Chapter 5

Sarah's POV

Usually, we are awake by the bright light that is touching our eyes in every morning. However, it is not the reason why I am going to get of the bed this early. 

I woke up because of the loud voices coming from the ground floor of our house. Their shouts hurts my ear.

"This is my property," one voice firmly stated.

Is that Mom?

Even I am having a hard time opening my eyes and even I am still sleepy for those shouts interrupted me from sleeping peaceful, I still managed to put my self to walk down the stairs to know what is happening in the first floor and where do those loud noise is coming from.

I can still hear those shouts. I can not see the who is quarreling in the ground floor for everything I can see is still blur. Maybe this is because I just woke up some seconds ago and my body is still in recovery mode or my body really needs more sleep.

"Mom? What is that?" I asked while rubbing my eye.

Instead of answering my question, the continue to fight through their words and it looks like they did not hear me.

"Mom?" I asked again. 

I can not see them for everything that I can see is still blur. All I can see is two person facing each other but still, they looked blurred. 

But still, they did not answer my question. 

It took me to blink my eyes for several times before my eyes could clearly see them. 

"Mom? Dad? Why are you fighting?"

My mother turns her head on me.

"Talk to your father. Say to him that this house is mine!" she said.

I can see the anger in her eyes. But, not just the ordinary anger that I saw everyday. I saw that anger so much years ago. That is the anger that leads me to severe punishment.

- Flashback -

"I am so sorry, Mom. I failed."

A hard slap landed on my face.

"Idiot! Look, I am very proud of you. I even display you to my friends and say to them that you are very intelligent. I even say that you can excel and be the top in any exam. But you failed me! This is bullsh*t!" 

I just cried infront of her. I could not say any word.

"You are such a shame in our family. You better fix this, or else, I will not consider you as my daughter."

- End of Flashback -

You know what happen next? I failed again.

Her amigas told her that she is a liar. They also said that our family is filled with brainless creatures. 

After that, she became cold at me. Days passed and it is only Samantha who is caring. Everytime I am in our house, she pretends that I am not here like I am a ghost. She always ignore me.


Mom's shout me made come back to consciousness.

"Ahm, okay."

That's all that I can say. When it comes to Mom, my brain can not create more words to say. It feels like I am experiencing from mental block.


It is only me and my dad in the one part of the restaurant. It is very quite. All that I can here is the continues pump of my heart who is busy circulating blood in my body. 

"I am going straight to the point. I want you to leave your Mom," dad said.


"I said I want you to leave Rhea," he repeated. 

Actually, I really heard what he says. I just said "what" for I was shocked.

"Why? Do you have any valid reason for me to do it so?" I challenge him.

He sit presentably before speaking.

"Living with her is hell, right?"

I admit. My dad is right. Everytime I am with her, I feel like I am being punished, emotionally.

"I want you to get out of that obnoxious place," he added.

"Do you think that will be easy?" I asked.

"Of course. You have no remaining reason to live with her. Look, she is just treating you as a trash, not as a daughter."

"Do you think she'll let me go that fast?"

"Yup," he drink the liquor before speaking.

"She never cares about you. I am sure that she will not stop you from leaving. Honestly, I think that she will be happy if you will leave."

"Make the best decision, Sarah."

I stand up and ready to leave.

"By the way, told her that I will not get all of my property if you will come with me." he said. 


I am now infront of the door of our house. 

"This is the biggest decision I've ever done in my life," I talked to myself.

As I hold the doorknob, the pressure inside of me gets higher. 

I remember what my dad has told me. She looks at me and treat me like a trash. This decision is right. I'll leave her.

"Oh? What happen?" she asked me.

I stare at her with no emotion. I must look that I am very confident and sure of what I am saying. I can do this.

"He said that he will get all of his property."


"Unless I live with him," I finished my sentence.

I didn't expect what she said to me.

"Go on. Leave."

My heart broke into pieces. Dad was right. She will be happy if I will leave.

"That's what I am going to do. By the way, I will not get my things. I can buy new. You can just burn them, or give it to those who need. Or, you can use them if you want."

"You can also hug them at night. In case you miss me."

She laughs sarcastically.

"Idiot. I prefer to burn all of your things." 

"Then go on."

After saying that, I walk away confidently. 

When I am already outside of our house, the tears I that I am holding for so long already burst out.

This is the truth. She does not love me. She does not want me as her daughter. 

"You can do this, Sarah," I said to myself.

I wiped out my tears and took a deep breathe. 

I can live without her.

I am strong.

I am brave.

From now on, Rhea Montreal is not my mother anymore.

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