Living in a World of Black and White
Living in a World of Black and White
Author: aristeia_maria

Chapter 1

Sarah's POV

Everyone's tears started to fall down as the white, hexagonal funerary box is buried beneath the ground. 

"She's too young. She still has big dreams," the one beside me murmured.

As the well-built men lift the coffin, a woman suddenly burst out rain from her eyes. 

"Oh, Samantha! My daughter! Why did you leave me so early?"

The people near that woman comfort her, trying to stop her from crying.

But, her eyes are like a cracked dam, and the people are just small ants who's trying to fix the dam to stop the water flow. 

"I am all alone now. Please give me back my daughter!" the woman exclaimed.

Really? You're all alone? 

Then what about me? Am I just an air?

I am also your daughter!


As the clock continues on ticking, people in the area are slowly losing. 

Hours later, it is just me and my mom who's still in front of my sister's newly-buried grave.

I want to talk to her, but I can't. Maybe her mind is still running on the scenario where my little sister dies. 

I remained silent. Maybe she'll shout out me if I will say a single word. 

After minutes of waiting, one of our guards finally pursues Mom to go home.

"Ma'am, we need to go home. You need to take some rest."

My mom faced him as she wiped her running tears.

"Please give me an hour," she said.

" But Ma'a-," my mom cut him off.

"I am asking for only an hour. Please. After that we will go home."

"As you say, Ma'am."

The guard left and went near the car. While my mom, she just stares at my little sister's grave.


After an hour, we finally left the cemetery. At last, we will now go home. 

Our driver opened the car for us. My mom entered first and I followed her. 

"Antonio, drive to Fatima's restaurant," my mother commanded.

"Aren't we going home, Madam?" he asks.

"Just do what I said," she firmly said.

Argh! I want to go home!

I want to protest, but I am sure that she that will just scold at me.

In this case, even if I will plead her to just go to our house and not anywhere else, she will surely win. Not just because she is older than and me and she is my mother. It is also because the driver is listening to her - just her. 


Our car parked outside Miss Fatima's restaurant. 

My mother stepped out, but I did not follow her. My feet hurt because of standing for hours in the cemetery. 

Now, it is just me and our driver inside the car. 

I saw my mom went inside the restaurant.

What was on her mind? Is she not tired? Well, I am tired, and I can't rove within this city for more hours!

When I peck a glance in the restaurant, my mom and Miss Fatima are talking to each other. 

This will spend another long time, so I decided to get some sleep. 


As I open my eyes, first I notice is that the car isn't moving. 

I get up and I was disappointed when I realized that we are still in the same place - Miss Fatima's restaurant. 

I can still see my mom sitting in the same chair, but I did not see Miss Fatima. 

Maybe she just went to somewhere else.

I looked at the car's clock and my surprise when I saw that it is already 5:15 in the afternoon.

I've slept for more than 2 hours?!

Argh! I think Mom doesn't want to go home! Imagine, you're talking to the same person for 2 hours! 2 hours! I can't do that! 

I want to remove this disappointed I am feeling right now.

I step out of the car and walk around the restaurant to breath some fresh air.

I don't know how long I am walking. What's important is I feel relieved, and at least, I don't get bored while waiting for my mom to finish her chit-chat with her friend. 

While appreciating the beauty of the city, I saw a familiar car.

Wait, is that Dad's car?

I walk faster to get near that car, and my surprise that it is really my Dad's car.

They have the same plate number. 

I look inside but he's not there. 

But, what is he doing here? 

If mom is here and dad is also here, maybe, they have a meet up? I guess. 

I just don't mind about it.

I continue to walk for more minutes. 

I get back hurriedly when my Dad's car was not on its place.

Thinking that Mom already get back to our car, I run as fast as I could. I don't want to be left here and to walk down the roads just to get back home.

When get into the car, Mom was not there. It is just the driver.

I just sit down and rest. It feels like I ran an infinite distance.

I heard fast footsteps walking towards the car. 

It's Mom.

She enter the car and immediately give a command to the driver.

"To our house. Now."


A hard slap from my mother landed on my dad's face.

"How dare you! Your daughter died but you didn't attend on her funeral! Instead, you choose to flirt with your mistress!"

Dad remained silent, but he a gave a smirk.

"You're such a disappointment! I can't believe you!" mom shouted at him.

"Why? Is Samantha my daughter?" 

That question made me froze for seconds.


"H-how dare y-you," Mom said. She is shuttering. Her voice was cracked.

"Why? That's the truth. Samantha is not my daughter, so I don't have any responsibility to her," Dad arrogantly said.

"Samantha is your child from another man, your best friend specifically. Why didn't you ask that man?" he added.

Mom couldn't say a single word. She is just trembling. Her hands were just point to my father. 

I don't even know that Samantha is mom's child from another man. 

I thought my family is perfect.

"See? Now you can't speak," Dad said before he walk upstairs and left us speechless.

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Hi,I think your novel has the potential. Please leave me your social media so that I can let you know!
goodnovel comment avatar
Hi,I think your novel has the potential. Please leave me your social media so that I can let you know!
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It's so sad. How did her sister die? Waiting for your update. I'm really curious about what will happen.

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