Wild Hunt - Kissed by Moonlight

Wild Hunt - Kissed by Moonlight

By:  wenry02  Ongoing
Language: English
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The city of Briarcliff is full of secrets, and Phaedra Conners had spent most of her life digging them up. Unfortunately, she may have bitten off more than she can chew when she begins working for the enigmatic, and charming, Gabriel Evans. Gabriel isn’t your average CEO, and all too soon Phaedra finds herself caught up in the deadly machinations of the Wild Hunt. Between battling the Mad Sidhe and helping the two natured survive persecution, it’s all Phaedra can do to stay alive, let alone sane. She’ll find that following your heart isn’t as easy as she'd once thought and that more often the not, the monster under the bed isn’t nearly as frightening as the one in the mirror. Book 1 of 3 *Editing is ongoing*

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23 chapters
Chapter One
            Restless dreamer, Restless dreamer, If you’ve missed me, come and kiss me.            I’m the nightmare you wished away, you lost me on a summer’s day.            I’ve been haunting shadows, eating wishes, stealing smiles, I feel you when you’re not around. I’ve followed you both high and low, watched you fall into the snow, crouched on your chest to hear you scream…            If only because it calmed the need, to come and claim my tithe. -           Ballad of the Hunt   “Pack is family. We keep each other safe. Keep each other h
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Chapter Two
“I didn’t always howl at the moon. I used to be a housewife.”—Kestril Winters Six Months Later…  You know those people who go to work and they’re completely satisfied with their lives? The ones who feel a sense of personal satisfaction from walking through the doors in the morning because they know that they made the right decision?I’m not one of those people.The only thing that kept me functioning like a regular human being was a grim satisfaction that at least I didn’t work in customer service. The only thing I disliked more than tabloids were people. Somewhere along the line, I’d developed a deep, burning dislike for the human race. There seemed to be no cure.“Good morning, Phaedra.”I grunted in response and walked just a little faster. Obviously I didn’t look harried enough if my
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Chapter Three
“Why hide who you are? Wolf or sheep there’s no shame in giving in to your nature.”—Lana Ray  The top floor was silent. Eerily so. After hearing someone compare my new boss to the Beast of the Apocalypse, I was a bit more cautious about meeting him. I examined the space around me carefully. Unlike the other floors, there weren’t different departments to take up extra space. There was just an empty desk sitting in the middle of the room and behind it were large double doors that were currently closed. The walls looked as if they were made from bamboo, and a stream with no discernible source acted like a moat spanning the perimeter. The noise it made over the rocks that had been carved into the marble floor was soothing, and for a moment I let myself admire the simplicity of the space before venturing any further within it.“Hello?”My voice echoed in the
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Chapter Four
“If you live among wolves you can’t just act like a wolf. You must be one.”—Richard Peirce  Gabriel Evans walked like a man used to being followed. He never looked to see if we were behind him, he simply assumed that we were. The arrogance of him, the sheer ego, was almost palatable. I felt as if I were a lesser mortal tramping in the wake of a king, and the only thing that made that particular pill easy to swallow was that Marcus clearly noticed it too.The only difference was that Marcus, for all his bluster earlier, seemed more used to following than leading. Not as interesting as everything else that I’d gathered today, but still worth noting for future reference. Speaking of which, I loved how I’d been here less than an hour and I was already drowning in dirt. The only problem was that none of what I would see today would be caught on camera.I was suppo
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Chapter Five
 “No one ever sheds a tear for the wolf. Not anymore.”—Sinclair Morrison “I like not being in jail,” Evans’s comment was slow and golden with pleasure.“Jail likes not having you,” I assured him, feeling rewarded when he turned and smiled at me.“Miss Conners,” he said slowly, stepping all up in my personal space to grip my hands in his own, “that was cold, calculated, and devious.”“Thank you,” I said, truly touched.“No, thank you.” Lifting my hand, he pressed warm lips against my knuckles, his eyes trained on me the whole time. It brought on a little shiver that I hadn’t felt in a long time, and, to my surprise, I felt heat rushing to my face.The dimples appeared, but before I could swoon at the sight and make an ass of myself, Marcus cleared his throat. Funny. I’
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Chapter Six
Human flesh is an endless wonder to me. Food or fucking, it doesn’t matter. I’m always hungry for it.”—David Finland “Why would someone want you dead, Miss Conners?”I groaned against the surface of the interrogation table and tried not to start cursing. They’d asked the same question more than a dozen times now, but my answer had yet to change.“I don’t know? My charm? Good looks? Winning personality? The possibilities are endless.”The Agent sitting on the other side of the table put his hands up in a show of surrender.“No need for snark, love. I’m just trying to get the full picture. This was a professional job. They had the money and the training-”“But not the aim,” I interrupted lightly.The Agent grinned and his fingers intertwined as he leaned towards me.“Maybe he had
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Chapter Seven
“The moon is my god now. I dance for it, I pine for it, and if it asked, I would kill for it.”—Gemma Watson  The next few weeks were uneventful.Whenever I was around Gabriel, I did my best to keep my distance both emotionally and physically. Whenever he tried to get me alone, I found some reason to leave or only showed up when I knew for a fact that he had someone else in the room with him. I wasn’t avoiding Gabriel because Marcus had warned me away. I was avoiding him because I wanted more than anything to do the exact opposite.Everything about him fascinated me. From the way he moved and spoke to the quick, almost deadly, way his mind worked. I actually enjoyed seeing him get one over on another company no matter the project in question and finally, after what felt like ages, I found myself looking forward to coming to work. Gabriel challenged me in a way that Dawson
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Chapter Eight
Mischief is what makes the world go round. Without it, nothing would ever get done.—Deidre Hollow  When doing something illegal I liked to hum the song from Mission Impossible beneath my breath. It was my version of “Whistle While You Work,” and it made the lock picking aspect of the evening go much more smoothly. Granted, I’d never been very fast with picking a lock, and the one that Gabriel had on the door to his inner office was more advanced than I had given it credit for. Luckily, I wasn’t in a rush.It had been a simple matter to make my way back through the building after hours. My security clearance as Gabriel’s personal assistant meant that entering my employee ID and fingerprint got me through pretty much any locked door. A cheery wave and bag of doughnuts for the night guard and I was in, as simple as that. By far, the hardest part of my night had been th
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Chapter Nine
“Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Everyone.”—Gabriel Evans A ding.It had never before sounded so sweet or meant so much.I fell within the relative safety of the elevator as the doors finally slid open. Scrambling on the floor in my haste to get away from the shadows that reached for me from within the now dark hall.The lights in my temporary sanctuary hummed ominously.“Close,” I hissed it, staring daggers at the elevator doors, and wishing I could get up to push the button that would close them faster, but knowing that something would grab me if I did.“Close damn you, close.”The doors began to slide shut, but before I could breathe a sigh of relief one of the shadow people lunged through the opening.It couldn’t come in very far because the lights were still on, and the darkness behind it began to pull it back. B
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Chapter Ten
“I live for the hunt. Fear makes the meat taste sweet.”—Juliet Baker  I didn’t know where else to go, so I headed for home. Back to my cheap, bullet-ridden apartment with my stuffed animals and empty refrigerator. It wasn’t even 11:00 p.m., so there were plenty of people to stare at me as I made my way through the city streets. I’d lost one of my shoes back at L.C. and all too soon my toes grew numb against the continued abuse of slapping against cracked concrete. My lips felt numb, but I suspected that had to do with the amount of blood I’d lost.Under the streetlamps and glaring headlights of oncoming cars I saw that there were two deep punctures, and several long lines of torn skin to commemorate my first werewolf attack. I wondered if I’d shift now, start howling at the moon, and chasing cars and postmen in my free time. The thought earned me a hyste
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