Chapter 4

Third Person's POV

"Your mom's second husband."

That four-word sentence gives confusion to Sarah.

"What? Are you serious?" the lady asked him.

The man can sense that Sarah has a doubt on what he is saying. 

"Look, I am here to have some rest. And if you are here to disturb me, or if this is just a prank, please, stay away,” Sarah added with irritability in her voice.

"This is not a prank," the man said.

Sarah was stun for seconds. The way the man is talking to her, it is very firm and it looks like he is very serious about what he is saying.

"I am looking for Rhea. Please tell me where she is," the man said.

This time, his voice is in the tone of begging. Not just his voice, but also his eyes. Sarah can clearly see his eyes beg. 

Sarah shook her head. She does not know this person. This man confront her without even asking for her permission. This man wants to see her mother without saying any valid reason. 

Sarah thinks that this man will do something unpleasant to her. 

"Hey! Where are you going?"

The man shouts to Sarah when she started to run.

Sarah runs like she is in a race, and that all of her opponents are best runners and she have to do everything to win that race. 

After minutes of running from that man, she finally reach their home. As usual, no one meet her at the door. Everyone is busy with their own jobs and taking care of her mom.

She was about to sit in their couch when she heard the man's voice. Again.

"Sarah!" the man is near their door. 

Sarah runs to the door to lock it. But the man is fast. He push the door to force it to open while Sarah is also pushing it to force it to close.

”Please! Let me in!" the man shouted while still fighting against Sarah through power. 

"Let go! Go away!" 

The two person continue to push the opposite sides of the door. They are slowly looking their power but they have to push continually for they want to do what they want. 

"Help! Help!" Sarah shouted with her full power.

On the other hand, the maids heard the loud noise from the ground floor. 

"Is that Sarah?" Rhea asked the maids.

Some maids went to the first floor while the others stay on the room to protect Rhea.

”Who are you? Go away!" 

"Call the police!"

"Where are the guards?!"

"Go away, or else you will not like what will happen next," Sarah said calmly.

The man raise his two hands as a sign of surrender.

"Okay... Easy..." the man said while catching his breath. "I will not do bad things to you, or to anyone. I am here because, I want to see Rhea."

"Me?" Rhea interrupted the war.

The maids give way for Rhea. Her eyes widened when she saw the mam who is trying to enter their house.

"Dwyane? Is that you?" 


Like two lovers who was cut by long distance, you can see in their eyes that they are longing for each other.

They greet each other with warm hugs. 

"Who is he?" one the maids whispered.

"He is mom's second husband," Sarah said.

Their eyes widened because of her answer.

"Second husband?" 

She nods. She can see that they are surprised because of what she said to them. Looks like Sarah's father is not the only one who cheats.

- - - - - - - - - -

Rhea's POV

This is the one of the most awaited time in my life.

We are here, in my room. It is just me and Dwyane.

"Rhea, we can just start over," he said while softly holding my hand.

I faced him. I don't know how to start this. All I know is that I need to let this feeling out. 

"I have waited for this day to come, Dwyane. And now that it is happening, I could not do anything but to cry," I said between my tears. 

He immediately dried up my tears. He is still the same like before. He is still sweet and caring.

"You know that I love you, Dwyane," I added.

"I love you too, Rhea. You are the only woman that I loved this strong in my entire life," he answered me as he caress my face. 

I can still feel the same feeling that I have felt before. 

I can still feel the same love, but this time, it is stronger and bolder.

He looks at me the same way he looks at me before. 

There is love. There is the love that I am longing for. 

"Dwyane, I know we still feel the same, but, everything is now complicated."

"I understand it. But please promise that you will comeback to me when everything is alright."

"I promise."

- - - - - - - - - - 

Sarah's POV

It was 10:00 in the evening when Mr. Dwyane decided to go home. 

"Take care," Mom said. 

"I will," he replied.

When Mr. Dwyane reaches the gate, they exchange goodbyes. 

I feel that he does not want to go home because they are taking so much time in exchanging several goodbyes.

But of course, everything ends. The maid closed the when Mr. Dwyane already go home.

”Mom?" I interrupt the silence during our dinner.


I first took a deep breath before saying the question whose answer is nowhere to be found.

"Who is Mr. Dwyane in your life?"

Mom stopped eating before she answered me.

"He is my first love, but my second husband."

First love? Maybe... Mr. Dwyane is the real father of Samantha.

Do I have to ask Mom? I feared that she will remember the death of Samantha if I am going to ask that question. But if I will not do that, I will not the answer. I will not have clear mind.

I fake a cough before I speak.

"Is he the father of my lil' sister?" 

I tried not to mention the name "Samantha". I think that with this way I will not be direct to the point.

"It's none of your business. Just eat."

After that, I didn't say a single word. 

Sometimes, I am wondering why Mom treats me so bad, even though I am not doing anything wrong. 

Maybe... she does not like me?

Maybe... she hates me so much?

Or maybe... she does not consider me as daughter?

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