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Best Story

The Alpha's Slave Mate

By: Danielle Bush

Daphne is used to being hated. She has been hated since birth. Considered a slave, lower than an Omega her life is miserable. Her parents are the Alpha and the Luna of her pack, but they hate her more than anyone else. She dreams of escaping her life, but sees no end to the abuse. She has never dreamed of finding a mate, knowing that no one will ever really love or want her. So why does Alpha Caleb stand up for her?Caleb is one of the strongest Alphas of his time. His pack is known for their fearlessness, and strength. He has never wavered in his decisions. So why does he feel such a pull towards a slave? After saving her life Caleb can't get her scent off his mind. Could the Moon Goddess have really mated him with a slave?

Most Popular Mates

Hybrid Aria

By: Jessicahall

Fear, pure fear. The sort of fear that makes your skin itch, when you can feel every hair on your body rise, when you feel like your skin is crawling. The sort of fear that makes your body freeze, paralyzing you on the spot. That's the sort fear I felt when I heard her blood curdling scream. Only problem was, I was her big sister I couldn't run away. I had no choice but to move, to go to her. I forced my legs up the front porch of the pack house, running in the direction I could hear her screaming my name. My feet pounding on the floorboards in panic. I was moving so fast, I felt myself slipping on the hallway rug making me skid along the floor and into the wall. My head and shoulder twisting at an awkward angle into the kitchen door frame, with enough force that black dots danced in front my vision, my collarbone and shoulder sending shooting pain through my body, as I feel my shoulder dislocate on impact.“Aria Aria” Her petrified scream resonated through the house.


By: Happy

Running away from her uncle, who kept her locked up in a room for almost 2 years after her parents died. He just wanted all the wealth of her parents. He tortures her to hand over the property to him . She has no choice but to run. She reached the dark forest where humans were strictly restricted to even stand near it. But entering the forest she did not know that her fate is tied with the king of the forest. Her uncle who is searching for her everywhere and the mateless alpha standing in front of her, to tear her apart. What will happen to her now??Alpha Vance" please at least be with her during her heat; she is a human Alpha, she can’t handle the heat. Usually human don’t have heat, but she is an Alpha’s mate, and an Alpha’s mate has to go through very worse heat than an omega." Astrid begged, but I didn't answer." look Vance___" I cut her off.." no, you look here Astrid. I don't fucking care if she lives or dies. I want us to be together."" How can you be this selfish?" she asked, and that made me go out of my mind." shut the fuck up, Astrid," I shouted and she flinched but didn't utter a word."She is mate or not I love you, Astrid , let her die I don't care

Best New Born

Alpha's Slave

By: MishaK

Sold to a brothel by her aunt and uncle, Penny, a village hillbilly, is saved by Prince Ludwig Drozdov, the king of Lykae, strongest and most ruthless ruler of the world of The Ethereal Lands. His wolf wants to claim Penny, mark her, pin her in his bed, but his human wants to marry Zoe who is prophesied to be his queen and rule the world alongside him. Will Ludwig succumb to his irresistible slave? Will Penny get her freedom? Warning: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT.

Best Hero

P.S. You're My Mate

By: Kylie. G

BOOK ONE:“You can fight me all you want, Grace, but you can't ignore what you feel for me forever. If neither of us reject each other the bond only grows stronger. You feel it don't you, your need for me," He calmly said, inching his way toward me. I glared at him, the sound of his voice had me pooling in my. I hated that, hated that all it took was his voice to turn me on, "You're not my mate. I refuse to believe it!" Was all I said before I stormed out of there.__________________________After a drunken one night stand with a stranger, Grace Evans wakes up with a note left at her bedside. The last words of the note both startle and confuse her especially since she saw her mate die in front of her very eyes. What happens when the mysterious stranger now comes to claim her? Will she reject in to him or will she reject him, killing his wolf and breaking his heart?

Best Heroine

No One's Luna

By: LilyDean

This is the completed 1st book. Ellie is the top female warrior of her pack and a tomboy. She also happens to be the most beautiful she-wolf with golden blonde hair and emerald green eyes. When she has more than wolf fighting to claim her as his, will she listen to her heart, the mate bond, or her head? One thing is for sure. Ellie belongs to no one. Book 2 The Rogue's Winter Revenge is also a complete book and can be found on Good Novel!