Chapter 3

Third Person's POV

The woman was woke by their maid.

”Madam Rhea? Are you feeling well?“ the maid asked her.

The woman was still recovering herself from headache and dizziness, but she managed to answer her maid.

“I just felt tired,” Rhea answered.

Rhea tried to show that she is strong enough to lift herself up from the bed. However, she failed to do it. She suddenly collapse and luckily, one of the maids is alert. She didn't fell on the floor. 

If that happened, maybe the dizziness and headache she is experiencing right now will get worse.

Ma'am, we suggest that you must stay in bed," the maid with a small mole on her lips. 

"I am sorry but I need to go to work."

Rhea forces herself to get out of the bed, but just like what happened earlier, her body surrendered because of fatigue.

"Ma'am. Look, you can't even get out of the bed or even stand for just 2 seconds."

The statement of the maid with a dark skin was agreed by the others.

"If you will continue to force yourself to move and stand, everything will get worse," she added.

At last, Rhea finally listen to her maids. The workers take care of Rhea for the whole day. But they dont know that there is someone who is watching them from afar.

From the small opening on her mother's room door, Sarah was stealing a glance. Everytime that all of the maids are inside her mother's room, she will just sit outside of the room. And when someone will go outside, she will immediately hide herself in the next room.

That's what Sarah is doing for the whole day. She wants to take care of her mom also, but the fear that it is already mad at her runs first before she can do it. 

"Why don't you come inside?"

Sarah was filled with shocked when a woman's voice talk to her. 

It is their maid. The one with a mole on its lips. 

"I don't want to," she answered.

"Why? She is your Mom. Supposedly, you must be the one who take care of her."

Sarah just chuckle. She doesn't know what to say. If she will answer that she fears that her mother is mad at her, their maid will surely ask her for more questions, and she does not want that.

”Hmm. Just go to your mother's room anytime you want. You are her daughter, so you do not need to ask permission from us."

Those were the last words of the maid before it enters the room. 

Sarah went to the kitchen to have some dinner. 

"What the hell...” 

She was stunted when she saw their empty fridge. 

She walks to her room and get her purse. She will have some grocery for today.


The brown-haired maid look at her.

Yes Maam?“ she answered while sweeping the floor.

“I am going to the grocery store. If ever Mom will ask where am I, just say I buy food for dinner.”

The maid stop what she is doing.

“Maam, you can stay here at home and I will be the one who will go to the grocery store for you,” she said.

Sarah smiled. ”No, thanks. I also want to breath some air from the outside. You have to stay here."

The maid nodded. "Be safe on the road, Madam."

Sarah went out. Instead of using her car, she chose to walk. It is not because she is saving the gasoline. She does not want to go home early.

It took her more or less 30 minutes to reach the grocery store. When she arrived at her destination, there are just few people inside. 

Sarah take her time inside the store.

"It is still 7:00. I must have long time here. It is still early," she said to herself.

Unlike what other rich people do, Sarah compare the prices of the products and she will choose the one with cheaper price. 

She gets some milk, sugar, biscuits, coffee, and few canned products. Lastly, she went to the area where the different kinds of meat are located. 

"Should I buy chicken or pork? If I am going to choose pork, Mom will surely eat just few amount. Okay, I'll go with chicken meat."

It took her 5 minutes to choose the best chicken meat. She observe the characteristics of the meat to assure that it is fresh and that she will not regret buying it. 

She walking towards the cashier when her car bumped to another person.

"I'm sorry," she said to the person.

When she looked up, she saw that it is Miss Fatima.

"Oh, Miss Fatima. I don't expect to see you here," Sarah said to Miss Fatima while flashing her greatest smile on her face.

Instead of greeting her back like what Miss Fatima is usually doing, Miss Fatima walk fast away from her.

"Miss Fatima!" Sarah shouts but Miss Fatima did not make a glance to her.

"What is her problem? She is not like that." 

Sarah just do not mind what happen to Miss Fatima. She just continue to walk to the cashier. 

"Argh! This is so heavy!" Sarah exclaimed.

"I regret that I did not use my car!" she shouts between her disappointment. 

Even her arms and hands hurt because of lifting all of her heavy groceries, she still managed to walk. 

One minute feels like an hour for her because of her groceries. Her palms turned red. 

She decided to stop at the park and put down her groceries to have some rest. 

"Maybe I will go home at 8:00. I will just stay here for some minutes."

While sitting alone in a bench, she suddenly heard several voices laughing. When she look around, she saw a family.

"I wish my family is like them," Sarah whispered in the wind. 

The family is laughing with each other. You can see and sense the genuine happiness in the eyes. 

A hand touched Sarah's shoulder that cause her dream to stop.

"Who are you?" Sarah asked the man.

"You are Sarah Montreal right?" the man asked him back. 

"Why do you know me? Who are you?" Sarah asked him again.

The man take a deep breath before answering.

"I am Dwyane."


"Your mom's second husband."

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