We have been so addicted to paranormal romances.

We have fallen in love with so many vampires and werewolves,

and have tasted the sweetness and bitterness of love.

That being said, have you ever fallen in love with one other mythical creature————


If not...
Why not?


*Get the opportunity to be interviewed
*Get Credit Points for the Goodnovel Academy


The only requirement of your story is that at least one of the main characters of your story need to be a dragon.

Novels in English only.

Only books signed after the start date of this contest can participate in this contest.

Books with more than 60,000 words by the end of contest are eligible for nomination of the prizes. Only books with at least 10k views by the end of the contest are enable to be nominated for the prizes.

You can submit more than one book for this contest. Also, both exclusive and non-exclusive books will have opportunities to win the prize.

Plagiarism, uploading repetitive contents or any other misconduct are strictly prohibited. Once detected, the book will lose the qualification immediately.

The ranking is decided by various facets, including the content, popularity and length of the story.

You are recommended to write stories under the guidance below. However, books that don’t meet the checkpoints are also possible for winning the prize.

—Story 1—
Fantasy & Adventure

Instructions to Write:Following the instructions listed below, you shall write a story of your own.

I.Back story

A long, long time ago…

When the world is young and full of fascinating creatures, dragons explored the earth, visiting the unknown realms, seeking for wisdom and treasure. That's when they found it, the Heart of Magic, the one and only magic gem that yields unlimited power. It gave dragons strength, with which they conquered the world.

But eventually, they lost it. The gem was stolen, they believe, by a filthy, cunning thief, a human, who won their trust with lies and plots, and stole it, claimed it his own.

Hence the Great War started. Blood were shed, hearts were broken, countless of lives were lost. The rage of the Mighty Dragons teared down mountains and caved new seas, but that didn’t stop the humans. They were too many, and now the Magic is at their side. At last, dragons lost the war, their people either killed or slaved. Humans took the reins.

II.Main Characters:

Female lead:
A human girl, possessing some sorts of special power that she is not aware of at the beginning of the story.
This power will be gradually revealed while the story unfolds.
She has some back stories and initial goals, but they are for you to tell.

Male lead:
A dragon boy, the last prince of the race.
He is a boy by the dragon’s standard, but he might have lived over 100 years.
He seems haunted by a dark, unspeakable past, but the past is past.
His only goal now is to find the Heart of Magic, to restore the glory of the Dragon-Born, and to reclaim his lost kingdom.

III.Story Building

We are not going to restrain you too much on the story writing. However, to avoid potential deviations, there are some “checkpoints” we hope you can follow along the path:

Checkpoint 1: Boy-Meets-Girl:
The girl meets the dragon boy.

Checkpoint 2: First Climax
The two protagonists are reconciled after a fight triggered by misunderstandings. They now share a common objective: to find the Heart of Magic.

Checkpoint 3: The Ultimate Choice
After many struggles, your protagonists found the Heart of Magic.
And now they have to make the hard choice:
What should they do with it?

< Ending 1 >

Should they return it to the dragons? The ancient race would regain their lost kingdom and restore their old-time glory. But what would happen to humans?

< Ending 2 >

Should they instead give the gem to humans? This gem will ensure eons of peace and prosperity of the humankind. The dragons and other races would fade out, buried in the sand of time.

< Ending 3 >

…Or offer it to no one. They can keep it. Together, they would become the Eternal King and Queen; they would be bright and beautiful and terrible as the Dawn, treacherous as the Seas, stronger than the foundations of Earth, all shall bow before them, love them, and despair.

The choice is yours to make. You can as well make up your own, provide them with new alternatives, and give them hope.

Now, my friend, it’s you turn. What’s your story to tell?

—Story 2—
Urban & Paranormal Romance

I.Back story

Of the present age…

Dragons and werewolves have hidden their wings and fangs and blend in the human society. Dragons are now the rich and charming CEOs, while Werewolves are the dangerously handsome gangsters.

The Great War between the two races have lasted for centuries. Bloods have been shed on both sides. The knot of hate is strong and unbreakable.

Dragons are powerful and protected by magic. One fully-grown dragon can easily eliminate a dozen werewolves. However, their numbers are much fewer, as dragon is not a productive race. Their shapeshifting is also restricted, since the dragon form is too big and will arouse unnecessary attentions.

As individuals, werewolves are not as strong and not favored by magic, but when in great number, they can still rival a dragon. The restrain on their shifting is much lifted, which makes them the perfect assassins. Humans, stuck between the two races, are largely unaware of the fight. However, they are not to be underestimated.

Equipped with science and technologies, humans have become a too powerful race to meddle with. When it came to 21 century, direct confrontations between the two races had become rare. Both dragons and werewolves have decided to keep the fight in secret. Still, the hatred is strong, and there won’t be peace in foreseeable future.

II.Main Characters:

Female lead:
An ordinary human girl who has a broken family and tragic childhood.
Strong and determined, she believes that with her hardworking, things will be better.

Male Lead 1 (Dragon):
A dragon-shifter. CEO of a company.
From appearance, he looks young,
After certain incident, he mates the female lead.

Male Lead 2 (Werewolf):
A werewolf. Head of a local Mafia.
After certain incident, he mates the female lead.

III.Story Building

Feel free to create your own stories using the template above, Again, we have listed a few “checkpoints” for you to construct your storytelling.

Checkpoint 1: Boys-meet-Girl:
The dragon mates with the female lead. How come?
The wolf mates with the female lead. How come?

Checkpoint 2: First Climax
The dragon and the wolf cross path. What will happen?

Checkpoint 3: The Ultimate Choice
After so many things happen, both male leads are now important for the female lead.
Okay, now comes the hardest part.
Who will be her choice?

< Ending 1 >

Should she choose the dragon? She could be the wife of a CEO, which sounds good.

< Ending 2 >

Should she choose the wolf? She could be the Luna of the underground empire. Sounds badass.

< Ending 3 >

…Or, is there a way to keep both at side?

Again, the choice is yours to make. Write us a wonderful romance story, one of the best of our time. Present to us the most charming male leads and the most relatable female lead.

Once more, give us a taste of true love.

How to Participate

*Click the button to create your story

*Check [Tame The Dragon (GAC1)]

*After you upload more than 5,000 words,

click the “Apply for a Contract” button to submit your story for review

Q & A

  • Q: If I write a story with a dragon protagonist but not develop the plots with all the elements mentioned in the guidance, could I enter this contest?

    A: Sure. The aforementioned writing instruction is to help the authors who are not familiar with the dragon stories, but any participants can create the story according to their own mind. And it’s unnecessary to include all the writing checkpoints in one story.

  • Q: Can I attend the contest with a book signed before Dec 25, 2020?

    A: No. Only books signed a contract after the start date of this contest can participate.

  • Q: I write a story in fantasy/adventure, it seems not consistent with the guidance which are focus on romance, will I have a chance to win?

    A: Novels in all genres (except for the non-fiction one) shall have opportunities to win a prize. But usually, the romance will be more popular and are more likely to win.