My lies catch up with me

My lies catch up with me

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With mixed feelings, Jillian Moore goes to the casting of the new season of "The Super Model" to investigate the case of a missing girl behind the scenes. Before she knows it, she stumbles into a turbulent whirlpool of glamour, ambition and shady dealings. When, to make matters worse, she falls in love and has to shimmy from one lie to the next, her life seems to come completely apart at the seams ...

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    It was time for the morning meeting. Walter Abbott, the head of the special investigation team, entered the room and rounded everyone up. The investigators gathered around a group of desks, pulled up a couple of chairs, and the meeting began. First the current cases were discussed, then Walter made a serious face. »As you may know, casting for the next season of this show 'The Super Model' will take place in the coming days. Last year in Bartonville, a girl mysteriously disappeared and has not been found to this day. The case was put on hold because no concrete evidence could be found anywhere. Now that the new season is starting, and since it's taking place here in Lakeside this time, we've got it on the table. We're to reopen the investigation and try to prevent anything like this from happening again.” Walter Abbott, affectionately known as “Walt” by the investigators, paused for a moment and they looked at him intently.&nb
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    The next morning she sat down at the PC and gathered all the information she could find about the Super Model crew. It was almost noon when she had gathered everything that seemed important to her. She snuggled down on the couch with her notes and went through each person. First up, of course, was the label's head judge and producer, Harriet Grumb. She had been a very successful model herself, but at thirty-four she was well past her prime. Now she was taking advantage of the girls' inexperience and naivety to make a fortune. Allegedly, she wasn't particularly gentle with either the models or her employees. There were enough reports describing how she used to bully people. At her side and also on the jury were two men, Michael Fairgate and Craig Peters. Michael Fairgate, just called "Mick" by everyone, was the owner of one of the leading modeling agencies. The winner of each season received a two-year modeling contract from him in addition to a $500,
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    Jill stood transfixed, trying to see something, but the glare blinded her too much. The room was completely dark, only the catwalk in front of her was bathed in a whitish light from the headlights. "Run!" hissed a voice behind her, and she took a few unsteady steps forward. "Will something happen today?" a woman's voice shrilled from somewhere in front of her from the blackness of the room, drowning out the low hum of the cameras. "Are you going to put down roots there?" Helpless, Jill began to move again, stumbling forward with little grace on the stilettos with the unusually high heels. She tried hard not to slip, which was not an easy task given the mirror-smooth floor. She staggered menacingly a few times, but eventually she managed to reach the bottom of the podium. Relieved, she stopped, blinked hard into the darkness. "A bit old, isn't it?" she heard a man's voice. The woman screamed again. "Now don't just stan
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    A week later, the second selection broadcast took place, and with a stomach ache, Jill made her way to the town hall. The closer she came, the more hesitant her steps became, she wanted to turn on her heel. This time there were far fewer girls, most of them had already been eliminated at the first casting, but the rush in the changing room was no less than last time. She spotted Mandy in a corner. Compared to the other girls, she had seemed relatively calm and reasonable, and relieved she steered towards them. "Hi," Mandy smiled at her, "Nice to see you, at least one familiar face." Jill nodded. "Yes, I feel the same. – Do you have any idea how things are going here today?” “Well, if I got that right, there are three rounds. One in normal clothes, one in evening wear, and one in a bikini.” “Bikini,” Jill repeated, disturbed, and the thought of being stared at by a number of onlookers so scanti
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    Of course, the colleagues had all watched the program, apparently they had met for a cozy "men's night" and enjoyed Jill's brilliant performance together. And like last time, she was greeted with whistles, jeers and salacious comments when she came to the headquarters a day later. Almost in tears, she fled to Walter's office. "I'm not going out there anymore," she said firmly instead of a greeting. Walt grinned. »Come on girl, don't be so wild. You've done well and I'm sure the boys will settle down in the next few days,' he comforted her. "The main thing is that it worked, what are some stupid jokes about?" "You don't have to listen to that," Jill said, frustrated. 'It's going away. You're going to be in this model mansion for a while now, and by the time you get back the co-workers will have something else to talk about.” “Or not,” Jill murmured, annoyed, realizing the men were get
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    The next afternoon, with a heavy heart, Jill lugged her suitcase to the town hall. There was the meeting point, they would all be picked up by a bus and brought to the villa.A few of the other nine girls were already there when she arrived, and a camera crew was there to film the departure from Lakeside and arrival at the villa.One by one the rest of the girls trundled in. To her delight, Jill spotted Mandy among the stragglers, and she immediately came up to her and gave her a happily hug."Glad you're here too, I don't feel so alone," she said, and Jill nodded."Yes, I'm happy too."They stood there in silence and waited for the bus to arrive. Jill, meanwhile, let her gaze wander over the other girls, who were dancing around, chattering excitedly."Well, that could be something," Jill sighed to herself, already annoyed. She fervently hoped there wouldn't be shared rooms, she couldn't stand a whole flock of those affected geese.Fi
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    After they had calmly unpacked their things and stowed their suitcases under the bed, they went out onto the balcony and sat down in the two sun loungers. They shook their heads as they watched the rest of the girls splash around in the pool, squeaking and screaming like they'd never seen a pool in their lives. Harriet and Mick were lying in two sun loungers a little way from the pool and were talking. It was immediately clear to Jill why the girls were so excited again, of course they tried to put themselves in the right light in front of the two judges. "Oh my god, what a monkey business," Jill murmured in consternation, and Mandy smiled. "But we'll have to go downstairs at some point, unless you're starving." I don't do the theater voluntarily. – Speaking of which, what do you think if we go shopping together tomorrow?” Mandy nodded. “Yes, of course, okay.” They enjoyed the sun in silence, lost in thou
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    Shortly thereafter, Jill jumped into the pool and did her laps. She had already done a few laps when suddenly the water splashed up close to her. She paused in surprise, trying to see through the shimmering surface who had jumped into the pool. A head appeared a few yards away and to her surprise it was Craig Peters, now turning to face her with a smile."I hope I didn't startle you.""Well, a little warning would have been nice," Jill said sullenly. She wanted to complete her training courses in peace and didn't feel like company. But she couldn't very well prevent him from using the pool, so she just sighed softly and continued paddling in the opposite direction.To her relief, he didn't seem to be intending to talk either, so with a few vigorous strokes he caught up with her and swam silently alongside her.They did a few lengths together, then Jill took a short break at the poolside. Craig stopped as well and grinned at her. "Tired already? Shame, I w
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    As the afternoon wore on, Harriet eventually returned to the dining room with the rest of the girls and surveyed Ewan's work. She made a few comments, but seemed happy overall. When her gaze fell on Jill, she frowned."She still looks the same as before," she said reproachfully to Ewan, who immediately defended himself, whining. 'Sorry Chérie, but she just didn't want to.''You won't stay here long if you keep being so stubborn,' Harriet snapped at Jill."I think her hair is so fine," Craig interjected at that moment, before Jill had a chance to answer. "You're well groomed and the color is nice, why force anything that looks good?"Jill bowed her head, embarrassed, not liking being the center of attention.Harriet gave Craig a critical look, then looked at Jill's hair again and sighed."All right, at least it's long enough to get started with," she conceded. "But don't imagine it's always like this, I don't take extra frills," she sn
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    By the time she got to the bottom, Craig was already in the pool, and when he saw her, he was paddling toward her, gazing at her from the edge of the pool."Come in, the water's lovely," he smiled, and Jill didn't need to be asked twice. She dove gracefully into the pool and then happily swam a few laps while Craig watched."Now do I get my revenge?" he asked teasingly when she stopped beside him after a while.“Agreed – ten lanes again?”He nodded. "Three - two - one - go!" he counted, and they started moving almost simultaneously. Jill was an excellent swimmer and although Craig was not far behind, she still managed to win by a narrow margin."I can see I don't stand a chance against your pretty legs," he laughed, playfully splashing some water on her face."Hey," Jill muttered, laughing, and immediately repaid him. Shortly thereafter, they were happily romping around in the pool, diving into each other and wrestling with
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