Alpha Asher

By: Jane Doe

Lola always assumed that her and her boyfriend Alpha Tyler were mates. On Tyler's 18th birthday, her world comes crumbling down. Broken hearted, she flees from her pack for an entire year. Tragedy forces Lola to return home where she finds the infamous Alpha Asher in charge. This time around, Lola may actually have a shot at happiness. That is, until she finds out who her mate truly is.

The Shadow Alpha

By: Kajal Haripersad

His eyes locked with mine and I could feel the strength of the mate bond gnawing at me, but I forced it down. Devin eyed me with annoyance and prominent in his gorgeous grey eyes.“Alpha Devin, this is my daughter.” Papa Jamie said with pride in his voice. Devin gave him a weird look, but turned to me instead. Before he could speak I cut him off with a surveying look from head to toe. He was still as hot as hell if not more; his body was more built and his face more chiseled than before. He looked all man and sue me for finding it sexy. mate bond. My eyes were void of emotion as I looked at the pack that flanked him and back into his stormy grey eyes. I stuck out my hand with a smirk on my face, “Welcome to the Blue Moon Pack.” He grasped my hand and shocks ran up my arm and through my body as it did his causing his eyes to widen, but before he could react I continued. “I am Alpha Allison Trust Wells.” My tone oozed confidence and mirth. I heard a few gasps, but the biggest reaction I got was from Devin whose eyes widened in shock.~~~A story of hurt, betrayal and second chances in a world of mystical creatures. Allison is a young Shewolf with a gift from the Goddess Selene. Join her as she navigates the web of secrets and lies weaved by the people she once thought of as family and learns forgiveness.Not all second chances are started on a clean slate...

The Debt Collector

By: Angela Lynn Carverr

Alexander Wolf is a notorious and ruthless leader for the Mafia. He only cared about two things in life: Money and Power which he had both. He wasn't afraid to eliminate anything or anyone that gets in the way.But everything changed when he saw her. The innocent and naive daughter of the man who he almost killed for not repaying his debt. She was a sweet little thing who could be the perfect toy to play with until her father's debts were paid. Will he use her and throw her away just like every other girl or is she one who will finally melt his heart made of ice?Find my interview with Goodnovel:



By: Castiel

WARNING: This novel is R-18 °°° As a handsome billionaire playboy, Devin had been wearing a charade of a ruthless CEO. Life was perfect for him that way until he realized he had a gem under his nose all this time.Innocent, kind, and compassionate Ren never thought she'd fell in love with her boss a.k.a the Devil. What will she do if he does something she could never forgive? Will her love for him be enough to forgive his mistake? °°° ''Ren! Wait!'' Devin's strode was huge enough to reach me before I could walk away from the mansion.The dawn was slowly breaking, boasting its beauty in my face as Devin wrapped his arms around me from behind. ''Please, let's talk this through.'' ''I have to go...'' to get as far away as possible from you. He buried his face on my hair and whispered, ''don't leave me, please. I love you.'' °°° photo credits to Crystal Shaw


My Pretend Marriage to the Vampire Billionaire

By: Maria Warren

*COMPLETED*Trisha is a hardcore gamer stuck in an office job that she loses. With the last of her funds she goes out for a final treat which ends up being far more special than she'd ever believe. She gets the Hollywood star Ryan Rosewood's meal, and a proposal she'll never forget. He wants her to pretend to be his wife for one party, one night.But when Trisha stumbles onto his secret, will be she able to keep it hidden? Will Ryan be able to win her heart? Or will it be Logan the hot model? Or Nakuni the devoted butler? Or Ryan's best friend Kanda?


The Accidental Wife

By: Shayla HArt

Shayla Hart -- A 27-year-old fiercely independent young woman with aspirations of becoming an architect lands a job at Cult Designs -- one of the worlds most prestigious architectural firms in London. A night out with her two best friends to celebrate her new job quickly gets out of hand when she finds herself in Las Vegas, hungover, with no memory and married to none other than Tristan Cole Hoult -- the dashingly handsome and charming stranger she met at the club. The meaningless, wild, one-night-stand Shayla was hoping for turns out to be more than she ever bargained for.One of the best and relatable love stories you will ever read. Shayla and Cole's fierce love will suck you in and grip you to the very end. You'll laugh with them...cry with them...and feel every heart flutter along the way. (The Accidental Wife: 151 Chapters & The sequel Love Me Again: 131 Chapters)


The Beta's Daughter

By: Jemima Forrester

Arienne just wants to find her soulmate. But when she meets Samyak, she discovers that he's hiding a dark and painful secret that could tear them apart forever.


The Shark Mafia Boss

By: Peyton Iuga

I am the Shark of NYC. I am know in the business world for being relentless and having always my way. And my hidden side, my Italian Mafia side, I am a killer, I don't care who stands in my way because I will End you.Then everything went downhill when she walked into my life. Olivia Black. I need her. She will be mine and I don't care about the consequences. I will deal with them later. She will be mine. Even if it is the last thing I'll ever do.


Million Dollar Baby

By: Freya Lyons

Dalia is in a dire need of money. To prevent being kicked out and living on the streets, she responds to an ad promising one million dollars. The only requirement? The applicant must be a fertile woman. Though Dalia is cunning and intelligent, she never thought she would fall for the man behind the ad. But is he even capable of loving her back?


Vampire Ruler's strong Bride

By: Kalenca

He is charming , powerful , a prince and above all a vampire . She is a strong and naive girl. His charm is indifferent in her eyes. Her indifference breaks into his cold character and catches his interest . She is independent yet he wants to turn her into his pretty doll .Everything remains quiet at the beginning but many secrets from the past will emerge and Kiara's life will change dramatically . She'll have to face a lot of dangers and while solving the mysteries of her origin . The result of these changes will lead her towards a path with a lot of questions about the unknown .An ancient ceremony took place in the royal palace, in Sky's honor where he would be selected as the next Vampire leader and chose his fiancée between the three most powerful clans . This was a secret meeting that was known only by the leaders and close friends . The ceremony seemed to be going well but an accident occurred. The ceiling broke and Kiara fell into the magic circle of bloody moonlight power and was chosen as the fiancée of prince Eskylrious . She desperately tried to leave but there was no way to escape the claws of the crown prince of the Vampires . At the beginning she thought that as long as she could break this magical connection that bounded them , she would regain her freedom but after the magic was broken , the prince wouldn't let go of her .A bride who is hard to temper and a prince who is hard to deal with . How will they live together , as a married couple ? A story five hundred years old between the most powerful clans , a love that was supposed to have withered is transmitted to the heirs . Full of passion mixed with comedy and heir's love .