can imagine. It's all childishness, it will pass you just as quickly." "Never! And know that this marriage will never work. I intend to spend my life with Charles!" Naëlla lives the perfect love with Charles a poor student with whom she nourishes the deep wish to marry later. However, everything changed overnight when her father suddenly announced to her that he was going to marry her to Ethan, the son of his business partner, who is a young arrogant man full of himself and womanizer. Naëlla sees her world crumble and despite her efforts to resist her father's will, she ends up marrying Ethan. Then will follow a fierce fight between the two newlyweds who have to live together. Will Naëlla manage to love Ethan? Is she ready to brave the challenges she will face in this marriage? Live a thrilling adventure full of twists and turns of a young woman in the grip of her feelings.

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56 chapters
Chapter 1
Naella I am sitting on the beach with my boyfriend Charles. We are having a great time together. "My sweetheart, my heart, my lifelong love ..." Charles complimented me while leaving sweet kisses on my neck after each word.  We are seated on a rock and I am leaning against him between his legs. I turn around then give him a long kiss. "You make me happy Charles. I could never imagine my life without you." I say with affectionate eyes. "Me too you make me happy my gazelle. I don't know why a girl so beautiful and rich like you can love a poor man like me. I always wonder what you found good in me. You make me happy every day. I promise you honey, as soon as I get my first salary, it will be for your bride price." He tells me as it seems to melt me. "You're a good person and any girl will love you when she gets to know you, unless she is a stupid girl." I
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Chapter 2
Ethan pov My sister Lara was waiting for me in the waiting hall. She and I are very close. We like to tease each other. Our two eldest are a bit older than us. As soon as they finished high school, each traveled to a foreign country . The first is in Canada and the second in Germany. They have already finished their university studies and are working in their respective host countries. Although we chat regularly, we are not very close like Lara and I are. Lara led me to her car and I put my luggage in the trunk of the car then I went to sit in front with her. We made the trip while chatting. I'm happy to be back home. I had missed this fresh and natural air that tickles my nostrils a lot. The beautiful scenery, the sparse trees along the road, the clear skies without long, endless buildings... I felt like I had spent an eternity without coming back here. Since today is Sunday, the traffic was less dense and it didn't take long for us to get
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Chapter 3
Ethan Today is finally the Saturday that my father has been harping on my ears so much since my arrival. I hope that after this famous meeting between our two families, I will finally be able to sleep peacefully. My father acted as if this marriage would open the doors of paradise to us, lol. If my interests weren't so much at stake, I would not have hesitated for a second to send him packing. I thought my father was frankly exaggerating for this little bit. Everything for him boils down to the interests of his business. It's always been that way with him. Since I was a child, he only talked about his business all the time and nothing else. I never had a normal father and son relationship with him. If at the beginning, it had affected me a lot, I ended up adapting to this situation. Today, I no longer complain about it. On the contrary, I took advantage of it and I take full advantage of it. I was getting ready while thinking about how this
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The decision
EthanI was imagining various reasons why my future bride had not come, when my father spoke."So Georges, how are you? Business, how's it going?" "Ah Fansou, you know, business is business." He responds in a parable as only they understood their business language."I didn't see my future daughter-in-law with you, nothing bad happened to her I hope?! Or would she have withdrawn at the last minute, as these children often know how to be stubborn and rebellious?"  asked my father anxiously. Me too, I open my ears greatly to listen to the reason for the absence of my future wife."Ah yes, my daughter... First, I would like to apologize to you for being late. You know that I make a point of honor on punctuality...""That's what I was telling my family just before you arrived." My father said within him cutting him off."Actually, I had a little problem with my daughter." Hearing him say that, I
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Surprise !
Naella My father kept his threats of marrying me to the unknown son of his business partner. Despite my pleas, my sulks, my tears, he didn't flinch at all. What am I going to do to make him change his mind? Why is my father so stubborn? "Please dad, if you want to punish me, I'm ready to take any punishment, but not this one! Marrying a stranger, anything but not that!" I begged him to change his mind. However, my father's gaze is impassive. It seemed like he had no shred of compassion. Despite the tons of tears I've already shed so far to coax him, he remained insensitive to this. He tells me in a harsh tone "Stop trying to make me change my mind Naëlla!I've already made my decision and nothing will change that. You're going to marry this young man as planned. And don't think I want to punish you. I'm doing it for your own good, even if right now you think it's a bad thing. When the time is rig
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Unforgettable past
Ethan The meeting ended without me knowing what exactly was discussed. I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of my future wife. My eyes no longer took off from her. I can't believe she's gonna be my wife. I'm sure she doesn't even remember meeting me at the mall anymore, I was such an idiot. She was also not very interested in what was happening during the reunion between our families. She kept her head down throughout the seat, except at some point that she must have felt the weight of my gaze on her. She lifted her head and gave me a look that unsettled me. It sounded like she was mad at me. I am now certain that she was not consenting to this marriage, just like me. The meeting ended without my future wife and I having to speak to each other. In the car, I hear my father tell me "I hope you're ready for the date chosen for your wedding?! As soon as we get back, your mother will take care of contacting our organizer of the solemn ceremonies
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New family
Naella In the end, my father's will prevailed. I witnessed the descent into hell powerless, without being able to change anything. The worst part of it all was that I couldn't even count on Charles to console me, because he too was affected by the situation. He was walled in total silence. It seemed like he was mad at me for what was happening, when all I wanted with all my heart was to stop this wedding from happening. I wonder if things would have been the same if my mother had been there. Why did she decide to abandon us? This subject, my father never spoke about it. It was taboo to mention my mother's name. However, I sometimes dreamed of a life with her by our side. Maybe then she was going to hinder my father from making that mistake, who knows. Two months after our families reunited, the wedding took place. My brother traveled from the United States to attend the wedding ceremony. Our marriage made the front page of all the newspapers
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Chapter 8
Naella The atmosphere at home is anything but that of a newly married couple.  I do everything to make our home unlivable.  It is necessary that at the end of a year of marriage, we separate anyway.  I don't cook for my husband, nor do I take care of his breakfast and the like.  He manages to find something to eat on his own.  Luckily we have house staff.  Otherwise, he would starve.  This morning, it has already been nine days since we were married.  If it wasn't for that composition period at school, we never would have met.  I always manage to be in my room when Ethan comes home and in the morning when he leaves for work, I'm in the room. This morning, I get up very early and I'm getting ready to take my continuous tests at school.  I dab Ethan who is also ready for work. "Hello Nae!"  He greets me. I wanted to ask him why he uses the diminutive of my first name, but I refrain
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Chapter 9
Ethan My father gave me a year to prove to him that I am a good husband. It is only after this period that I will be able to take the position of CEO at the head of his company. I'm afraid to satisfy him. Indeed, my new wife seems very stubborn and makes life difficult for me. I do everything I can to make her feel good, but she just does what she wants. She doesn't love me, that's for sure! Neither do I. It's just a marriage of convenience. Nevertheless, can't we try to make efforts in order to lead a more peaceful life? In addition, we could still combine the useful with the pleasant. Despite my efforts to make her more docile, she doesn't comply in the least. I had never met a woman who resisted me so much. All women are crazy about me. But this one doesn't give a fuck about me. Besides, I don't know how to go about seducing her in order to control her. However, she has quite a strong character. Me who thought she had to be an easy girl, desperate and ready to do anything for marr
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Chapter 10
Charles I managed to put under my armpits this liar of Naëlla. She thinks she's very clever, well, she's come across something smarter than her. She wanted to play me, but I'm going to show her that you can't teach an old monkey to make faces. We'll see who gets the last laugh between us. She's not even ashamed to lie to me brazenly looking me straight in the eye, that nothing happened between her stupid husband and her, yet she told her friend Leonce something else. What she doesn't know is that I know everything about her and I intend to take revenge on her without any mercy. As we often say according to a french adage, 'à malin, malin et demi', meaning "a cunning person should be responded by a more cunning one". All the love I had felt for her one day in the past turned into hatred towards her. I want to hit her where it hurts the most, to make her feel the same way I felt after her wedding. And to think that she swore by me and that she was ready to do anything for me. She promi
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