Chapter 2

Sarah's POV

Dad went down from his room, but this time, he has his two big bags with him.

"Where do you think are you going?!" Mom shouted at him.

Instead of answering Mom's question, he continues to walk and ignore her interrogation. 

Mom runs after him and holds his arm.

"I said, where are you going?!" Mom repeated her question.

"It's none on your business," he coldly said.

"W-what? It is my responsibility to know where you are going! I am your wife!" 

"My wife?" my father laugh, then he handed a folder.

"Here. That's our divorce paper. I already signed it."

After that, he immediately walk away. He enters his car and drove. He left us.

I want to chase him, but I know that my power will turn into waste. He would not listen to me. It looks that he is very sure about his decision. No one can change his mind. 

I looked at Mom. She is staring to afar. It looks like her mind is in somewhere deep that even me will drown on it.

She gave a glance on the folder. Instead of opening it up and signing the paper, she tore it apart and throw it in the fire place.

"I can't believe that he chose to be with his mistress," she whispered, but loud enough for me to heard. 

Her next words are inaudible. But I can see the spirit of eagerness and hatred in her eyes. 

She gets the car's key and hurriedly went outside.

"Mom!" I shout. 

But she still continue to walk towards the car. 

"Mom! Where are you going?!" 

She didn't hear me. 

The car go away. I want to follow her but I don't know how to drive. And if I will run after her, I will not reach her. 

So I decided to just wait for her in the house. 

"I hope that she will not take so long."

- - - - - - - - - 

1 hour...

2 hours...

3 hours...

4 hours...

5 hours...

Several hours have passed but Mom isn't home. 

I get tired of waiting for her. 

I am going to follow her but a click at the door stopped me from doing it.

"Mom? Is that you?" I asked.

I hope it is Mom...

And I was right. It was Mom. 

I met her at the door but she just walk passed at me. 

What's the matter?

She entered her room and after that, I didn't hear any sound. 

Maybe... She's asleep. 

I knock at her door, but there is no response. I tried to open it, but it is locked.

Maybe Mom wants to be alone for this time. 

I didn't bother her anymore. I let her rest in her room and I just walk around the house. 

I admit that our house is big and elegant. We have several rooms. We have a large and well-built kitchen. We have a wide living room. We also have swimming pool outside our house. 

But you know what's funny? This elegant and gorgeous house is very dark, deep, and horrifying from the inside.

When you are outside, you can see a very colorful house. Its colors were very bright that you will spend more time to glance on it. But when you already see what is inside our house, all you can say is it is in gray scale mode. 

There is no life, there is no happiness. 

- - - - - - - - -

Mother's POV

Laying in this comfy bed, feeling this cool air, and wrapping my body with this thick blanket would not ease the pain I am feeling right now.

Death, divorce, death, divorce.

These are the two things that are circulating inside my mind. Those are the only two things. 

My daughter left me, so as my husband. 

"This is a cursed life," I said between my tears. 

As I explore my sight in the entire room, my eyes landed on our family picture.

Their smile. That is the only thing in the world that made my life circulate. 

But now, all of these were gone. 

There is no enough reason to continue this life for long. 

Because of continues flow of my tears, I felt asleep. 

I wish that when I woke up, everything is better, everything that happens today is just in my imagination.


I woke up because of the ringtone of my phone.

"Hello?" I answered.

[Is this Montreal's Residence?]

"Yes. How can I help you?"

[This Dr. Veronica Bautista.]

"Oh my... Is there any result about the death of my daughter?"

[Yes, Ma'am. We found out that Samantha really committed suicide. We're sorry.]

That only one sentence eradicated my world in just a snap.

H-how come?

I just thought that someone choke her, but I am wrong.

She is just 10 years old! Her consciousness in the world was not built but the sadness already defeated her.

Thinking all of my problems make my head ache.

I don't know what happens next, but everything went black.


Sarah's POV

Have you ever feel being exhausted but you are actually doing nothing? Well, that's what I am feeling right now. 

I feel like I walk thousands of miles. My legs and arms are tired, so as my eyes. 

I am about to go in my room when I heard something heavy that falls on the floor. 

"Mom?" I shouted from the stairs.

There is no response.

"Mom?" I repeat.

But still, there is no response.

My heart pump fast when my mother didn't respond on my shouts. 

I run to her room. I tried to open the door but it is locked.

"Mom?!" I shout.

I continue to thump the door. 

"It is not working."

I go down to get the hammer in our basement.

When I go back on her room, I tried to call her again.

"Mom! Please open this door!"

Still, there is no response.

I immediately hit the doorknob with a hammer to destroy it. Luckily, the door opens. 


I run to her when I saw her laying on the floor, with her phone beside her body. 

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