Chapter 6

Sarah's POV

"You made the right decision, my daughter," my dad said.

Leaving my mom is not an easy thing. I love her more than my life. But after what she did to me? All I can say is she does not deserve that everlasting love that I am offering to her.

"What now?" I asked my father.

We are here in his car. I do not know where we are going. I just saw him waiting for me at the gate of our house.

"I will introduce you to your new mother," he said.

My eyebrows met because of his answer. New mother? What does he mean?

"New mother? What?" I asked him.

"Yes." He nod. "Your new mother."

"I do not understand. Is that your new partner?" I asked with confusion.

Seriously, I do not get him. If I will have new mother, there are just two things. It is either he will just give me to some random woman or, he has a new partner.

"Yes. My new partner," he said while smiling.

Aha! I get it!


"Is she the reason why you signed a divorce with mom?" I asked.


"How long is your relationship? One day? Wow," I asked while laughing.

"Nope. We've been together for a year," he replied.

I was shocked because of his answer.

One year? Seriously?

"So it means you are cheating to mom - I mean, Rhea, for a year?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Yes. But Rhea already know about it. Actually, she was happy when I already found someone to change her."

Okay... Confusion filled my mind again.

"But why does mom does not want to have the divorce?" I asked.

"Mom? I thought you do not have one?"

Because of her question, I realized that I called Rhea as Mom. Oh no.

"Okay. I mean, Rhea. So why does she does not want to have the divorce? Look, she even stopped you in doing that one," I said.

Before he answer my question, he first park the car.

"You want to know why? She is afraid that I will claim all of my property and there will be no remains for her. All of her wealth came from my pocket. She is spending my own money. She does not own anything in the house," he explained.

Now I understand. Rhea is really an unpleasant person.

"By the way, here we are. are you ready to meet your new mother?" he asked me.

I just nod a little.

I hope that she, my new mother will be better.

I just followed my dad.

Now, we are inside an unfamiliar house. This house is big and wide.

"I will just call her. Wait us here," my dad said to me.

He walked away. I sit in their blue couch.

”Wow. I feel comfortable with this couch," I talked to my self.

After minutes of waiting, my father finally came back. But now, he is with a woman.

I was shocked when I saw who is the new partner of my dad.

"Miss Fatima?" I exclaimed.

Miss Fatima is hiding behind my dad.

I can feel that she is feeling the spirit of shyness right now.

"Sarah, she is your new mother, Fatima. I know that you already meet and know each other, so there is nothing to worry about," my dad said while holding the hand of Miss Fatima.

I do not know if this will went through well. Me and Miss Fatima are close with each other, but that is only because she is Rhea's close friend. But as my mother? I do not know if I can do that. But maybe I can try.

"Love, come, sit here."

My father pointed the couch near me. Miss Fatima followed what my dad said. She sit on the couch but she is not showing her face to me.

Why is she feeling shy? Is it because her new husband is her close friend's husband? Or because of me?

I was thinking deep when a phone suddenly rings.

Dad gets his phone from his pocket and look who is calling him.

"I am just going to answer this call," dad said.

"You can talk to each other while I am not here," he added.

Dad walked towards the kitchen to talk to the person over the telephone.

"Uhm, hi?"

I am not sure how I am going to start our conversation. I am uncomfortable of what is happening right now.

Imagine, you are talking to the one of the closest person in your life that is now uncomfortable with your presence.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"Why? Why are you sorry? Did you do anything wrong?"

"I think that I destroy your family of my affair with Sandro."

"I can not do anything about your affair. But please do not think that the destruction of my family is your fault," I said to her.

"But I am still sorry," she repeated.

"I am just looking for someone who can love me for what I am. I did not expect that I will find that love to Sandro," she added.

"Please do not say sorry. You did not do anything wrong."

"I am also the reason why he was unable to attend the burial of you sister."

"That has no count. It is already done. Just forget about it," I said.

I gave her a smile to show that I am saying the truth, so that she will not continue to think negative things.

Like what she is doing, she also gave me back a wider smile.


Rhea's POV

I was busy reading on the newspaper when one of the maids interrupt me.


"What?" I asked without looking at her.

"Can I ask where is Miss Sarah? She did not come back here since morning."

"I sent her away. She already live with her dad," I answer. Still, I am not looking to her.

"Thank you."

Finally, the maid stopped interrupting me.

"What does she said?" Other maids asked.

Here comes their chit-chat again.

"She sent Sarah to her dad. She will now live with Sir Sandro."

"What?" they said in chorus.

The one maid made a sign to make their sound softer.

"She let her daughter to go away?"

"Poor woman. She does not know that she will leave alone."


Sarah's POV

I do not know how long we are talking with each other. All I know is that I am happy to be with her.

We are laughing together. This is the first time that I felt this kind of genuine happiness.

I wish this will never stop.

"Wow, you are now close huh?" dad said.

He just came from talking to the person over the phone.

"You are right, Love. Sarah is really a good daughter," Miss Fatima said.

"See? I told you."

This is the first step of having a new and happy family. I hope that this will be permanent.

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